Oscars Well Played: Fan Bingbing


This Marchesa is the one that a little girl sitting next to us at Fashion Week SQUEALED over during the show. And in fact, when we wrote up that show, I said ,”I would love for someone to wear this to an awards show, just… to DO it.” So THANK YOU, Bingbing. You have fulfilled a lot of people’s inner-girl dreams.

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  1. AmyK

    Haven’t seen this lovely lady in anything, but I love that she really just goes for it with her red carpet looks. I adore the princessy Marchesa, as well as the funky striped dress. I liked the last one too, until you pointed out the uh… nipple thing. Then I felt creepy looking at it. :/ And I’m pretty sure those -are- her nippes…. ><

  2. Stephanie

    So funny because the pink Marchesa is the dress my 8 year LOVED when we were looking at Oscar dress photos.

    • Helen

      Is there a little girl in the world who wouldn’t fall in love with that dress?

      I must still have some little girl in me, too…

  3. Stephanie

    And I am so tired of seeing people’s nipples or pseudo nipples on the red carpet. They are not an accessory.

    • glee

      I am actually fine with nipples, it’s when people go to awfully-looking places to hide them (Heidi Klum, that Housewife woman in a twin dress).

      Remeber J. Lo’s Chanel Haute Couture at 2001 Oscars? It was stunning, and so much better than that ridiculous Versace down to there and up to there dress at Grammy 2000.

  4. Siobhán

    #3 was see-through on the runway, too. If she had had it lined or wore a camisole or SOMETHING opaque (except a visible bra) it would have been divine.

    You should look her up, she seems to be a living Elie Saab mannequin.

  5. Chris P

    Oh my God, I saw that Marchesa and thought of you. (Okay, and the little girl, who is probably losing her shit ALL OVER AGAIN RIGHT NOW. I know I did.)

    The only thing is – FLASH IS A BITCH, Y’ALL. On both the Marchesa and the Saab, although for entirely different reasons.

    Nothing could get me to hate the Marchesa (which is a complete 180 from most of Marchesa’s oeuvre for the past 5 years), but the flash kind of washes out the color. That’s all lighting, though, and SHE still looks gorgeous and the gown itself is still gorgeous.

    As for the Saab, those are almost definitely her nipples (and if they’re not, they’re close enough that Bai Ling would write a book about them). This is why, when you go anywhere you’ll be photographed, you do a nip check.

    On the other hand, a nip check might not have helped, unless she actually decided to get photographed under flash before going out. I think the only reason you can even see them is because she’s under such bright light she might as well be in an X-ray machine.

  6. h² fashion

    She looks great in all three of the looks, but the black and white striped gown is my favorite!


    • susannestyle

      i, too, am in LOVE with the striped OdlR dress! I want! although, I thought the stripes were navy… now that you say black, it’s hard to tell. either way, it’s fab.

      • Helen

        The striped one is my favorite, too, but that might be because it’s the only one of these I think I could wear! :-)

  7. Katharine

    1. Super cute on her, not my thing.
    2. Swoon. I want it.
    3. Nipples, yes. In a formal nightie.

  8. Helen

    It’s so sad about the nipples, because she was really knocking it out of the park until then.

    Well, at least the other two looks are great, and very tasteful. The Saab would be lovely, too, if she’d just lined the top. Or simply put a peach bandeau bra under it, it’d blend right in and be invisible.

    • Chasmosaur

      It’s Elie Saab – he of the Halle Berry Oscar Dress. I kind of give him a pass on it, since he’s been doing embroidery over sheer for years, but usually more strategically. (Again, think Halle Berry Oscar Dress.) I think the past couple of years have made him go a little overboard.

  9. Kat

    Finally an actress(?) who has an idea of what flatters her – she looks amazing! I have never seen anyone pull that tone of pink of as well as she does here, and all the dresses are lovely, even the nipple-y one. It would be better with invisi-nipples, but it is flattering despite that. Also her foundation – either it’s too pale, or it has spf. Either way, stupid mistake.

  10. ErinE

    I have no idea who she is, but she pulled off some of my favorite looks! sweeping ball gowns are so beautiful and oscars-y. Love the pink, love the striped, like the third (minus the nipples – ew)

  11. Kristina

    OK. So when I used to nurse my first child, I used this crazy nipple cream that would stain my shirts. Except I was so post-partum depressed, I didn’t realize it. As the fog lifted in a couple months, I realized I had been walking around with perma-nipples on several shirts. Yup.

