Paris Fugshion Week: Accessory Omnibus

Why let these get lost amid all the clothes when we can stare at them up close, and en masse? Welcome to Friday Procrastination — a.k.a., what to do before Jessica puts up Fugs & Pieces — courtesy of a lot of shoes and some handbags.

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  1. China

    When I got to slide 4, I was like, “Dear Lord, who would design that thing?” Then I glanced up at the designer’s name. OF COURSE IT WAS STELLA.

  2. TaraMisu

    How does Stella McCartney stay in business????

    • glee

      Seriously, while the rest of what you showed was either divine, insane, or very interesting (I like the T-strap spats!), the shoes from Stella McCartney are FUGLY – and boringly so! The purse was ok.

  3. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Shoes are a fabulous thing: when they’re good, they’re sublime…..but when they’re bad, oh boy, they reaaaaaallly bring you (and your outfit) down.
    Stella and Vivienne have the worst, fugliest shoes ever. They’re woman, and do they thing that any woman would want those monsters in their feet?? UGH!

    Better News: I fully support all those bags!

  4. wordphreak

    Those shoes make me hurt just looking at them. In so many places.

  5. Sarah

    Not fond of the spats or most of the other shoes (bags, however, yes), but it is a good thing that at least some designers are giving us shoes we could actually walk on for more than the length of a runway.

  6. auntieshoque

    Whenever someone says shoes look like hooves, I’m always reminded of the Grand National by Fluevog. Of course, those were intentionally inspired by hooves (hence the name) but they also forever made it so that other shoes never look hoovian to me at all.

    I actually loved the shoes by Vivian Westwood. The colors were fantastic, I loved the shape and they looked like they were sort of fuzzy and soft. Chunky, but in a fun way and not a goth way.

  7. MegoPachego

    The first few pairs of shoes look like they have scoliosis. Just sayin’.

  8. nicole

    The word “handbagger” is going to have me giggling all day. I am clearly 12 years old.

  9. Katharine

    Now that I’ve seen the side view, I’ve decided I really do like that slightly wonkus Stella mary jane. And I love the Gaultier wrap boot. I had a strong lust for the Toms wrap boot, except that the very clunky flat lower part ruined it for me. (Now THOSE looked like medical wear, all the way.)

    On the other hand, I’m really sick of those big rigid handbags that look like a cross between a briefcase and a diaper bag, with not-really-functional shoulder straps. I long for those heady early 90s days when sporty, yet super useful bags and packs in sleek black nylon suddenly became trendy on the runway. Isn’t that due for a revival? The hot yet really practical bag?

    • LT1

      I agree about the wrap boots–both Gautier and Toms.

      For the first couple of pairs, I wonder if they would actually be more comfortable for me to walk in then regular high heels. My heels don’t really need support but my arches sure do and if the heel (hmm, guess a new word is needed there) comes out of the arch maybe that would work.

  10. Sandra

    So, slide #48: In what galaxy is it customary to have the hem of one’s dress fall six inches short of THE TOP OF YOUR F***ING HANDBAG?

    I’d say “look into pants”, but I’m afraid that they would give us see-through ones.

  11. pidget

    Fashion is mean. Why else would 90% of it be designed to look good only on twiglets, and all the pretty shoes kill the feet? The clodhopper shoes are wearable, but DANG they’re ugly. (Except the teen spikes, but they’re a bit of a specialty.)

    I think I’ll just have to make do with that divine Elie Saab petrol blue a-line dress and a few handbags…

  12. M

    DEAR LORD, have you seen the plague the foot in slide 3 has on it? whatever it is, looks like it’s contagious, WHY is she working? WHY is this picture even in here?

    • Katharine

      Covered with foundation, too. It could be a plague of blisters, though, from something strappy she wore in a previous show. All those shoes with loads of straps across the foot do something very similar to me — dozens of tiny chewed-through blisters at the intersection of every strap. (Not a fan of the gladiator trend, me.)

    • Amy

      Looks like track marks to me. They’ve also covered up a tattoo (?) on her lower leg.

      • Katharine

        Clearly I’m too naive and tenderly sheltered. The very idea of injecting drugs into my FEET makes me cringe even worse than the idea of injecting them anywhere else. ALL THE TINY BONES. EWWWW.

  13. Annie S.

    To paraphrase Regina George, those Stella McCartney monstrosities are ugliest effing shoes I’ve ever seen.

  14. llism

    My. God. Those Elie Saab black strappies in slide 9. I die.

  15. Anne B

    I have Thoughts about all of this …

    1) Those black shoes in Slide 9: I MUST HAVE THEM.
    2) It’s one idiot designer who thinks that anyone can ever, ever bring back the Fluevog “Munster” shoe. In any context.
    3) That said, the thick tread sole does indicate we’re visiting the 90′s.
    4) I normally really like Lanvin, but the cockroach print?! Please say that was a joke.
    5) Were the Valentino models altar boys? I’m getting a whiff of Holy Day of Obligation Mass from that white-lace trim.

  16. RKcool

    I would love to wear those spiky boots in a fight or as a superhero.

  17. ceecee

    Those giant yellow shoes (#28) look like Ginger carved them out of coconut husks.

  18. Karen G

    Love the Diors & the Ellie Saabs. So pretty.

  19. Vandalfan

    Since you don’t want them, I’ll take those Valentino t-strap spats, one in each color. Especially the blue sparkly ones, shown later, with the handbag.

    They are made of sapphires and Want.

  20. Claire1

    The St. Laurent tall ‘angst’ ( 25) boots make me so incredibly happy.

    You can take a girl out of the black and put her in the classroom….but the goth never really leaves her heart.

  21. Meg

    This slideshow made my Friday! I’m giggling so hard my husband is giving me weird looks. “Quoth the Raven, WTF” LOLOL

  22. Sajorina

    I love this posts… They make me happy! :)

  23. Chrissy

    Most of these shoes are hideous, but I like the brown suede boots and the blue booties. Those big Stella McCartney clunkers – like wearing cement blocks.

  24. Jocelyn

    The captions are a lot funnier when you’re drunk. Just FYI.

  25. maryse

    i like the stella maryjane even more now that i’ve seen the heel. and the chloe bags. i’m afraid that the only shoes i’d be able to wear (and could possibly come in my size) are those ugly shoes from 1998. or the flat teenaged boots. MY FEET BETRAY ME!

  26. Beth

    Do my eyes deceive me, or is the foot in #8 shielded against heel-blisters with an actual band-aid?

    Also: the reason #36 is carrying something that says “HELP” is because there are cockroaches all over her dress.

  27. Tessa

    Still laughing at the “foot penguins”.

  28. Joanne

    Poor poor feet. Women’s fashion has come a long since foot binding hasn’t it? Why can’t we be allowed clothes for non-beanpoles and shoes you can actually feckin walk in. I’d be really impressed with a designer who could make beautiful clothes for a human being, rather than a six foot coat hanger attached to a pair of hooves. Okay rant over.

  29. CJG

    Boy, Elie Saab knocked it out of the park with accessories too. What a great collection. And some of the Valentino bags are to die for. That white one with the scrolls was gorgeous.

    I can’t say I love the spat shoes, but I am intrigued by them. But I have been watching a lot of Poirot on Netflix of late.

  30. clara

    in general i love shoes , a lot of them …but there is a but.. most of these shoes are a little , just a little hideous, also must say I like the brown suede boots and the blue booties.