Oscars Fab it Up: Miley Cyrus

I just wanted to put these two side-by-side for a second, just in case Nicholas Sparks is out there writing any movie-bait novels about a woman whose little sister finds out she’s actually the DAUGHTER, and the only thing that brings them together is a rousing bout of amnesia cancer, with a touch of arson and schizophrenia.

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  1. Sarah

    Wow – I never really realized how gorgeous Miley is.

  2. Cucina49

    You’ve just paid Miley a huge compliment with that comparison, but based on these photos she actually deserves it.

  3. Deenie

    This is quite the incendiary post in view of all those who seem to despise Miley who post on this site. I agree with you guys, though.

  4. Anne B

    Her eyes are beautiful. Funny how much easier they are to see, now.

    Also, may be off topic, but … she and her fiance are not really going to get married, are they? I’d think you’d take your dude to the Oscar party if you were still gonna marry him.

    • Heather

      Hard to say. She talks like they are, but they’re SO young… then again, there’s a competing rumor that they’re already married, so who knows.

      • Kit

        Actually, I saw pics of her on Oscar night elsewhere where the did a big zoom in on her bracelets, thereby giving the first really clear view I’ve see of her rings, and there is definitely a “set” of rings on her left hand (gorgeous, btw); so I’m inclined to believe the “already married” rumours…

  5. Heidi

    Love the back, especially with her tanned and tonned back. Gorgeous.
    If anything I think this could have done with a nice long necklace to give the front a bit of pizzaz.

  6. Cas

    Could you please also do one of these side-by-sides with Miley and Ellen Degeneres? That’s all I can see… :)

    • mepe

      Seriously good point. Just because two people have the same hair cut & color doesn’t make them automatically twins or even distant relatives. I think the person who pointed out that Miley has pretty eyes and now we can see them has nailed it and that’s pretty much where the comparison ends (oh, and the white dress).

  7. Kristan

    Miley looks great. Her hair is a bit more punk than Charlize, but that’s probably appropriate.

    “a woman whose little sister finds out she’s actually the DAUGHTER”

    That book already exists. JEWELS OF TESSA KENT by Judith Krantz.

  8. gin_in_teacups

    I have never liked Miley more. Well, I’ve never really liked Miley. But she looks great here.

  9. Gigi

    That’s hard because everyone looks good at the 3/4 angle. Charlize’s face is still more classically proportioned, but of course, they are both deserving of love, happiness and kindness… blah blah.

    yes, Miley and Ellen DeGeneres side by side because I think we may for once and for all prove that these little tiny noses everyone is either born with or ordering at the doctor’s just doesn’t look as good as strong, beautifully imperfect, original noses.

  10. Allyn

    Every time I see Miley I get all kinds of weirdly ragey, but I do think that she is possibly a case of Hollywood pretty, as in: if she didn’t have tons of money and access to stylist and the best products yada yada yada, I don’t think most people would look twice at her. She’s not alone in this, but I do wonder what she would look like if she had never been Hannah Montana.

  11. Tia Chocolate

    Not gonna lie, I am a HUGE Hannah Montana (ergo Miley Cyrus) fan. I am 31. No shame in that. :) Actually, my hubby and I used to curl up on the couch and watch HM on Disney on the weekends, and our favorite was the bone song/dance – still apply it to this day (okay, that sounds pathetic even to me…). As such, I have always believed she was a total cutie. The photo that shows her side by side with (my-absolute-would-so-totally-go-lesbo-on) Charlize just makes me squeal in delight. They are both so beautiful. There is a resemblance because of the hair, but they are both beautiful in their own ways. Miley’s EYES!! Charlize’s EVERYthing…oh my god ladies…*swoon* :)

  12. Caroline

    I could be positioning myself for an online stoning, but I actually think Miley looks better. She has a very beautiful face and I like her dress alot. Charlize just looked kind of boring.

  13. lindsay

    i kind of love miley’s dress, although i agree with the jewelry nit. she is so young and that dress is so neutral i think i’d have liked to see her jump on board the neon train with a necklace and some bangles.

  14. lola

    This reminds me of a Stella Mccartney dress— You can see where she was going with it, but the execution is flawed. (especially all her doubleknit stuff that never fits right)

    This one, same thing– the fabric has so little body that it needed to be either tighter/ tailored to her figure better – or looser and left to drape. It looks like a stretched tshirt.

    But the simple white neckline plays off her face great. She and Charlize are doppelgängers!

  15. Poppy

    I think the only resemblance is the hair and the dress…

  16. cannuckchick

    can’t believe Miley can look that good. That said, I’d love to see her borrow the accessories (bag and earrings) off the woman behind her in the 3rd photo – would have added just the right ‘pop’ of colour to this in both a classy and contemporary way! (Of course, my love of jade green might just be making me biased).

  17. Rayna

    Charlize was one of my best looks of the RC.

    Never cared much for Miley, but you are right – that punk pixie DOES let us see her face.

  18. Elle

    I like the dress because it is simple and chic and accentuates Miley’s youthful loveliness.