  12. Rachel Shanks

    that peach dress is AMAZING (minus the nipples). & i’m totally coveting the striped one.

  13. julyol1972

    I usually love Fan Bing Bing because she can be elegant one minute (she and Ellie Saab have a wonderful collab) and be totally crazy the next – some of her outfits should be on the FUG METER! However, why was she at the Oscars and why did she make FOUR dress changes in one night??? Seriously, unless you are Jennifer Lawrence caliber – which Fan is clearly not, four dress changes is merely courting media attention. She figured out one sure fire way to do this, besides the beautiful dresses, is to have one dress with a nipple-window. That’ll make sure she stays on a few headlines post-Oscars. Ugh!!!

  14. jen

    I love all her outfits here. I’m a sucker for stripes and the peach one is divine.

    Also, did you see Anne Hathaway’s original dress?

    Wold love to know your thoughts on it Fug Girls!

  15. Rayna

    Joining Team No Nipples in Public. Please, ladies, put them away.

    Having said that, the peach dress IS a dream, or would be, if, …………………

    The pink princess dress is crazy gorgeous, but can we talk about the little brunette with the Tiffany blue envelope clutch? HER dress is pale pink and COVERED with SPARKLES.

  16. Sandra

    Am I the only person who thinks the Oscar de la Renta looks like a circus tent? And I’m renowned for loving me some nautical stripes.

    • CakesOnAPlane

      yeah I’m not loving it either, the proportions seem off to me. It’s making her look short in the torso, and the nautical style of the stripes clashes with the super prim styling of her hair and makeup.

      Overall, none of these are my cup of tea.

  17. Brianne

    I love the woman holding the oversized turquoise clutch in the background of photo 1. I think she’s probably a celebrity lady’s mad but perhaps she spilled something on her lap and is covering it up?

  18. Sajorina

    THANK YOU, BingBing! I adore all of these dresses and she looks AMAZING in them! I love the drama! Hair & makeup are impeccable! Accessories are awesome! And, YES, those are her nipples showing… Her breasts are in full salute under the top of that dress and I still love it! I’m delighted by this woman! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hannah

    I just find it scary that her expression doesn’t change a bit in between the first two photos

  20. Candy

    Can you imagine the stitching on the last dress rubbing your nipples all night? Ouch! Otherwise, as has been said, it is gorgeous. Just needed a flippin’ cami!

  21. BrownEyedBetty

    Whoever she is, she certainly brought it to the Oscars. Each look so different yet so flattering and beautiful. Love them all…

  22. tigers4us

    Was she nominated for anything! Any way, the Marchesa does look a bit like a Disney character/princess would wear. The ODLR and the Saab are lovely.

  23. Morgan R.

    I don’t know who Fan Bingbing is or what she does, but man, every time I see her she just looks IMPECCABLE. Even with the nipples, which at this point in my life I cannot be bothered to worry about. Like, man, she is just constantly killing it. Teach me your secrets, Bingbing.

  24. Bella

    I love her name. She’s such a pretty little thing.

  25. Squirrel!

    I covet all three dresses. She can keep the nipples, though.

  26. Cassandra

    Oh I love seeing pictures of Fan Bingbing. I wish you guys would cover her more often!

    (Not that I don’t appreciate the insane amount of work you already put into the site)

  27. mepe

    Oh, I so wish Hathaway had worn that stripe dress to the Oscars. It would have been gorgeous with some blingy diamonds and a red lip…and so cute with her short hair.

  28. Allie

    How sad is it that I saw the thumbnail of the striped dress and squee’d “IT’S THE OSCAR DE LA RENTA GOWN THAT I PINNED THE CRAP OUT OF!” Totally recognized that dress from seeing it pop up all over my Pinterest page. And yup, I still want it. I have such a thing for stripes. The other dresses are gorgeous too. But 3 dresses for one night…. REALLY?!

  29. Guerra

    Go big or go home!! That’s how you do the oscars Ann!!

  30. MaryAnne

    I am positive that many years ago (many, MANY years ago), either my sister or I had a Barbie with a dress EXACTLY like this. No wonder all the little girls (and inner little girls) are falling in love with it!

  31. Vandalfan

    Not lovin’ the noggin.