Well Played, Eva Green in Elie Saab


I am, as ever, wooed by the magic of Elie Saab. When we saw this on the runway, I predicted that whoever wore it would pass on lining it, and I am very pleased, for once, to be incorrect. I should have guessed that Eva Green would pull this out, though. She LOVES an Elie Saab with a cape. I cannot blame her.

[Photos: Splash,  Fame/Flynet]


9021Fug: Jessica Lowndes

I have to confess, I never thought it would be Jessica Lowndes who took our collective hands and dragged us back into 2006.

I guess that means we need to stay on the alert for sincerely crazy celebrity behavior including but not limited to: driving the wrong way down the freeway; “accidentally” flashing of bits; CAR-JACKING; head-shaving; real bad kitten heels; 36-hour Vegas marriages; a rash of romances amid the back-up dancers; a new Paris Hilton CD; a couple of sex tapes; jail time; and a celebutante reading prison-penned poetry on Larry King. I CAN’T WAIT.



Fug or Fab: The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson

Okay, so generally, I think The Rock is a skilled chef, because whatever he’s cooking smells delicious.

But that shirt takes me back to a time of steamed carrots and dates and, like, poached chicken, in my grandmother’s kitchen, and cookbooks from Good Housekeeping and Better Homes & Gardens. It’s not all bad — times were simpler, there were more soap operas, Frisco and Felicia were still a thing on General Hospital and HE WAS PRESUMED DEAD AND LIVING IN A TUNNEL AND HIS BROTHER TONY WAS BLIND AND YET HE SENSED FRISCO’S PRESENCE AND HE CRIED AND SO DID I — but I’m not sure it’s his best look.

[Photo: Splash]


Fug or Fab: Laura Ramsey


Laura has done many things since playing Olivia in She’s The Man, but I think we can all agree that it doesn’t matter what they are, because it will never get any better. And that is no joke.

Laura Ramsey at Are You Here premiere

But can this outfit get better? If you said, “NAB,” then you win a thousand dollars (note: offer void everywhere). If you said, “Possibly if it didn’t have that parrot with the massive stuck-together beak trying to tell at me, unless that’s a fish with weird teeth, or something, although that’s not much better, but really, WHATEVER it is, it either wants to snack on my spleen or the essence of my happy place,” then you probably also are correct.

Can this outfit get better?

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Fugs and Fabs: Jenna Coleman

There are some high highs, and some LOW DOWN CAPSY LOWS.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Splash]


Fugtrospective: The MTV Video Music Awards of 2004

Now that GFY is a decade into life, it’s time to make it feel SO OLD by flashing back ten years, and remembering what the VMAs looked like before styling was quite the game it is now. BEYONCE, GUYS. And ASHLEE SIMPSON. And Hilary Duff. And MY GOD LIL’ KIM. And remember when people let Paris Hilton do stuff? Like, on purpose? ALL THAT AND MORE.

[Photos: INF Daily, Splash, Getty]