Oscars Fug or Fab Party: Ginnifer Goodwin


Ginnifer Goodwin has earned herself a high seed in this year’s Fug Madness, methinks:

(Also: Fug Madness starts SOON. Hope you’re thinking about your brackets!) I must confess, I kind of like this dress, but her styling is KILLING ME. GIRL, YOUR HAIR. You look like the Biebs.

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Comments (43):

  1. Maria L.

    That high a waist should not be worn by any woman over the age of 5.

  2. Rayna

    Sigh. And I was just thinking how nice and normal she was looking lately………….and I’m using the word “normal” like it’s a good thing.

  3. Bella

    Looks like her head was photoshopped onto the body of a child. And while I love short hair, this is atrocious.

  4. Sally

    Exactly, Maria L. She looks like a 10 yr old who tried on her 6 yr old sister’s flower girl dress- albeit, demented flower girl dress.

  5. Alice

    I actually like the dress…Not sure how I feel about the weird hip circle thingys, but hey nothing’s perfect. If only she would smile and stop acting like she hate’s the red carpet so much, I feel like everything she wears would be much much better

  6. Jasmine

    I would like the dress more if the whole red carpet hadn’t been LACE LACE LACE. And I even like lace, but after a million lace dresses, it just gets boring and repetitive. And yes, agreed, that waist is too high.

  7. Vanessa

    That hair is getting a little (pre-extensions) Kate + 8 up there, no?

  8. margaret

    I seriously love her hair! My hair is about as short as hers and you have to give the girl a break….it can be boring always having your hair short. I like the risks she taking. She looks funky. I’m not sure about that dress though.

  9. Vaneen

    The dress is nice but too tight on her. Her torso looks tiny and makes her head/legs/arms look HUGE . Also i’m not feeling that haircut, ugh! :/

  10. Anne B

    I don’t mind the length of her hair. She could take it down a notch with the product for sure.

    As for the dress: color, lovely. Lace is a terrific idea, but take it from someone who grew up near the end of the Gunne Sax era: you have to be careful with the execution. It’s an accent, ladies: not really a fabric.

    This much lace is just too much. It crosses the line between being present and taking over. Don’t give the lace the podium with your next red-carpet look, Ginnifer; keep it in the seats, where it belongs.

  11. Winnie

    There are many contenders for the debut season of Fug Hair Madness. Hint, hint…

  12. Shnaggi

    ..about as fashionable as a box of heart candy…

  13. Fuh Ugh

    I kind of love the skirt. I saw a small picture of this and thought “quel horror!” Then I actually liked it better when I saw more of it. Plus, it looks just like the doll dress I sewed from a Sears kit when I was night – except the lace was white instead of black. And I think my doll’s hair looked pretty much like that when I was done with her too.

  14. yeahandalso

    I would maybe like the dress on Hailee Steinfeld but even she might be a bit too old for it. Ginnifer is a grown ass woman and shouldn’t be wearing that mess

  15. vandalfan

    I’m soooooo tired of black lace overlays on every flippin’ thing. If this had no black lace, and fit properly, maybe. The hair, just no.

  16. anner

    Totally. Great dress, bad styling. And I think the waist is a little high, though as a tall girl who wears a lot of vintage, I’m inclined to give her a pass for that.

  17. ingrid

    Wrong, all of you.
    The hair is awesome; she just looks like a hot lesbian.
    it’s not exactly congruent with the dress, but if she was wearing the same-old boring long-and-shiny starlet hair the whole look would be unforgivably twee.
    The edgier hair makes it interesting.

  18. DrM

    First time I’ve had a chance to catch up on GFY since the Oscars….OMG the hair! It looks like she cut it herself with manicure scissors, a knife and a fork…the dress is just meh….

  19. NYCGirl

    I really like the dress; I’d just take away the lace at the sleeves. I’m at a loss for words regarding her hair, though.

  20. KateS

    Her hair is always so edgy, yet her shoes are always so predictable and dull. I don’t mind the crazy hair, but I wish she’d go all the way with it.
    I also get the feeling that she doesn’t really have any idea what suits her or what her style is. She looks like someone in need of guidance.

  21. rebecca

    I don’t get her appeal. She looks twelve.

