Oscars Weekend Fugs or Fabs: Kate Bosworth


My favorite part of this photo are the disembodied hands, all “BEHOLD THIS ACTRESS AND HER BEIGE AND BLUSH MINI!”


I actually kind of like this dress — the cut is quite cute, and I love the sleeves — but if I never see another Heidi braid again, it will be too soon.

She also attended the pre-Oscars Chanel party that claimed so many wardrobes:

I also kind of like this. She often looks a bit like an alien, but a gorgeous alien sent down to rule us all. Here, at least the Gorgeous Alien Overlord is also CLASSY.

As an editorial note: please do not pop into the comments and start critiquing Kate’s body. That’s not the point of this site, and it never leads to an interesting or productive discussion in this venue. We can discuss the clothes without judging her shape. Additionally, please read all the other comments before you weigh in. Thank you. – J

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  1. Tiffany

    I love the top dress…but I think I would love it more if it were on someone else. Admitting to my own bias here.

    • Lizzy

      This is the dress Zoey Deschanel should’ve worn to the Vanity Fair party.

  2. Esme

    Like the first a lot aside from the disconcerting lollipop head. She looks like ET nurse in the second.

  3. catfarmer

    i think the upper dress looks more like a mint/blush combo? i rly like that colour combo so it works for me.

  4. kickassmomnyc

    I fear she has an eating disorder.

    • Jamie

      I know we’re not supposed to comment on this sort of thing and only focus on the clothes, but I’m sorry it is by far the most noticeable thing in these photos. She looks REALLY gaunt here, even considering that she is usually very thin to begin with. You can’t expect people take issue with a tired braid hairdo when it looks like her knees are about to collapse sideways.

      • buttercup

        Unfortunately, I agree. She’s always thin, but she’s backslid into scary territory here.

        • zaf

          That too was the first thing that jumped to my mind – not the dress, not the hair, the skinny.

        • Bambi Anne Dear

          Her legs, her legs. This is not good.

      • Helena

        I have to agree. And I’m saying this as a recovered anorexic. I’m all for (ALL FOR) not body snarking, but it almost feels worse to just ignore the obvious issue here. I know she has a past history with eating disorders and she clearly has very present struggles with it. I almost feel uncomfortable even commenting on the fashion element as it’s just highlighting the problem.

  5. Yaz

    How about: 50% pretty, 50% eat a sandwich?

  6. BrownEyedBetty

    pretty dresses, yes, but kinda blaaahhhhhh. She needs a sandwich.

    • Jessica

      Please, can we try to stay away from the eating disorder/eat a sandwich stuff? I agree that she is thin, but she has also truly been this thin for ages . I actually hesitated to post this because I knew people would be ordering sandwiches for her, and I would have to come in here and put the kibosh, and here we are.

      We have no idea what she’s eating or not eating and you can’t diagnose a serious psychological issue on the internet. Please, as always, try to stick to the clothing, the styling, the makeup, the hair — there is plenty to talk about here, regardless! Or, you can always abstain and discuss one of the other hundreds of celebs we’ve posted about in the last two days. Thank you!

      • Amberoni13

        So, to bypass sandwich territory, I’m just going to suggest that while the color of both works for her, and hair pulled up works, and I actually like that her lips have COLOR in the top pic (perhaps she can give out lessons on how to make your lips non invisible to some other ladies present recently), the cut of these dresses does not flatter her particular figure. When you are rocking a very thin neck, you need to show a little collar bone or you get bobblehead effect, and both of these are a wee bit too high necked to pull off. also, both skirts could have flattered a little more by a slight pencil cut? Something else – these both come away enough so that they make her legs look toothpicky. I don’t say that I don’t care what her body looks like under the clothes – I’m saying that part and the health part seems a little personal and not my business. How she’s choosing to DRESS the body she HAS in public, with photographers, well, she’s made that the business of everyone with access to those pictures.

  7. jerkygirl

    I like both dresses, but the hair and makeup in the first pic are blech. Didn’t Kiki and Maggie Gyllenhaal used to wear that Heidi braid thing like 10 years ago? :P

  8. Art Eclectic

    “Blush” has become my least favorite color after the past 3 days of looking at an endless sea of gowns that lacked distinction.

    At least Kate fell into a tube of lipstick – the worst trend at the Oscars this year was no color gowns with no color lips.

  9. Lizzy

    The 2nd dress looks like one of the dresses that Morena Baccarin wore in “V”.

  10. Deenie

    Is Kate still IN show business? I never see her in anything.

