Bjorkly Played: Bjork

I am just delighted any time we get to visit with Bjork and she’s not just a floating intergalactic head, passing judgement on the foolish celebrities lucky enough to find themselves sorted into Fug Madness bracket that bears her name:

I’m especially delighted that we’ve got BUSINESS BJORK, because I didn’t know such a thing existed and I like imagining what it would be like if, for example, this version of Bjork were your defense attorney or your patent lawyer or your CFO. Things would be more confusing, and you’d probably regret it, but before you all got hauled off to jail, it would be magical.

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Recent Mostly All Fabs: Aubrey Plaza

The Dead of Summer truly is high season for Starlets Popping Out of Hotels in Sunglasses and Cute Dresses.

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Royally Played, Prince Harry

Am I just posting this picture of Prince Harry because I think he looks hot in these jeans?

Yes. Good morning to you, too.

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Fug or Fab: Megan Fox in Zuhair Murad


Is it weird that, all of a sudden, I find myself thinking, “I want better for Megan Fox than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie”?” I didn’t even know I cared. I am, however, not surprised that I care about her outfits, as that is my job. Exhibit A:

This dress is theoretically kind of creepy and weird — it looks a bit like she skinned a dragon. There’s something slither-y about it, and yet also something Showgirls about it. In short: It’s basically what the lead on The Real Housewives of Slytherin would wear. But I would totally watch The Real Housewives of Slytherin and I also think this suits her.

She’s ALL about the short skirts right now, not that I can blame her. For example, at Comic-Con over the weekend:

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Well Played, Judy Greer


I don’t know when it happened, but Judy Greer has totally turned into a dish:

Not like she was a hideous troll-beast ever — who can forget her seductive turn on Arrested Development, for example? — but she’s just looked really good lately. Including on that commercial where she and her Hamster-Husband leave her Brother and Gor-Don at home to go get tacos. And while I cannot deal with the fact that I’ve had MULTIPLE CONVERSATIONS with people that sincerely included the sentence, “is Judy Greer married to the Hamster, or is the Hamster her dad?”, the dress she’s wearing in that ad is really cute. AS IS THIS ONE. It takes a lot of woman to pull off a print that’s basically a Rorschach test (I see things in that fabric that would curl your therapist’s hair), but apparently she is that woman.

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Fugs and Fabs: The America’s Got Talent Judges

I suppose Nick Cannon isn’t actually a judge, but I don’t feel like being that wordy in the headline. The ONLY time, in fact, I have ever not felt like being wordy. AM I RIGHT.

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