Well Played: Emma Bunton in Alice + Olivia


I had one hot, crazy moment wherein I thought Baby Spice’s skirt was being held akimbo by some form of 18th-century style scaffolding:

"Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie" - World Premiere - Red Carpet

I must admit, I was mildly delighted by the prospect. Sadly, she’s just holding it out for the cameras for reasons that are beyond me, but….well, perhaps so we’d all think she was on some kind of wacky Marie Antoinette trip? That said, this pattern is adorable, and, frankly, I feel like she’s never looked better. It all kind of makes me want to drag her over to the open bar — OBVIOUSLY, there is an open bar at the Ab Fab premiere, sweetie darling — and hiss at her that this dress is cute REGARDLESS so just STAND NORMAL, because you’re CONFUSING THE FASHION BLOGGERS and also can we talk about what it was like when Ginger Spice quit the group in a huff? Because I have questions.

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Well Played, Kylie Minogue in Roberto Cavalli


In which we praise Kylie’s twirly red dress, fabulous accessories, metallic shoes, and handsome fiance.

Additionally, if you were wondering whether or not you wanted to see the scene they were filming together on Galavant when they met, the answer is YES:

THAT is a story for your grandchildren.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Celine Dion

Celine continues to cut a very glamorous swath across Paris.

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Well Played, Milla Jovovich in Marc Cain


Sure, physically, Milla is in Berlin:

Marc Cain Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2017

But emotionally, she’s at Wimbledon.

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The Last Fugcoon: Lily Collins

Lily here is in one of the two new Amazon pilots, The Last Tycoon. (Sidebar: It also stars Matt Bomer, Janie Bryant of Mad Men did the costumes,they had the set designer from Amadeus, and Danny “Julia Roberts” Moder was the D.P. So I will probably watch it, as Amazon lets people watch their pilots even if they don’t go to series.) I am not sure what her part is…

Lily Collins

… but I assume it’s NOT Vampira, Queen of the Night Shorts. (I do like the pink hair on her, though. My inner punk wants to do that with my hair. I shall wait until I’m grey, and then go bonkers. Also my mother’s heart just leapt into her throat. DON’T WORRY MOM. I am all talk, no guts.)

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Caftanically Played: Lauren Ambrose

I love a celebrity who knows it’s summer caftan season, and embraces it.

Lauren Ambrose

(You know, as opposed to winter caftan season, when the robes are warmer — like a massive wine cardigan that’s sewn shut.) That Lauren is a redhead in green, my personal kryptonite, only doubles down on my admiration. Whenever a celeb pats her snug gown and praises it as “so comfortable,” I will laugh and think of Lauren Ambrose cruising around this party like she’s sipping a gin fizz on her lanai while peddling a tray of canapes. Comfort is having space to eat the passed apps.

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Fug or Fab: Gemma Arterton


I’m torn. I can’t decide if I think this is pretty and delicate, or TOO MUCH PINK:

National Film & Television School's Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals

On the other hand, if this event was partially sponsored by Bollinger, perhaps she’s merely in costume as a glass of rose. I cannot hold that against anyone.

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