Fug or Fab: Gal Gadot at Comic Con, Plus See The Wonder Woman Trailer

First of all, from what I can tell from the pics from this event — and I am sure there are some of you in Fug Nation who were at this panel, in which case, please chime in! — Gal Gadot is CHARMING AS POSSIBLE. Even if her otherwise groovy pants might be a hair too long.

As far as Wonder Woman goes, this premiered at Comic-Con this weekend, and I thought Fug Nation would enjoy seeing it, if you haven’t, yet:

I had very low expectations for this — I LOVE Wonder Woman; you cannot underestimate the impression Lynda Carter made on a six year-old girl — but it looks like it might be really good. At the very very least, how refreshing to see a big budget superhero movie where a woman is, unequivocally, the hero — one directed by a woman, no less. Put on your protective bracelets and behold!

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate Watch America’s Cup Racing

Point the first: Somehow, I had this event marked on my calendar for the 30th, so when I woke up and saw these photos, readers, I was confused. Because I don’t know what I’m talking about, as usual. Point the second: as I speculated earlier this week, Wills and Kate and Harry are all skipping the Rio Olympics due to Zika concerns (like Princess Charlene), which I am sure will be the case for a lot of people of childbearing age who aren’t athletes or coaches. As much as I LOVE the Olympics, I have a lot of concerns about this one, so let’s all just cross our fingers and hope it goes well. Point the last: in light of my previous point, let’s enjoy the sportsfaces and amusingly dorky matching outfits while we’re got them.

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Fugs and Pieces, July 22nd, 2016


WHAT A WEEK.  And I just saw the news coming out of Germany — if any of you are in Munich at the moment, I very much hope you and yours are safe.

Everyone, please feel free to pour yourself an entire bottle of wine and distract yourself with the following:

– Liz Meriweather is covering the RNC for Vulture and you guys. Her dispatches are PAINFULLY BRILLIANT. Read all of them, but for sure please read Last Weekend’s Hottest Romance Was the Doomed Coupling of T&P in the Trump-Pence Logo, and You Wouldn’t Understand Melania Trump’s My Little Pony Glimmer Truths.

– At Lainey: Kiki Dunst is directing an adaptation of The Bell Jar.

– Via Deadline, Tara Lipinski is producing a drama for Hulu about competitive figure skaters. I AM IN.

– EXCELLENT. At Revelist: Every ‘Degrassi’ character ever, ranked.

Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke is great. (Vanity Fair)

– You know who else is great? John Cho, in this Vulture interview.

– Via The Guardian, FKA Twigs held a free dance workshop in Baltimore. This whole story is very heartwarming.

Roxane Gay and poet Yona Harvey are writing a comic for Marvel (with Ta-Nehisi Coates, who writes Black Panther) and it sounds awesome. (New York Times)

– At the BBC: WW2 silk escape map dress sold in Harrogate. !!!!

– At Celebitchy, they’re wondering whether or not Hiddleswift will last until the Emmys.

– Speaking of celeb break-ups, RIP (officially, finally) Pacey and Diane. (Vanity Fair)

– At Elle: I Got a Haircut in Every Foreign City I Visited on Vacation. This is very touching and good. To wit: “Even today, when political and cultural differences can once again seem unbridgeably wide, reflecting back on these salons—where fans gently wafted hairspray-scented air, summer light filtered in hazily from the streets, and I was deeply reassured to find that most people are intelligent and kind, when you get to know them a little bit—I feel my heart beat more slowly and my fears of unknown others fade.”

– Over at Pajiba: A Reminder to Anyone Who Thinks Leslie Jones Ruined ‘Ghostbusters’: The Original Ghostbusters Hate You

– At The Ringer: A Close Reading of Kim Kardashian West’s Latest Film: Kanye and Taylor’s Phone Call

– I loved this Top Shelf at Into The Gloss: Betty Halbreich, Personal Shopper, Bergdorf Goodman

– At The New Potato, Isaac Mizrahi is a delight.

– At Vogue: Idris Elba, Day and Night! The Actor on His Off-Duty and Red Carpet Style

- Via Bustle, MY HERO:  An 86 year old woman thwarted a would-be robber using bacon as a weapon.

And, in case you missed any of this week’s highlights here at GFY:


Royals Round-Up, July 22nd, 2016

In case you missed it, PIPPA’S ENGAGED. We covered it fully here. And in today’s gallery, OUTFITS! PASTRIES! VERY SMALL HATS!

Likewise, today is Prince George’s birthday, and as ever, I invite you to flip through his archive here at GFY. PLEASE READ ABOUT ME IMMEDIATELY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. KP also released new photos of him, which we covered here!

Elsewhere of potential interest:

– The Swedish royals’ family portrait has SO MANY BABIES in it. (People)

– Also at People, Charlene and Albert (who, as usual, just called up People to chat) are skipping the Olympics because of Zika. I am sure that a lot of women of child-bearing age (and their spouses, given that it can be sexually transmitted) are skipping because of Zika.

– At The Mirror: 11 royal secrets revealed by that photo of Theresa May meeting the Queen

– The Hollywood Gossip doesn’t think Kate will be in Pippa’s wedding.

Tatler has 10 things you should know about Pippa Middleton’s fiancé James Matthews



Fugs and Fabs: The Target Cat & Jack Launch

Cat & Jack is a kids’ line, so don’t get your hopes up that Blake’s dress will appear in Target anytime soon.

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Fug or Fab: Celine Dion at the Today Show


Sequined sportswear does seem like the exact direction Celine Dion has been headed.

Celine also co-hosted the fourth hour of Today with Kathie Lee in a totally cute frock, and when they started commiserating over their sad spousal losses this year, this happened:

AND FINALLY, we got more sparkles — and a micro-mini — when Celine went on Fallon and did the Wheel of Musical Impressions or whatever.

She comes off so endearingly nerdy. All the pretense that she didn’t know this was coming, or what she’d have to sing, is SO theatrical. But in the same way as her beating her chest with her fist during “My Heart Will Go On,” which I love. Never change, Celine. I love corny. We could use a little more well-intentioned corniness in the world right now.

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Royally Played: Prince George’s Third Birthday

Today is Prince George’s third birthday, and as is tradish, Kensington Palace released new portraits of his squashy little noodle face. (When will he be too old for me to call him a squashy little noodle? I am MUCH older than he is, so… doing some math… carry the four… add in the nuclear weight of uranium… I see I’ve got a few years left.) Please squee with me:

There is a subset of people who have been concerned that Lupo was, like, SECRETLY DEAD or chained up in the attic or whatever, and this photo is an EXTREMELY CUTE proof of life. George is like, “PLEASE EAT THIS ICE CREAM NOW LUPO. RIGHT NOW, PLEASE. IT’S A TEA PARTY, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO EAT THIS DELICIOUS BISCUIT IMMEDIATELY THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.”

oh but there’s three more pics