Oscar Nominees Luncheon: Well Played, Jessica Chastain/Fug or Fab, Amy Adams


It’s a redheaded bundle! I also put them together because when I saw these photos as thumbnails, I thought Amy Adams WAS Chastain. Poor Amy. She is adorable and people are always thinking she’s someone else.

What do you think of their efforts? Hold court in the comments!

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  1. Sara

    I’d like Amy Adams’ dress more if it was knee-length, I think.

    I’m not a fan of the sheer sleeves on Chastain’s dress. It all looks a little kimono to me.

    • Cucina49

      I scrolled down just to say the same thing about the sleeves. She looks lovely, but I wish the sleeves were the same fabric as the dress.

  2. qwertygirl

    Amy’s dress is too close to Gunne Sax by Laura Ashley, back or no back.

  3. Sandra

    That is definitely an 80′s technicolor yawn that Amy is wearing there. I was in college in those years so I am quite well-acquainted with that phenomenon. Jessica needs different sleeves. I like the length but not the sheerness.

  4. Orange Clouds

    Jessica’s dress is cute but there are two things that bother me about her outfit:

    Firstly, as a fellow redhead I would never wear pink lipstick, it just doesn’t go with our natural colouring and it doesn’t work for Jessica either.

    Secondly, the pale skin of a redhead and nude shoes just look silly together. Nude shoes in general should be burnt on a big bonfire.

  5. Gigi

    Amy and Jessica themselves look great, but neither dress is a sell. I might actually like Amy’s back cutouts along with the idea of the dress and the high liklihood that it is probably super comfortable to be in, which seems to be at odds with being a starlet so props to her. (Is it me, or when did luncheon correspond with back cutouts?)

    Jessica’s has a better fit, but the cheap colored lace and the too bright or too oddly colored embroidery doesn’t work. I never liked bright pastels with black. Reminds me of some needlepoint framed faux-Revolutionary period samplers that my granny had and my mother has no idea what to do with now. That may be more projection than poor Jess needs as she’s attending a fun luncheon where she’s being celebrated (a photo of her with La Quvenzhane would be a delight to see).

    • TonyG

      Excellent point about the too-bright embroidery. I don’t mind the purple; it’s the pink against the black background.

  6. Annie E

    I looooooooooove Amy’s dress.

  7. ErinE

    I like Amy’s dress! There’s some sort of fabric thing/pocket on the side I don’t love, but overall I think it’s pretty cute and like you would feel pretty in it.

  8. Tamburlaine

    I like Amy’s dress except the pattern – it’s just a little busy to see the details of the dress, which is lovely. Not sure about her side-curtains of hair, though.

    Jessica also looks lovely – I like her dress a lot. I think it’s because she has her hair down that she looks a little more relaxed: that harsh pulled-up up-do she seems to favour for formal events is not a good look on her.

    • pidget

      I agree that Chastain (and her glorious colouring) are triumphing over a mediocre dress. The fit is better on her than in many evening things (no waist torture, and she appears to be able to breathe) but the cold pink is fighting her. I also see the upholstery/firescreen embroidery effect, and dislike the sleeves.

      Amy is being digested by that pile of poof. Too much stuff, and she’s hiding behind her hair.

      But they’re both SO pretty! Why overgild the lilies, stylists?

    • Jenna

      I agree that Chastain’s hair being down is a huge improvement over her usual look. It’s amazing hair–she should show it off, plus it makes her look less bald and washed out. That said, I like the dress, but don’t really love it on her. We have similar coloring, and black (makes you look consumptive) and dark pink (clashes with hair) aren’t the best. I would love it if it were maybe navy, brown, or emerald in the background, with flowers in some other color (orange? yellow? garnet?).

      Adams’s dress would be okay minus the sleeves, I think.

  9. Helen

    Another here who doesn’t like Chastain’s sleeves, but as a whole I think it works anyway. I just wish the sleeves were the same fabric as the body of the dress, which is beautiful.

    Adams needed to toss all of this and start over, in my opinion.

  10. Mel

    Aside from the horror of the nude hoof weighing down her beautifully slim feet and ankles, Amy’s dress has pork chop pockets. ugh.

  11. themis

    Even with stillettos and an open back, Amy Adams looks like a sister wife. Not good.

