Rust and Fug

Just the other day Jessica and I were discussing what’s going to happen when we’re batty old biddies who wear sequined turbans and feign an interest in learning bridge and run our own rogue, drunken, taunty octogenarian bingo team called The O Faces. We’re going to be awesome, in our own minds. And for the really formal occasions, we will shuffle around in tents like this.

If we could shrinky-dink that overlay onto her lovely figure, I might love it. And if I could steal it and save it for when The O Faces go to Bingo Prom, I would. Anything in between seems crazy.

[Photo: INF Daily]

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  1. Regina

    Oh my god. Can I please join your Bingo Team? I need to be a member of The O Faces.

    Especially if there are fancy tents involved.

  2. Donna

    This made me realize that I had/have shoes just like that! God, I hope I didn’t get rid of them in a purge…

    Her dress: hmm, beautiful fabric, but does it even count as a dress? It’s really just 1.5 yards sewed down the sides.

  3. Sajorina

    I love the transparent fabric with the spiderwebs on it! I agree that if it was tight-fitting & figure-hugging, I’d be in love with it! But, it is still kind of FAB as it is, that’s how to do Shower Curtain Chic!

    If The O Faces also play a casual poker game once in a while, count me in!!!

    • Bluebonnets on it

      Or Bunko! Who doesn’t love sloshed women of a certain age grabbing dice and ringing bells! Good times, noodle salad.

  4. Miranda

    Exclusive GOOP Offer: Designer Hair Salon Smock, yours now for only $299.95!

    • anny

      @Miranda – you left out a 9. If it’s GOOP it’s $2999.95 and you have to make a yak trek to Nepal to get one and it instantly dissolves if it’s touched by anything harsher than unicorn tears.

      • Miranda

        lol well played. It so seems like the kind of crap GOOP would pull, right? Ridiculous

  5. Uña

    I sincerely hope we all get an opportunity to join that bingo team of yours. Maybe a cabana boy could be the number caller, too.

  6. panjinlian

    Interesting and cool, I love it!

  7. Helen

    All I can think of on seeing “The O Faces” is that you will have to have a Meg Ryan Imitation Contest every week.

    To Cotillard’s outfit, it looks like there might be a cute dress underneath the overlay. I say just take it off! And maybe make it into a coat.

    • Gill

      Exactly! This would be a cute, if ordinary, outfit if it weren’t for the giant spiderweb poncho.

  8. anny

    And the winner of the PR “Unconventional Materials” challenge, using a Halloween-themed shower curtain …

  9. marie

    sigh..Marion was so much more interesting before she became the face of Dior! remember her fishy Gaultier 2008 Oscars gown?

  10. Miss Louise

    As someone said a week or so back, what’s with all the high-end hair salon couture? All she needs now is one of those old-style hair dryers an she’s set (no pun intended).

    I’d like to see the O Faces expand into Mahjong – or Canasta, maybe?

  11. Carol

    Do the O Faces also play golf? Please say yes!

    Re the dress: It looks like the amber stuff that everyone gets encased in on Fringe.

  12. Lily1214

    Looks like a raincoat (for some reason).

    • Mikki

      Yes! I was just thinking it looks like a rain poncho…why on earth wear something that unflattering?

  13. Lily1214

    I’d like to play mahjong with the O Faces.

  14. Vandalfan

    Looks like another iteration of Diana Muldaur as the secretly blind Dr Miranda Jones on the original Star Trek.

  15. Sophie

    My first thought was “Oh my God, is she naked underneath and wearing pasties?!” Then I saw the outline of her slip and was relieved. But why is she wearing a lacy tent?

  16. openroses


  17. Cufflinkman
  18. gryt

    Does this maybe look completely different in person, and just photographs super-super weird? It’s the only explanation for it.

  19. Elise

    Per my 9-year-old, she looks like she’s wearing a shower curtain.

  20. roser

    Hey, Heather & Jessica – saw a lady at the airport yesterday carrying a furry black & gold leopard print cane. I thought of you two!

  21. Ladyblahblah

    Maude Findlay in a jump-the-shark episode set in the year 2001.

  22. Esme

    What is she WEARING under that . . . thing? Plus-fours? Fug, fug, fug.

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