  11. Cate

    I’m going with 90% cute on the first one, 110% cute on the second one, and 100% ugh on the body shaming. Whether or not she has an eating disorder, strangers on the Internet saying “Ew, her body is so gross, because everyone needs a reminder that their bodies are being constantly judged” isn’t going to help anyone.

  12. a

    Such a beautiful lady but she’s so emaciated that it’s distracting–the bones in her legs look like they are about to poke out. Sister needs to eat something.

    • Cassandra

      Stop it. All of you. You have no idea what her life and eating habits are. If she does have a problem, you pointing out how skinny she is is only going to encourage her. She would take it as a compliment that you can see her skeletal structure. If she is naturally this thin, you are insulting a woman’s body for not matching up to what you consider “correct”. Either way, you are out of line.

      • Carrie

        If you read carefully, you will see a lot of troubled commenters who are troubled because they themselves have eating issues. I am one of them. These photos are upsetting for me, and I don’t feel I am out of line for expressing this.

    • One of the Leahs

      Honestly, don’t you guys READ the post?? Leave her body OUT of it.

  13. ameliabedelia

    I hate that like these – especially the top one. She doesn’t bring anything to the table as an actress but at least she knows how to work the hell out of a wardrobe. Sartorially to me she’s like a lower rent Diane Kruger. Amazing face, wears designs that most can’t pull off. She’s just more annoying and occasionally gross to look at because BONYLEGS.

    • ameliabedelia

      Sorry, I missed the memo that we shouldn’t talk about body stuff. It’s just that she’s honestly alarming at this point.

      • Josephine


        • ameliabedelia

          Not quite… Actually sorry site-wise since I wasn’t aware of the fuggirl’s no-body-comment preferences until after posting. Not particularly sorry for the initial instinct to comment about something super distracting in the photos.

          Pretty clear and logical division between the two issues.

  14. KB

    I’m not wowed by either outfit, but I like the second one less. Too boxy, too pale. And I don’t think that lipstick color in the first one does her any favors. I’m pro-color when it comes to lipstick, but not THAT color. Not on her, anyway.

    I would like to see her do SOMETHING with her hair other than pull it back severely from her face. Anything. Somebody FedEx that girl some hot rollers.

  15. Al

    I like the second one, but I wish she’d worn different shoes with it.

  16. Keely

    I have never commented before, but I have to say once and for all, I LOVE the milkmaid braids. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and it saddens me that you guys unreservedly dislike them. I don’t even get it (in regards to the other things you unreservedly dislike), they aren’t obscene or overly attention-whorey or dated, they are just cute and elegant and perfect and unique. So there.

  17. Rayna

    The first dress DID remind me of Zooey’s. I like them both. To me, the ONLY was you can pull off nude/blush/beige is with a hefty application of SPARKLY.

    I don’t usually go for the Space Alien look, but the second is marvelously structural. Guess that’s Chanel for you.

  18. anne p.

    The dresses are pretty. How they are being worn, not so much.

    It really interferes with a total look when a woman over-thirty (ish) still has a habit of posing with girlish pigeon-toes and swaybacked, pelvis forward posture.

    Especially when, in candid photos from the VF Oscar Party, she looks like a never-too-rich-or-too-thin society lady practically twice her age. I actually caught my breath. (Not my place to analyze or conjure up a backstory, nor am I interested.)

  19. Elle

    As to the second dress: waitresss may I haVe another cup of coffee?

  20. esther

    the first dress is gorgeous but i wish it was 6 inches longer.

    one word: KNEES.

    and this is not a comment on her weight, i just think some people have prettier knees than others.

    • One of the Leahs

      I agree; the proportions would be better if the skirt were longer.

  21. Eli

    It would have been better if the miniskirt were blush and bashful.

    The second dress is sort of Jackie Kennedy-esque. Pop a pillbox hat on her and she’s good to go.

  22. Kim

    I actually like both dresses; wish she’d wear her hair down once in awhile too. I also like her as an actress; I think she’s good. Get real though – a woman with legs like that should not wear a minidress

    • Cassandra

      How about you “get real”. A woman with “legs like that” can wear whatever she damn well pleases and if it bothers you, you can avert your sensitive eyes.

      Seriously what is wrong with this community today? This is typically the only blog of this sort that I read, because the comments are mostly respectful and focused on the clothes. You all have your catty pants on today and I can tell you they are quite an unflattering look.

