Fugs and Fabs: The Kindred Foundation For Adoption Inaugural Fundraiser

Some of these are VERY cute. Everyone herein has clearly decided that it is spring, weather be damned. (Not that it’s that brutal in Los Angeles, but it definitely wasn’t Sleeveless Weather 48 hours ago.)

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Fug or Fab: Gwyneth Paltrow

The headline for this event told me that “Jerry Seinfeld Hosts First Ever….” something something Baby Buggy something. (Baby Buggy is the charity he and his wife Jessica run, and it’s by all accounts a very nice one.) But I misread said headline as, “Jerry Seinfeld HOLDS HOSTAGES.” Do not ask me why, although I think we all know that Jerry could snap at any moment. THAT SAID:

Jerry Seinfeld Hosts Inaugural Los Angeles Fatherhood Lunch To Benefit Baby Buggy

Something about Gwynnie DOES look like she just escaped a hostage situation. She feels vaguely rumpled, and like she accidentally left some cute little jacket behind when she finally made her brave escape by whacking Jerry on the back of the head with a chocolate babka and making a run for it.

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Fug the Cover: Gwyneth Paltrow on Marie Claire UK, April 2015

The barrage of hard-to-read cover text bothers me a lot here.

Gwyneth Paltrow on Marie Claire UK April 2015

But not as much as the fact that the photographer seems to have caught Gwynnie mid-squat.


High Fugshion: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 at Milan Fashion Week

This whole “Hooray for mothers”¬†show feels, frankly, like a rip-off of Angelina Jolie’s wedding veil.

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Mostly Well Played: Chloe Sevigny in Louis Vuitton


Excusing for a second the fact that her head clearly just woke up from a long hard nap:

chloe sevigny NYC premiere bloodline

This totally works for me on The Sev. The boots have an appropriately retro feel for her whole aesthetic. And while that cockamamie pattern resembles flamingoes hopped up on goofballs, fighting to the death and regurgitating body parts onto the skirt, somehow that suits her. Which does NOT sound like a compliment, but somehow it is one.

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Well Played, Julianne Moore at the Canadian Screen Awards

I can’t believe Canada made Julianne Moore come to an awards show on Sunday. Don’t they know that once the Oscars are over, all celebs are contractually obligated to go to Tulum, where they all break their cleanses with great vigor and speak to no one in the press?


That said, there are FAR worse things Julianne Moore could have worn in her post-Oscars WHO CARES?! I WON!!! mode. Frankly, I think she ought to operate on this level way more often, sheer shirt and all.

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