Just taking a quick break from the Oscars to check in on what’s happening in BlueBell, and the news is not good. Basically, Wade has a FREAK OUT because Zoe buys him a neon sign for the bar he wants to open — the one he’s always yapping about, and which he told her last week he’s committed to opening (after they had a little spat over the fact that she thinks he’s unmotivated [which he is]) — and goes all EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP BELIEVING IN ME I WILL ONLY DISAPPOINT YOU and lost himself in a bottle of booze and completely completely self-sabotages himself, up to and including possibly cheating on Zoe with a Random Floozy. WADE. You are officially the WORST. If the writers here are trying to push us back over toward rooting for Zoe to get together with George, I am on that train.