Your Afternoon Chat: What You Wear on the Plane

Let’s look at all these celebs getting on and off planes, and talk about travel wear.  You guys know I love talking about packing, and I also love articles about What To Wear On the Plane. I will read every single one of them. (I spent all morning reading this post on Into The Glossabout Joan Didion’s packing list.) Literally, I don’t care: you have an article about wearing things on a plane/packing for a trip, I WILL READ IT. So, let’s talk Plane Wear Hints and Packing Tips and The One Thing You Always Put In Your Carry-On and all that stuff. My own personal rule is just that I have to bring a scarf or a sweater because I am always really, really really cold on a plane/in an airport. I own like nine random pashminas that I have bought in airports across the world. I once spent like $40 on a fleece blanket in the Austin airport because I was so cold. And yet I am surprised every time this happens.

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The Fug-or-Fab Life: Tyra Banks

I usually rather like Tyra’s new spunky short haircut, and she can pull off stuff — by virtue of her wackadoo Tyraness — that few other people can. This post from the Daytime Emmys is a shining example of the good hair and cockamamie clothes that work. But this? I have doubts:

tyra banks antm

It’s Dynasty mixed with a shoulder split mixed with toe shoes mixed with soft ankle restraints mixed with a monasterial bowl cut tinged with something that shrank in the wash. Too much, Tyra. Which, incidentally, is also my three-word review of Modelland, her YA book, and if you haven’t read it… if you want ANTM meets Harry Potter meets Pan’s Labyrinth meets actual Labyrinth meets LSD, then it is the book for you.

We should also discuss her new talk show, which co-stars Chrissy Teigen and Joe Zee. The short trailer for it is after the jump:

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Sarah Jessica Parker on Cosmopolitan, August 2015

Cosmo is REALLy into this one particular font right now: The same one from “Oh My Goddess” and other parts of this cover was the one they used last month to shriek about sex next to Nicki Minaj, and yes, also the one from May’s 50th Anniversary Sex Issue starring Madonna. It’s like they have a new toy they can’t put down.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cosmopolitan, August 2015

Sidebar: I’ve given up on understanding how “HOT SUMMER SEX” differs from last month’s WILD SUMMER SEX” — much less from “SEX SO HOT” (June, and that same font again) or “SEX SEX SEX” (May). Do they get paid by the sextion — I mean, the mention?

Otherwise, I think SJP’s hair at least looks great. She is famously naturally curly, and while this may be the blown-out-and-recurled iteration of that, I still at least appreciate that she’s willing to be seen with waves in her hair (LE SIGH, Kidman and Keri Russell and Julianna Margulies). I wish the pose and the facial expression had a little more personality to it — a touch of Nice Girl to temper the fierce, showing she can be both — and a lot less tension in her mouth. But my real beef is the dress. It’s kind of Real Housewives, no? And am I crazy, or does this make her look like she has Anna Nicole-style falsies in there? Maybe she does; maybe it’s not an optical illusion. I don’t even mean it as a judgment. I just genuinely don’t think I have ever noticed her cleavage size before, and so I’m unaccustomed to having them greet me so enthusiastically. But I do know this: Nothing has ever made me so grateful to have dated in the Stone Age than the phrase “Decode His Snapchats.” That sounds mentally exhausting and like a recipe for a Lifetime movie that doesn’t end in the woman’s favor.


TCAs Fugs and Fabs: Netflix

There was a time, a decade ago, when I thought to myself, “I should buy Netflix stock… nah, it’s a little expensive.” REGRETS. So many regrets.

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Fug or Fab: Elsa Pataky in Alberta Ferretti


Well, listen. Many celebs are on a yacht right now. And that is why we are talking about Elsa Pataky — no offense, Elsa. I am sure you are picking up what I am putting down.

VACATION Premieres in LA

And here’s the thing. I can’t decide if this dress (which, honestly, I think I like better on her than I do on the model) is:

a) a dressed up negligee;

b) a dressed DOWN bridesmaid’s dress, or;

c) something one of the more elegant Housewives might wear to Elopement #3 Or Above.

Which makes it very hard to know how, accordingly, to finish this post.

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Mostly Well Played, Christina Applegate

To me, this is a real scrolldown fug, and you have to REALLY scroll WAY down for it to go truly wrong, as far as I am concerned (you may disagree, of course, and PLEASE DO):

'Vacation' Los Angeles Premiere

I feel like the shoes are a weird choice — I might just be over the platform in this particular iteration? — but mostly, she looks swell. That zing of yellow is fresh, like the clothing version of a splash of citrus. All that said: Vacation seems like a travesty of truth and justice, and if you are one of those people who delights in reading brutal movie reviews, between it and Pixels, this week must feel like Christmas.

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