Secretly Fab: Kelly Holmes

Kelly Holmes here is a British middle distance runner who overcame serious depression to win not one, but TWO gold medals in Athens. When she was 34. So she is awesome:

And this is at the premiere of a movie about the British women’s sprint relay team, so it’s apt that she’s in attendance. When I first saw this, I thought the train was made of fur — and I’ll never get over the fact that it isn’t, frankly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to see how it looks when she runs in it.  Yeah, it’ll really ruin her time, but but she’ll look AWESOME.

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  1. Anna Svahn

    That dress is simply hideous. And with a mullet no less. Awful. Even the shoes are questionable and I love shoes.

  2. Fawn

    This thing is CRAZY! And I love it!

  3. Molly

    Wait…it’s NOT made of fur? Are you sure? Something certainly died to make that mullet skirt.

    • SPM

      It’s made of shiny ruffly stuff (the name for which escapes me), not fur. You can see it in the closeup.

    • MC

      Is THAT what that is? It’s so bizarre.

  4. Kit

    Sweet baby jebus!!!! How many muppets died to make that train and those…STRAPS. (And why… *smh*)

  5. Amy

    I could be on board with this look if it were strapless and the train was long enough to hit the floor and drag a little.

  6. Anne B

    What Kit said. MUPPET MURDER.

    When was the last time anyone saw Grover’s grandpa, anyway? He wasn’t being stuffed in the trunk of a car, was he?

  7. Claire

    This is 100% crazy balls.

    Not even the necklace (amulet) works.

  8. kickassmomnyc

    She really is an awesome woman, but she’d look so much more awesome here without that nasty hi-lo frou-frou. Its kind of like an unsuccessful Project Runway unconventional materials challenge. I love the visual imagery of her running with a train flying behind her, but not this dress, not this train.

  9. havfruen

    Kelly is so beautiful, and has a smashing body.
    I think both the basic dress and the shoes are fine, too, but the muppets should have been left off and those stunning legs allowed to shine!
    Who wouldn’t kill for legs like that, eh?!

  10. Ms.A

    Is that fur-mullet thing detachable? This is just fugly. It’s kind of crazy, but not crazy enough to be fabulous.

  11. Dazie

    Looks like she stapled a bathmat to her assets.

  12. Elle

    How awesome would it be if it WAS fur? She would be the Lucy Liu of the Olympics.

  13. McLisa

    Normally, I would totally FUG on this dress if it was worn by a supermodel or a pop star BUT when you’re a beautiful, multi-gold medal Olympian who battled a debilitating mood disorder, I say WEAR IT LADY.

    • Al

      Totally agree. Models, actresses, Kardashians, etc. pay teams of people to dress them and have an array of fancy designers to choose from. Which is to say that if you have all those resources at your disposal and you still manage to wear an ugly, ill-fitting garment, you have no excuse. For all we know this woman saw this thing in a window display at the end of a long morning run and said, “Why not?” She is probably in runners spandex all the time and wanted to go a little crazy for once. I respect it, like I respect those killer shoulders.

      • elle24

        Yep. GO KELLY!! I love her and everything she does.

      • Maretha2

        Wow. I can’t get past how amazing her legs/shoulders/arms look to notice the dress. And given that dress … that is really saying something.

  14. Zuzzie

    I like it. So there.

  15. TaraMisu

    Hmmmmm I am really on the fence with this one. I guess I’ll go with Fug…. take off the muppet train and she’s good to go. It rather stumpifies her….

  16. bdaiss

    Make it strapless and a titch longer and I’m good. Gorgeous gams no matter.

  17. Sandra

    It isn’t a dress. It’s her Super-Hero outfit.

  18. Claire L1

    It’s her arms ( I am going to put this pic on my wallpaper for inspiration) and legs that make this outfit. That muscle tone is AMAZEBALLS!…and her skin….she glows.
    It’s always a win when a girl can make a grey mullet dress look good.

  19. molly

    It’s whackadoodle. Or is it whackapoodle?

  20. Evalyn

    She is beautiful and all kinds of awesome, and this dress would be the same without the mullett. A simple steel gray sheath with foofey straps. That’s enough.

  21. zemarkable

    and here i got all excited because i thought katie holmes had finally done something of interest.

  22. jenl

    That’s DAME Kelly Holmes to you!

  23. moi

    I’m sorry, but this heinous garment threatens to have ME popping anti-depressants like Pez.

  24. Willow

    It’s like the most half arsed Beaver fur-suit ever.

  25. Francesca

    She looks great and those legs are incredibly toned and shapely. Moving on to the fabric that adorns that athletic frame… wrinkly and it looks like she’s emerged from the mouth of a taffeta beast.

  26. Jen S 2.0

    The dress is crazeballs, but her body is SICK.

  27. Gracie

    I feel like this is what a sexy ‘wildling’ would wear in Game of Thrones.

  28. vandalfan

    Remove the fluffy straps and train. It’s a perfectly nice as a strapless grey satin mini. Love the shoes.

  29. Sajorina

    I love her life story, but I hate this dress! The charcoal gray looks great on her skin, though!

  30. Lily1214

    Good heavens! What IS this?

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