  22. mairimairi

    its all a bit confusing, and unfortunately the overall effect for me is that of an underage female to male impersonator lost in an ill fitting dress which is too self consciously “Mad Men” to be convincing. Shame; I like the basic elements GG was trying to channel -short hair (but with less product please) minimal make up and accessories, potentially cool and quirky dress- but the overall mix is just , somehow, wrong. Dress is wearing her.Never a good thing to be upstaged by your own frock, surely?

  23. Lorraine Allan

    I like the top of the dress, but she does have a weird child-like body.

  24. Jen

    I’ve got nothing against short hair and on say, Halle Berry or Emma Watson it looks amazing. However I’m not sure if suits Ginnifer – I think longer locks would be more flattering.

  25. jerkygirl

    This reminds me a bit of the dream senior prom dress I imagined in my head back in 1990 but could never find (also back in the Gunne Sax era Anne B.!!! :) ) so I got a turquoise off-the-shoulder tea length one that was also really cool and looked awesome with my fingerless lace gloves and plastic pearl necklace and black patent leather pumps and white nylons lol but it wasn’t the dream one that was floor length royal blue with cap sleeves and a black lace overlay and I didn’t know how to sew and didn’t know anyone who could so I didn’t get my dream prom dress and since Ginnifer here has a sorta similar-ish version of that dream prom dress from 1990 I can only feel a congratulatory sense of nostalgic longing in her general direction. Cherish your dress, Ginnifer!!! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!!!

  26. CJ

    ….and I raaaaan, I ran so far away….

  27. Sofie

    The dress is to short or her legs are to long, can’t decide which

  28. aa

    tyra’s wig team needs to get to her asap.

  29. Kate Webb

    I just want to throw in a few words of defense for women rocking a pixie cut. I chopped of all my hair about two years ago and loved it- but formal wear and pretty, girl frocks all started to look a bit strange. I always felt a like a boy in a dress. I’d experiment with my very limited options to try and get something along the lines of “formal hair” and it was always a little off. I’m willing to bet Ginnifer is struggling with the same thing.

    Also, the dress is GORGEOUS.

  30. Dee

    also, hate the hair

  31. Jennie-Suz

    I can’t even focus on the dress, that hair is so bad.

  32. LeslieA

    I liked the dress as soon as I scolled down enough that her whole head was off my page. The scowly-face and hair ruin it for me. If she was *wearing* the dress instead of sending the photog the death glare it might work for her.

  33. Chicklet

    Oy. It’s like a toreador and a mantilla had a dress-formed child.

  34. Mari

    The fit on that bodice is awful; she looks like she shoehorned herself into a little girl’s dress. The sleeves/armholes make her upper arms look huge, which I’m sure they are not. The whole red and black lace thing makes me think of Wild West bordellos. As for the hair, I think she would look darling with a pixie but that is not a pixie, that’s Justin Beiber’s next haircut.

  35. Magatha

    All she really needs is to work with a professional stylist to get still-photo skills. Clearly she is uncomfortable with how she looks in photos, and it shows in how she stands and how she composes her facial expressions. When she’s on film, she’s engaging and attractive. I mean, I don’t like this dress. It fits wrong, and I’m tired of lace overlays. But either she was caught in an unflattering pose (which she does a lot) or she hasn’t figured out yet how to work a still photo shoot. And that’s something that is totally fixable.

  36. sarrible

    When I was a kid, my parents had a foldout couch that was covered in that dress. I always wondered what happened to it.

    That hair is one stiff breeze away from Flock of Seagulls territory.

  37. 7and7is

    mehh…looking very much like “Mother of the Bar Mitzvah Boy” style…don’t like it at all

  38. Karen

    Maybe without the hip doilies, and the Bieber hair.

  39. crystal

    If she dyed her hair blonde she would look just like Robyn! I love Robyn, so I am largely ok with this.

  40. bambi

    She looks like Alan Cummings if he was taking prednisone

  41. vandalfan

    Chicklet! Yes! *Chuckle!*

  42. The Moonay

    I can’t abide by that hair. She looks like a brunette Robyn. A brunette Robyn who isn’t working it.

  43. Erika

    I’m all for having a punky, short haircut, because if you can pull it off, why not?
    But why oh why does she always look so angry?