Scrolldown Fug: Katie Holmes

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: sweatslacks.

The Letterman Dumpster could not be reached for comment, as it was too busy rifling through the fourteen better pairs of pants in its depths to see if one of them would go with this outfit.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. Kat


  2. Lisa

    That’s unfortunate, because otherwise she looks great.

  3. Stefanie

    I give up on Katie. I just flat give up.

  4. Sandra

    My brother wears something very similar under his coveralls in the winter and they are quite warm. But he’s working with cows. Outdoors. On a farm. All day. And his are the right length for his legs.

  5. Evalyn

    Wow, straight out of Glamour magazine’s Don’t section.

  6. Michael

    I contend that these would be so much better if they were 3-4 inches longer.

  7. pantsonfire

    What in the hell.

    She’s a very good example of a woman who dresses for the body she idealizes and wishes she had, instead of her actual (perfectly fine) figure. I mean, sweat slacks are an abomination in and of themselves, but she gravitates toward pants that do her particular shape no favors whatsoever.

  8. Sylvia

    I just…

    I have nothing.

  9. theotherjennifer

    clearly she is trying to hide her light under a shapeless bushel.

  10. filmcricket

    That is so fantastically 80s I just don’t know what to do with myself. Flashbacks!

  11. maryse

    funny thing, is that that’s not what she wore on the show. she had on a pretty magenta dress. so maybe she was just trying to be warm and comfortable? no?

    • Emma

      The bright pink dress was actually gorgeous, and there are pics of her in front of the Letterman dumpster pre-show in the pink dress with an olive green coat, and she actually looks really pretty and New-Yorkish. Like she literally threw the coat on over her outfit at the last minute, and her hair is naturally that shiny.

  12. AM

    Oh, I don’t think it’s that bad. She looks cute and is sort of weather-seasonal appropriate. In short, it’s faint praise, but I’ve seen SO MUCH WORSE.

    • Reg

      I completely agree. I think is quite cute. Maybe its just this picture, but I like the length with those booties. If the pants were longer I think it would look extremely weird and kinda Hammerish. But this look actually really works for me – slouchy comfy chic.

  13. val.

    Put on some TOMS and this outfit wouldn’t be terrible for a trip to the grocery store. Trying to dress it up with fancy heels is ridiculous though.

    • mary lou bethune

      Funny- TOMS!
      But I do like those shoes- did they go with a dress that she had brought for the show? But at least she isn’t a sad sack, with that weird half smirk anymore. She really did pull herself up by the fancy embroidered boot straps.

  14. Aphy

    Formal sweats are ok to wear? It’s a Christmas miracle… I’ll take one in every color (but the right length).

    Her hair is so shiny!

  15. Helen

    When I said booties work better with pants, I MEANT REAL PANTS DAMMIT.

    Super-cute booties though.

  16. Donna

    Last-minute food/beverage spill, and she had to change out of her cute and complementary pants into these just so she wouldn’t be late?

  17. McLisa

    Y’know…. her post divorce comeback is stalling. Can’t Nicole lend her her team to help her through? Otherwise, it just looks like the brainwashing is sticking.

  18. Crystal

    Can the Fug Girls please give this an “Oh, Honey, No?” Her expression and cocked head make me think she’s trying to even out her smile. Mouth goes right, head goes left.

  19. Trace
  20. Lovin' every minute

    NOBODY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH could look at themselves in the mirror and this and go “Yeah!”

  21. Ghanimatrix

    It looks like she put her shoes on the wrong feet. My four year old does that all the time.

  22. Guerra

    She really can’t dress herself well.. Proportions are so off!

  23. JoAnne

    Forget the clothes – it looks like she’s finally able to smile with both sides of her mouth at the same time instead of that horrible smirk she used all the time when she was with Tom!

  24. Jules

    I dunno.
    She looks more upbeat than I’ve ever seen her.
    And perhaps, some might say, red is the new black for next year.

  25. 7Kellx

    So confused by this outfit…so I just keep my eyes on those fantastic shoes.

  26. meowers
  27. Lily1214

    Sometimes she looks great and sometimes, not so. This is “not so.”

  28. ces

    Maybe you just had to be there! But as for the photo….ouch! She looks great from the waist up.