My favorite part of this photo are the disembodied hands, all “BEHOLD THIS ACTRESS AND HER BEIGE AND BLUSH MINI!”


I actually kind of like this dress — the cut is quite cute, and I love the sleeves — but if I never see another Heidi braid again, it will be too soon.

She also attended the pre-Oscars Chanel party that claimed so many wardrobes:

I also kind of like this. She often looks a bit like an alien, but a gorgeous alien sent down to rule us all. Here, at least the Gorgeous Alien Overlord is also CLASSY.

As an editorial note: please do not pop into the comments and start critiquing Kate’s body. That’s not the point of this site, and it never leads to an interesting or productive discussion in this venue. We can discuss the clothes without judging her shape. Additionally, please read all the other comments before you weigh in. Thank you. – J

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