Oscars Well Played, Amy Adams


File this one under:  Pregnancy Weight, Lost. Also: Not Just Cutesy, I am. Cross reference with: Shiny, and Matchy-Matchy (Accessories).

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  1. Cindy

    I think you mean “Well Placed.” Sheet, that is.

  2. Ines

    sorry, no.- not on her. wishywashy

  3. Kerina Pharr

    she looks like the wife to the Oscar statuette. She bakes him golden pies in a matching apron.

  4. laziza

    I love this dress SO MUCH. I can’t fault it at all, and she looks great in it. I’m not totally sold on the matchy-matchy shoes – would some kind of black strappiness have been better?

    • Louise

      Agreed! This is exactly how ‘drapy’ should be in my opinion – really opulent material.

  5. nikole

    i’m a sucker for a good corset… someone should show this to whats-her-face …Christina Hendricks and let her know that the boobs should sit in the corset, not try to wrestle out of it

  6. Erin

    Her hair makes me sad. It’s so “I’m not even trying”

  7. Stefanie

    Love it. Love her. Unsure about the shoes and hair.

    Can I just take a moment to say how much I love Leap Year? Yes I know it is probably the worst movie ever made but considering it is Leap Day, I just have to let my freak flag wave and own up to loving it.

    • wtfnyc

      THIS. On every level, especially “Leap Year.” Even if our lovely Junebug’s character in it is completely insufferable for 97.5 of the film, it has amazing Ireland travel scenes and fabulous shoes and MATTHEW GOODE for chrissakes! *Freak Flag waves in the breeze*

      Also, I absolutely want this dress, just in a stronger color. DEEPLY want.

    • Tara

      TRUTH. I secretly put this movie on all the time, mostly for Matthew Goode. Okay only for Matthew Goode.

  8. Lauren

    Hubba hubba.

  9. Kit

    Wow! She looks amazing – and also, to your point, sexy! I had no idea she could do that (although, in her defence, most everyone is sexy to someone.)

  10. AM

    I like her. She’s certainly talented, but I don’t like this outfit at all! Shiny bath towel, cleavage looks forced up and top is ill-fitting. In this case I think some kind of hose/tights might dress it up and look a little less just got out to the shower. I do like the hair and make-up.

  11. me

    lol @ Cindy…yes it’s very sheet-like and gravity defying to boot. I used to think she looked a lot like Isla Fisher and that was cute…but now…dunno…good that she looks all nice and fit but her face just looks like everybody else now…whatever that means (finally takes a break from GFY and heads for coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee………)

  12. The Other Molly

    It’s that girl Chaaaaah-lene!! From the bahhhhh!! Sigh…I wish it fit the girls better. It looks painful. And I wish that her shoes were black. Or dark red. Or midnight blue, even. Almost anything but bridesmaid-dress silver.

    That said, I love her and her makeup is gorgeous.

  13. TonyG

    This is sexy without desperation. Well done, Amy!

  14. The Other Molly

    I would soooo much rather see matching accessories than the usual lime green shoes with a hot pink dress and an electric blue handbag.
    Thanks, I feel better now.

  15. Jules

    I hate this. It looks like it came from Charlotte Russe – shoes included. And she looks like she can’t breathe. Boo all around.

  16. neiges

    I hate it also. It’s the reverse Chastain for me : while the latter should try to be more edgy rather than princessy, Amy Adams here should not try bombshell sexy, I just f****ed hair. It does not suit her, she should go for classy. Ant this thick fabric is not classy. It’s like Meryl Streep’s.

  17. Anj

    I feel like this morphed from strategically placed shiny towel to something a metallic street performer would wear.

  18. Jacq

    I like it, but I would have loved it if it was a stronger colour – this shade washes her out a bit. And yeah, that hair looks like my hair when I tie it up to keep it dry in the shower.

  19. Cranky Old Batt

    Sassy. I think she sells it.

  20. mj

    Whoa, no no no. Hate it. Hair is a mess, hate the matchy-matchy. It looks so Big Rich Texas.

    Love her, though. Man or Muppet is my ring tone. No joke.

  21. Noodle

    What? No. Hair: good. Face: good. Skin: great. Dress: Bad. Shoes: WORSE.

  22. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! Silver is my favorite color and she’s covered in it! FAB!!!

  23. mepe

    I don’t love this on her. Plus she kind of had b*tch face in every photo. I guess she’s trying on a new persona…definitely not cutesy.

  24. Caroline

    I love Amy Adams. I loved Leap Year (glad to know I’m not the only one). But this dress? Definitely not.

  25. Heta

    The only thing good about this is her face. And maybe the shoes. In a different color. With a different outfit. Hate that dress. Reduced to communicating in fragments.

  26. Anne B

    I feel like this is something my girl Christina Hendricks would get Fugged for wearing … in fact, HAS been Fugged for wearing.

    And because Amy is no Christina, I have no qualms about Fugging it myself.

    • RobynC

      Yep exactly. I actually had to make sure this was a “Well Played.” I think the dress is ugly and the fit on her boobs is horrible. The only redeeming thing I can see is that the waistline does very nicely highlight her small waist. But otherwise my goodness no!

  27. Mahastee

    Where have I seen this dress before? I am sure I’ve seen it in gold.

    Anyway, I don’t think silver is her colour, especially not with the matching shoes.

  28. Camilla

    Something about the colour and fabric of the dress…. She looks like someone basically just remoulded the inside of a Diet Coke can (and used the whatitsname that you open it with to do the shoes). I do not approve.

  29. Soapstef

    I love her. Why didn’t she walk the red carpet?! I missed her this year.

  30. Shiitake

    As it is, not a bad cocktail dress.

    For the occasion, this needs to be floor length, with a heavier lining in the bodice to mask the boning. A color other than silver wouldn’t hurt.

  31. Curtis

    When I first saw the picture without looking at the title, I thought Nicole Kidman had shrunk a few inches. I love Amy, but she needs to stay away from the Kreepy Kidman look.

  32. lesli

    No, it’s all foldy and wrinkly and crooked. Yuk.

  33. vandalfan

    Is it made from a discarded Jiffy Pop pan? The bodice is draped nicely, but is meant for floor length, not cocktail length, and my first thought at seeing this was “My, those implants look like cantaloupes.” And that can’t be good.

  34. emily

    i feel like an older women whose still “got it” should be wearing this. she’s young and adorable but obviously not hip. can’t she find a stylist who is?

  35. Hel

    I don’t like this. At all. I think the color is not great on her and it looks old. BOUDOIR

  36. yeahandalso

    Her kid turns 2 in May

  37. NYCGirl

    Eh. Kind of sloppy, and while I’m not at all opposed to matching shoes, I don’t like these particular matching shoes.