  19. ok

    This is the best she’s ever looked. I think the clean lines, and well-done tailoring that perfectly compliments her obviously amazing body, is marvelous. The back is sexy and beautiful without veering into tacky. Miley often does TOO MUCH. She should dress like this more often.

  20. Eli

    I disagree about Miley’s hair. It looks dated on her for some reason…like 1980s Lori Petty. I’m not at all opposed to short hair…I like it on Charlize, I love Anne Hathaway’s hair now, and Halle Berry looks best with short hair. I just do not love the look on Miley. Maybe it is the color or the styling but I do not dig.

  21. D

    I’m rather happy that Miley seems to be improving this year. Well, her off-carpet looks are about the same, but her on-carpet looks are getting so much more flattering. And I agree that the hair really suits her. I was oddly though super distracted by how tan her back i – maybe it’s just the lighting but it looks several shades darker than her face.

    • Helen

      It is. Check out her neck – the makeup artist went way too light on her face. Which I would like to wash. The kid’s been spackled!

      Also, I want her to STAND UP STRAIGHT.

  22. Claire1

    I love this.
    I think she looks fabulous.
    While I adore sparkle I don’t think she needs it here…she just sparkles.

  23. Kit

    I hated to admit it when I saw these pics (I have an incomprehensible dislike of Miley despite never having met her); but I think she looks amazing.


  24. Janey

    Yeah, that’s probably the best back of a dress I’ve seen in a while. I love it.

  25. Em

    Yeah… I’m not seeing it. Miley looks great–and her hair is fab–but I don’t see the resemblance.

  26. Laura

    Miley looks SO MUCH BETTER than usual, but she will never in her wildest dreams hold a candle to Charlize Theron. You can’t buy bone structure. Ask Tory Spelling.

  27. Alice

    I actually kind of adore Miley. I liked her break away from the disney corp and just wanting to (for lack of a better phrase) be Miley. I LOVE this haircut. She looked so banal and like every other starlet out there with the extensions. With this haircut her face stands out!

    I think the comparison to Charlize is fair. She basically looks like a human version of Charlize (who is clearly an alien from a planet MADE OF BEAUTIFUL). I love the dress on her, though I wish she threw on a longish necklace in a color or something of that nature to spice up the front. Absolutely adore the back though!

  28. Kate

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, cannot get behind the Charlize Miley comparisons.

    Yes, they are both currently ROCKING short blond hair cuts (and white dresses this day). Beyond that? Yeah, not for me.

    Also, I agree Miley’s hair sets off her face, but I have always seen that face even with her long hair. She has lovely eyes and a pretty smile (yes, enhanced by modern dentistry, but who’s isn’t these days).

    But still… Charlize is, in my opinion, a classic and timeless beauty, and consistently one of THE most lovely ladies out there, and I don’t really see the Miley comparison beyond the short hair and a white dress (to me it’s almost asking for negative comparison, and I’m really not trying to be mean because I’m quite fond of Miley and think she’s very very pretty).

    I’ve had people tell me I look like Angelina Jolie, which is great, but I don’t beyond a passing resemblance. Yes, I have big eyes, dark hair, and a similarly cute nose, but I’m no Angie = ) I’d be just a tad dismayed if someone posted pics of the two of us comparing our similar faces, despite the fact that I do have high self esteem – I just think Angelina Jolie is one of the other true stunners of our generation (she and Charlize are clearly high up on my list, eh?).

    But hey, you Fug Girls are about the kindest fashion bloggers of all time, so perhaps I’m just a jaded cranky pants who has no clue = )

  29. MegoPachego

    Miley looks great here. It took her awhile to wear in that haircut before I got past my bias that Miley looks like a chipmunk. I think between the haircut and the working out and the balanced out puberty business, she’s really come into her face, you know? Also, that is just a cool gown. Sort of slouchy in the front and the back is rockin’.

  30. dominika

    No. Don’t see it. It’s like what happened when they made Kirsten STuart play “snow white” who is supposed to be the young beauty.. AHEM, NOT!!! Charlize is in a class so far beyond it’s like comparing hubba bubba chewing gum to a rainbow… Miley is a cute girl next door. Charlize is goddess.. and I hate short hair.

  31. Nancy

    Miley looks good, there is no substitute for youth, let’s see how she holds up when she is Charlize’s age. To me, there is no comparison, Charlize is not of this world, the epitome of how a movie star should look. I watched SWATH just to stare at Charlize the whole time.

    By the way, I detest Miley’s persistent spider legs mascara habit; sure, it makes her eyes pop but after you look at her lashes for a while, they look creepy.

  32. Vandalfan

    Same brow, forehead, cheeks, chin, eye color. Different eye shape.

  33. pantsonfire

    I honestly don’t see much of resemblance. I’m not anti-Miley, so I don’t think bias is clouding my assessment. Most notably, they have different noses and overall bone structure. I see some similarity around the eyes, and there is something about the cheek/mouth area that is vaguely similar, but Miley’s is more extreme (but it’s getting minimized by the flattering 3/4 angle).

  34. witjunkie

    All I know is, tanned blondes can wear the hell out of a white dress.

  35. Kat

    I think Miley’s dress is good as is. If they brought the silver strap all the way around the dress would look too much like a Princess Leia cosplay.