  12. CJG

    I adore the Erdem dress on Jessica Chastain. The embroidery up close is spectacular and she looks terrific here — it’s a flattering dress that fits well and though it is beautiful, she is wearing it (not the other way around). I can see how some might want to chop off the sleeves, but I like it as is. And, I unabashedly like the nude pumps here and nude pumps in general; Marlene Dietrich liked nude pumps too, so I’m in pretty good company.

    Amy Adams looks beautiful as always and I love this color on her, but there is a lot going on here. The sleeves seem too long, the hem seems too long, and there is odd additional fabric on top of what is already a busy pattern (are those pockets?) A more simple dress in this same fabric, maybe with a shorter hem and cap sleeves, would have been more flattering.

    • anny

      Agreed about Amy’s: it’s just a teense overworked. Lop off a few inches of skirt (below knee is OK), and edit some of the looping and piecing and pocketage, and it would be fine.

      Also, that is some weird hair, and I think we all agree those shoes are wrongwrongwrong.

  13. Kat

    Dear Amy,

    As a fellow lady with skinny ankles, let me offer you some advice. Do not wear platform heels. You will (read: do) look like a Clydesdale.


  14. CJG

    Didn’t scroll down to see Amy’s feet, so I must clarify my earlier declaration of love for nude pumps. It does not include hoof shoes.

  15. Lisa

    Amy is so pretty, that dress is not. Jessica looks great, but I am luke warm on the dress.

  16. Kiki

    Not liking the sleeves on Jessica’s dress. Sheer sleeves with anything like that on them just makes the person look diseased. The dress print/emboidery is not attractive either. So tired of designers trying to sell us on the giant flower print fad. Seriously, it just looks like Granny’s curtains (and in Jessica’s case doilies as sleeves) were slapped together. Jessica does look pretty however, and the cut of the dress is nice on her.

    I like the color of Amy’s dress, not sure about the print, that’s a head scratcher. I don’t like the length though, it reads frumpy, either go above the knee or full length.

  17. Art Eclectic

    I love the fabric of both dresses, particularly Amy’s. What I do wish is that the bodice of Amy’s gave her more detail and shape. Maybe it’s just the photo angle, but bodice design seems to be sending her waist and girls into invisible land. The back just doesn’t make up for the lack of shape on the front. I’m thinking a scoop neck would have helped.

  18. Stefanie

    I love them both! Provided both ladies change their shoes.

  19. Jennifer

    No! No! No!

    No more nude shoes.

    (Choking and drowning sound here)

  20. h² fashion

    I loveee Jessica’s dress, but I just don’t know what to think about Amy. It sort of hurts my eyes, yet I’m still a fan of floral. Maybe if it was more fitted or a mini I would like it much better.


  21. Sarah

    I love both looks. It helps that both women are gorgeous!

  22. Lisa

    I don’t really like either one. Especially the hoof shoes. Maybe it’s just because I’m super tall to begin with but I think those are ridiculous.

  23. witjunkie

    Amy’s dress could grow on me but she needed stronger hair for it. I get wanting it up, but something a little bigger/looser would balance all that going on shoulder down. She’s drowning in that thing.

  24. ringthing

    I would like Amy’s dress were it shorter, with a shorter (or nonexistent) sleeve. Both of them should burn their shoes and start over.

  25. Kristen

    Shorten Amy’s dress, rip off the sleeves (A la 1987′s Can’t Buy Me Love) and pockets and it’s totally adorable.

  26. Eli

    Amy looks like she’s going to the little Oscars on the prairie. No.

  27. jerkygirl

    I finally saw Jessica Chastain in an actual movie this weekend (I only ever knew her from GFY!!! I need to watch more movies) and now I get why people like her so much. Good actress. The dresses: love Jessica’s unreservedly, love the pattern of Amy’s but the cut is kinda nuts, and I WILL ALWAYS HATE NUDOOVES so please let that trend go the way of the banana clip, please!!! And why do they insist on being called “nude?” They’re not the color of anyone!!! They’re barf beige, if anything.

  28. Evalyn

    Jessica’s look is great, including the nude shoes (somehow they work with the dress).