  23. Jo

    I think we can, without being catty, acknowledge that some looks work better on some body types than others. If, for whatever reason, you have very thin legs, you will look FANTASTIC in maybe 95% of clothes produced…but maybe not in a minidress. We can observe, for example, that Christina Hendricks does not know how to dress her curves…without criticizing her for having said curves. Similarly, I’d say this is not the best look for her.

    • Jessica

      This is true, but a lot of people are not doing that. AND I WISH YOU ALL WOULD, because I don’t want to have to close the comments on this post, nor do I want to have to stop featuring Bosworth, both of which I will do if we get anymore EAT A SANDWICHES. Period.

      And read all the comments before you post. I am stunned that someone didn’t know about our policy about not criticizing people’s bodies, because I feel like I say that every single day.

      • One of the Leahs

        Jessica, it shouldn’t be necessary for you to tell us to be civil.

  24. OH

    She’s so bland. I’d like to see the first dress on someone who has an actual skin tone so that the soft colours would actually be noticeable.

  25. Claire1

    Some pale girls do well with the blush tones …I think it’s because they have a hint of golden in their skin. Some do not. Kate ( and I) do not. We both need a deeper color.

    I think her best look is always a fitted at the waist skirt that hits below her knees. It can be full,it can be straight…but as long as it pulls in at the waist, it works well with her. Crew necks and ballet necks are also her friends.

  26. CJ

    She has such a pretty face, I wish she made better makeup choices, but her makeup looks good in these. Plus she has two different colored eyes, which is rad. I like her lipstick in photo 1 and her makeup in photo 2. I’m glad her hair is a little darker…

    I feel a lot of her clothing choices tend to wash her out. I like the cut and shape of these dresses, but I think they’d work better on someone with darker skin. I wish she would wear brighter colors.

  27. Carrie

    I would suggest either banning la Botsworth from this site (something I’ve actually suggested in past posts), or accepting the sad truth that readers will feel the need to comment on her body. It is difficult to avoid : ( Trying to censor comments is not a good solution.

    • Jessica

      Asking people to adhere to our requests as moderators of our website is not censorship. No one NEEDS to comment on or read every post on GFY.

  28. 0shayne0

    I am going to go against everyone else here and say I super LOVE the first outfit. She is a stunning woman – all other comments aside – and she is actually rocking the braid. I want that dress in my wardrobe immediately.

  29. One of the Leahs

    The shoes with the first dress are really cute!

  30. KB

    I had previously come to the decision that I never fully love – or fully hate -her fashion choices. However, I am happy to report that I fully love both of these. Perfect dress/shoe/clutch combo and lovely soft hues for her coloring.

  31. Eden

    Colour! The girl needs some colour. She’s such a cute thing and both of these just wash her out. Enough with the flesh coloured outfits on fair-skinned people, please!!!!

    Ok, so that issue aside, the first one isn’t too bad however the second one looks like a vintage 1960′s airline stewardess uniform. Although, in some of those retro 60′s colours she would look better.

  32. madeleine

    South Park’s Mr. Hat sure has a pretty little daughter!

  33. Bethany S.

    I hate pastels with a passion, but I am really digging the second dress. It’s perfectly suited to her, and I don’t think it’d look as good on anyone else.

    The first one bothers me because lack of color. If the mint color was strong and bright, it’d really make her eyes pop. Since her eyes are so striking, it’d have been nice to see something picked to show them off more.

  34. CakesOnAPlane

    I love the second one, love the structure and the color. However, did she happen to dye her hair in between parties? Compare the two pictures and color me confused.

  35. fritanga

    Pale, colorless MARACA.

    What is wrong with Michael Polish? If he’s using her to celebrate his Latino heritage, it’s the wrong move.

  36. Kate

    How about this (since we do often comment on shape related to how clothes look on this site, it’s impossible not to when discussing “fit”): Sarah Jessica Parker has super slim legs that are a teensy bit on the bow-legged side – her legs are somewhat similar to Kate’s here.

    SJP often manages to wear outfits that highlight her legs without making them look jarring compared to the rest of her outfit (like Kate’s do here).

    Sooooo, yes, Kate’s legs are not highlighted here. They look off because they ARE super thin (sorry, that’s like trying to ignore the fact that Christina Hendricks has a large chest), and her outfits look too big in comparison. I’m thinking either shorter, more fitted, or longer. Aaaand, take another page from SJP’s book (well, SJP playing Carrie when she’s doing fun full hair instead of buns I guess?), and let that hair down, girl! You’ll suddenly look more proportionate and glossy.

