Paula Fugton

I don’t even know if this is, empirically, ALL that awful. It might even be perfectly fine.

But once you get to the heavy tights and the blue shoes and Victoria’s Secret soft restraints tied around her ankles, it stops being an outfit and starts being an obstacle course. In that I can’t get over any of it.

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  1.  Noodle

    It is perfectly fine. For an 8-11 year old at a birthday party.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Yup. This is a child’s outfit. The shoes should be flats, is all, and then it’d be cute on a kid.

    • Annie S.

      She’s dressed like one of the Guidice girls on RHoNJ.

    • Esme

      it’s perfectly fine if she’s the PRESENT for that 9-year-old’s birthday.

    • Kris

      I just imagined the dress on the second grader I tutor, with Mary Janes instead of safety harnesses. Nope, it still doesn’t work.

    • Heather S.

      My 8 year old daughter would wear that and want 4 more.

  2. qwertygirl

    I saw a picture of this outfit on another site and my first reaction was, “Well, it’s cute.” But then I really looked at it and it’s actually past cute. It’s twee. It’s not cute. It’s cutesy. It’s precious. It’s darling and adorable and matchy-matchy. And as Noodle points out, that’s fine if you’re 9 years old and attending a Barbie-themed birthday party (except perhaps if you were 9 your skirt would be just the least little bit longer, please), but not if you’re a grown woman. Or rather, not if you’re a grown woman who wants to be taken seriously.

    • MaiGirl

      That’s it, the dress is twee. It would have worked better if she had left off the tights, ties, and awful shoes, but it still would be off-puttingly precious.

  3. TereLiz

    I don’t think this is how my Lucky magazine wanted you to wear pink, black and navy together, dear…

  4. Jenny V

    I don’t know what it is about Paula, but every picture I see her in, I automatically think “She needs to stop trying so hard”. I’m not sure what she’s trying to prove, but it’s exhausting to watch. Everything is either way too over the top sexy or twee or just odd. I just want her to relax for just once.

    • Lynne

      Yeah, you kind of nailed it here. She does seem to be trying too hard all. the. time. She’d look so lovely if she just simplified everything. And possibly dumped the douchey husband.

      • meggiemoo

        I don’t like her. Isn’t that terrible? I don’t have a reason except that I think her husband is gross and she seems to have no problem with his grossness.

        • Lux

          You took the words right out of my mouth, Meggie!
          Is she famous for anything besides being married to him, by the way? My brain seems to think she’s an actress but I can’t recall anything she’s been in.

  5.  jenelope

    I would probably like this better with a plain black, matte shoe. It’s the blue shoes and floppy pink bows that are the problem.

  6. Other Emily

    I don’t understand her. She has a Rashida Jones problem, IMHO. Super beautiful, but apparently unable to dress herself stylishly, and even worse, Patton here almost always has a weird face in photos. I don’t know what it is.

    • Erin

      THIS. The face. She always seems to be making a very odd awkward face. I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s just her face? It never projects confidence.

  7. Mikki

    That isn’t just a scrolldown fug, that’s an all over fug! However, she did accessorize, so there’s that!

  8. kickassmomnyc

    She consistently has taste issues.

  9. greatwhitenorthchick

    Le Fug.

  10. Katherine

    I’ll admit that I’m biased against her for her choice in men (Ugh, Robin Thicke), but yeah, this is objectively not good. And I agree with Jenny V- something about her is so tiring to watch. She oozes ‘please like me!’ Which, ironically, makes me like her so much less.

  11. Maria L.

    No, it IS empirically pretty darn awful. But that’s usually par for the course when it comes to her red carpet choices.

  12.  Blair

    all this is missing from this outfit is a teddy bear purse oh nevermind I can see why you would avoid that

  13. swimmyfish

    I think the dress is very cute, but somehow the cut is a bit boxy? It might make work a bit better as top. A top I can imagine interacting very well with several items in my wardrobe, and now I kind of want.

    • Jenz

      I think that she is actually boxy…in general, the more pics I see of her, it appears that either she doesn’t have a typical hourglass shape or she’s got a short waist and broad shoulders (for a woman).

  14. Katherine

    Honestly the dress itself is totally fine. But the styling is beyond awful.

  15. Pippi

    This is so the complete opposite of what a person of her looks and build should be wearing (well, no one should be wearing that thing, but you know what I mean). She needs sleek, unfussy, sophisticated clothes. She can’t have a stylist, can she? She really does look like a wrapped, boxy package.

  16. Bella

    If the dress was a bit longer, no tights and plain pumps, then it might be ok. The color is pretty. Still and all, her taste in husbands is gross!

  17. danny

    My one problem with Paula in general (although this outfit has many, many problems) is that everything she wears seems at least a size, if not two, too small for her.

  18. Liz

    She just looks so tacky all the time. This is something the hot girls would wear in high school.

  19. Sajorina

    I hate it! HATE IT!

  20. kate

    she is so beautiful and is a good actress (remember PRECIOUS?) but is frequently awkwardly dressed…not sure if she has a stylist..

  21. novo

    HOW does she do it? paula is STUNNING. how can you be that gorgeous and FINE and look HORRIBLE? she consistently looks like a joke. like someone is passing off the stuff they can’t get anyone else to wear…but they know she will. jeez.
    -she can act. i can think of a slew of girls who are equally beautiful but can’t act their way out of a paper bag. she’s always solid, so i give her that.
    -couldn’t watch ‘precious’. read the galley and bawled my way through the whole thing.

  22.  Roz

    You should see her in the movie “Precious.” You would never ever know it’s the same person. She is so naturally gorgeous! She looks so beautiful with little or no make-up. Great bod. But in pics and on the red carpet she looks AWFUL!

  23. filmcricket

    I do not understand why a woman with so many natural gifts continues to squander them in this way. You’re 38, honey, they are not going to last forever. Why can’t you be sleek and sophisticated once in a while? I get that it’s probably not your personality, given what you wear all the time, but just try it and see what happens. I think you’d be surprised.

  24. Jenz

    She goes in the same category with Geena Davis and Rashida Jones (and Lake Bell, Zooey Deschanel, etc). Beautiful but damn, girl, hire a stylist at least part time. This outfit is terrible and the matchy lipstick needs to be put in the dryer (with the outfit).

  25. Lemondrop

    Even the beautiful Paula Patton can’t pull this outfit out of Barbie Hell. I want to crank her arm and watch her ponytail grow.

  26. diebutterfly

    is it me or does she look high all the time?

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