    Amy’s dress would be better in a solid color so one could see the design details. The part that really threw me was the pockets. I LOVE me some pockets, but not on a chiffon dress. They seem to be lined, which makes them look like a patch. If they were not lined they would be the pocked equivalent of plastic shoes. Let’s not go there.

  29. Susan

    Both of these two women are so gorgeous!!!!! I just hope the he__ they don’t start tweaking their faces. They are just to beautiful naturally to mess with their faces and then start looking like freaks like the other “STARS” end up doing. Please stay beautiful Jessica and Amy….

  30. Ghanimatrix

    Hey Amy Adams, Laura Ashley called. She wants her shower curtain back.

  31. Cat

    Chastain looks great, though I’m not sure I love the dress.

    The skirt on Amy’s is too long and too flouncy, which is pulling it into awful 80′s territory, which even the awesome cut-out back can’t save.

  32. fritanga

    So weird. It’s as if Chastain has made this bizarre passive-aggressive pact with herself: “I will look utterly GREAT everywhere else BUT the red carpet!” This dress is gorgeous, well-proportioned, has a beautiful floral pattern and flattering colors, and the lace sleeves make it look a little more on point and less mimsy than it would have without them. Oh well. I’ll brace myself for the horror she’ll wear to the Oscars.

    Adams, however, is wearing everyone’s nightmare mother of the bride dress. Ugh.

  33. Miriam

    Love Jessica’s dress. The sleeves make it and are done perfectly for sheer; without them it would be easily forgettable.

  34. Hayley

    A pox on nude shoes! They can bring down any outfit, like Chastain’s here. They are the Hollywood equivalent of beige skates with tights pulled down over them. They don’t do what you think they’re doing (making you look taller) and just look fug.

  35. Susan

    I think Jessica gets the win here. Amy is very pretty but i don’t like her dress as well.

  36. Edith

    Hate the sleeves on Jessica’s dress, and I really prefer it when she goes sleek, rather than twee (without the sleeves or the too pink embroidery, I’d have loved her look). I kind of adore the 80sness of Amy’s, but the skirt is too full. That print on a dress with a slimmer silhouette would be awesome.

    ALSO – I just saw that Amy is playing Lois Lane in the new Superman movie. Never saw the last remake, but the idea of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane really bugged me. For all her personal problems, Margot Kidder was AWESOME as the Lois Lane of my childhood, and Bosworth just – I can’t even picture it. Oddly, though, I can totally see Amy Adams in the role. It’s tougher-edged than I usually think of for her (because I think of her in Enchanted and Muppets) but I really think she could do something interesting with the role….

  37. mary lou bethune

    Naomi’s dress wins… it even looks comfortable and she looks relaxed and happy to be here. The redheads, even by future of the fact that they are ahead of the game just by being redheads, are not at their best.

  38. Verlaine

    I think Amy Adams’ dress probably works in real life/in motion, and it’s mostly her arms pinned to her sides in the first photo that makes it look like it’s wearing her. The second photo with the back showing is adorbs.

  39. lola

    I like Chastain’s belt.
    The end.

  40. Esme

    Amy’s dress is horrific! And her hair–what, did she just roll out of bed? Yuck. Chastain’s dress is OK, but not really anything to rave about.

  41. Mo

    I like JEssicas, although I think it would have benefited from a half and inch shorter hem.

    Saw her on Ellen…really, her stylist needs to go. She can do SO MUCH BETTER most of the time.

  42. Vandalfan

    Both gowns would be improved if they were sleeveless.

  43. Lily1214

    Once again, both too dressy for luncheon.

  44. SqueakyWheel

    Love every single thing about Chastain – dress, hair, shoes, all of it. I COULD love Amy Adams if you chopped a few inches off the dress – to the top of the knee, and got rid of those AWFUL shoes. Why is everyone wearing those bandage-colored, clunky monstrosities?

  45. hillary l.

    Have reflected more on Amy Adams’ dress. It’s not exactly the dress’s fault (other than being too long), but it’s wrong for her. With her coloring, it’s too much dress.

    Imagine it on a brunette, Eva Mendes or Idina Menzel or Lily Collins, and it would be striking and pretty (especially if you lop 6 inches off the bottom). On a redhead, it’s just a lot of muchness.

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