  37. Arlene

    In this day of cyber-bullying and body shaming, it’s tough to be a girl, let alone a girl in the public eye. I don’t agree with body-shaming and we don’t know whether these celebrities eat right or have an eating disorder or are naturally thin or whatever. But I do know that posting photos of a young woman that is obviously underweight and seems proud of it sends the wrong message. Expecting people not to react to these photos is just disingenuous. There are designer houses that refuse to use models that are too thin and that is a step in the right direction, not body-shaming. I wish photos of Kate Bosworth looking this thin were not published for young eyes and minds to see and even emulate. Get real, fug girls, this is not cool.

    • eva

      Sorry, but I couldn’t skip over the mention of designers. Maybe some don’t feature models that they consider too thin, but honestly watching most fashion shows the models look seriously sick. It’s got to the point where many seem photoshopped and not in a good way. So, comparatively, I think it’s pretty safe to feature Kate Bosworth. However, no body slamming, I think she should try not to enhance her full legs. As other posters said, the way she is, it’s distracting from the outfit itself.

    • vivy

      GREAT comment Arlene!

      I don’t think that anyone is intentionally trying to disrespect the fuggirls or the site. I don’t go on message boards much so I wasn’t aware that sometimes there are “rules” — and while I now 100% get why the wonderful and funny creators of the site have a no-body-shaming rule, it doesn’t change the fact that newer people will jump straight to the comments and say what’s on their minds when they see photos like these — photos that provoke a reaction.

      Also, as a person who DOES actively work in Hollywood and who does have access to many young ingenues and Kate herself… this “we don’t know her life” is NOT a good defense. Not remotely. The more these girls get attention when they lose weight, the more they think they are doing something right. I know the line is subjective, but it might be a good idea to disqualify those that have crossed the line into scary-skinny territory from being featured on this wonderful site. It brings out the ugliest in all of us, apparently.

      I apologize in advance if any of this seems disrespectful to Jessica and Heather because that is really, REALLY not my intention.

      Is there a way to have a box that people have to check before posting? Like, “I agree to the Terms and Conditions, etc.”? Because I think the sheer volume of comments on the topic is due to the fact that uninitiated people (like myself) were overeager to communicate our thoughts without knowing the guidelines.

  38. emmy

    Jessica and Heather, as a frequent reader (and very infrequent commenter) of your blog, and as a recovered anorexic myself, I have to respectfully disagree with your policy here of shutting down body discussion. I understand why you choose this policy and I think you have the best intentions. Like a lot of readers, I love this blog for being respectful of all body shapes.

    But it is clear to me, as someone who used to obsess over images of painfully thin women, that disordered eating and/or eating disorders are endemic in Hollywood. I’m not sure how it helps to ignore the problem when it stares us in the face. It seems tragic to me that actress after actress loses weight, and then loses more weight, and we all conspire to call it “exercise” or “a new diet” or “a small frame” and pretend that no problem exists. Anorexia is based on lies and denial – lying to oneself and to others. It distresses me to think that we collude in those lies, on some level, by avoiding the topic altogether.

    • Jessica

      The whole point is that we have literally no idea what is going on with her. We don’t know who is lying about what, or if there is any lying happening to begin with. I am neither lying nor colluding in a lie because this is all speculation.

      FYI, a very good friend of mine in high school was severely anorexic to the point of needing to be hospitalized. I am not insensitive to this issue. But the truth of the matter is that when the question of weight arises here, the conversation that follows is never useful. What happens is: “Eat a sandwich!” “Plenty of people are naturally thin! I am! This hurts my feelings.” “But we are ignoring a serious issue.” “You would never say this about an overweight woman, stop telling me to eat a sandwich.” And then it starts over again, because someone comes in and doesn’t read the first four comments. It is exhausting to see the conversation — as it has in these very comments — become an endless circuit where no one listens to anyone. Everyone gets upset, it devolves into angry sniping, and the entire thing is unpleasant for all of us. I appreciate your points of view and I can assure you that even if Kate Bosworth goes out wearing a plastic bag and a bowl of fruit on her head, I will certainly think twice about featuring her, because she is apparently a hot button. But I stand by our policy of not discussing what we think is wrong with people’s bodies.

      As far as questions of “censorship” go, this is a community and it’s one that I value very much. The way I’ve described my moderation guidelines to others is as follows, and perhaps it would be helpful for me to lay them out here: these comment sections are like my living room, and I am the host. I want you guys to have a great time, to want to come back again and again, to learn stuff, to laugh, and to enjoy each other’s company. It’s my responsibility to make that happen and I work very hard at it. But it’s also only appropriate for you guys to respect me and Heather when we ask you not to call someone an anorexic (or fat!) in our living room. It’s house rules, and I think that’s fair.

      Additionally, I’d appreciate it this could be the final word on the subject, because I think we have exhausted it.

      Thank you for the feedback, and for respecting our point of view.

  39. MegoPachego

    I actually think these dresses are wonderful on her. The detailing on the first dress is very pretty and the structure of the second is really interesting. The top of the second dress kind of reminds me of the Jetsons, which makes me happy. I also love the lipstick from the first picture, as a fellow pale girl who likes to avoid looking washed out.

  40. Moa

    I actually really like both these looks on her.

    The first one is lovely, and I love the braid. I don’t think it looks ‘twee’, or necessarily that ‘twee’ is a bad thing. Maybe it’s because I’m so sick of women wearing their hair down in “sexy lose curls” and I just prefer it when someone does something a little different than that or a bun-based updo. That said, I do wish it was a deeper colour, lavender or a rich red-based purple (like Jen Garner’s) would’ve been lovely on her, or maybe a deep green (think Angelina Jolie’s green sparkly dress). I also don’t like the lip colour but I’m assuming she wouldn’t be wearing that if she’d adhere to my colour rules.

    For the second look, I really like it, but I once again wish the hue was deeper. She wore a bright pink (http://media.theiapolis.com/b000000/d4/hLC/i1IXW/k4/l1J6I/s6/t3/wSG/y04/kate-bosworth-as-alice-in-another-happy-day.jpg?cdn=1361989827) and I thought that colour was so lovely on her. However, I HATE the shoes. They look really cheap.

  41. Sajorina

    I love both dresses! The 1st one looks great paired with fabulous gold high heel sandals, but the 2nd one might have looked better with light colored shoes & clutch! FAB!

  42. Vandalfan

    The second one looks like Mei-maw’s quilted housecoat, to me. The shoes with the first one are nifty, but hardly for February. Remove those sleeves and wear it in June.

  43. pantsonfire

    The first one is fine. The second one has potential for greatness, though I don’t know if I’d wear it to that event. I LOVE what’s going from the chest up — those shoulders/sleeves/neckline are clever and interesting and new and I want something with them. However, I don’t love or understand the washed out tones, and am really not a huge fan of pink.

    I love the braid; I think braided updos are generally fantastic and flattering (and more interesting than the same old same old). Maybe I’ll form a club with Kate B. and Diane Kruger.

  44. George

    I completely love both dresses, both in themselves, and on her – she’s such a pretty girl. Although to go against the general flow, I actually think the second dress could stand to be an inch or so shorter – that length with that heavy fabric sort of sticks out a little awkwardly. But that’s a tiny nit to pick. I think she looks lovely overall. PS. I agree with the vocal minority on the hair… I secretly love Heidi braids.

    • Shelby

      I too, love both dresses and think she looks very pretty. I also like the Heidi braids in the first pic and think that is an acceptable hairstyle choice (rather than wearing her hair down as other commenters suggested) simply because the lace pattern of the dress is so busy, she doesn’t need any other “frills” to compete with it. For the second look, the dress structure is so strong that a softer ‘do such as hair down might enhance the look. I also think the pale colors are not out of palette with her coloring; she does not look washed out, just pale – there’s a difference. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with pale, however she does end up looking a bit monochromatic, especially with the first dress. Monochromatic is great if you are trying for a subtle, understated look. But, if that’s not what she was going for, a bit brighter in the color department would be in order.

  45. Hima

    The only thing I love in the first picture is that lipstick color. It’s fantastic. I only wish she was wearing an equally fantastic color. Both of these outfits are SO boring color-wise. The first dress, I like the cut, and style, and all that. But what if it were in a similar color to that lipstick? How pretty would that be?

  46. blah

    This is so boring that the disembodied jazz hands are pulling my attention away from her.

  47. DC

    I’ve let this post sit for a while but I’m looping back around because I loved her Chanel look to the point that I keep looking up pictures of that dress and in general, I think that Kate consistently makes such interesting fashion choices–sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t–that I hope you will continue to feature her occasionally.

  48. Kate

    I’ve been really into interesting necklines recently, and therefore am digging the Chanel with it’s boxy neck. I think my favourite outfit of hers (maybe ever) is still that owl sweater/skirt combo.
    On a side note, brilliant choice for someone to use her to hawk skincare products – she always looks like she’s just glowing and I want her secrets, alien or not.