NYFug.com: On Zooey Deschanel

This week for Vulture, we dug up some fashion skeletons from Zooey Deschanel’s closet, while taking a look at whether she’s always been just that adorkable (sorry, I ¬†know, it’s an annoying word, but it’s also kind of accurate and apt) or whether the New Girl phenomenon has inflated it. And what did we discover?

Somewhere in Hollywood, Zooey has felt a great disturbance in the Force. “They’ve found it,” she just murmured into a bird-printed handmade mug of organic, locally sourced tea.

About what outfit did we write that? Just you WAIT. You’ll definitely want to visit the whole slideshow because there are some doozies.

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  1. yeahandalso

    I just keep wondering how long she is going to insist on that hairstyle (which, by the way has to be a wig…look at her in Elf, The Good Girl, Abandon,…there is no way her current hair is real). She’s had that same stupid thick banged, long wavy wig for like 5 years

    • JUL3IE

      I also wish she would trim her bangs just a bit. They completely overwhelm her pretty eyes.

  2. Karen

    I like her bangs. SO few people can carry them off, but I feel like she does.

    She’s really evolved interestingly, according to that slideshow. I have to say, when she gets it right, she really does nail it.

  3. Drie

    Gotta say, she’s my girl crush. I enjoy her in movies, and love her show. I’m very glad, though, that they’ve filled the cast with very talented actors so they all seem to balance each other out and it isn’t always just about Jess and an awful situation.

  4. China

    Are we sure the person in slide 19 is Zooey? It’s definitely her style, but it doesn’t seem to be her FACE.

  5. Jen

    I disagree slightly with slide #2, in that I don’t think you give her enough adorkability credit for the twee retro-ish bowling ball-type handbag — wasn’t that WAY before most other people tried something in the vintage lunchbox-type purse?

  6. emster

    I had no idea she was so blonde for a while there.

  7. The Fugger

    You forgot to mention that she got the mug on Etsy. As well as the tea. And that the tea, in addition to being yummy, is also creamy.

    If she wasn’t in Hollywood, I’d also suppose she had a cupcake to go with it.

    (I have clearly got to stop reading Regretsy as often as I do.)

  8. vandalfan

    Very nice handbags she’s got. But she could improve her posture.

  9. Jane

    I remember a lot of unseasonal tights wearing in Zooey’s past.

  10. rb

    oy. i do loathe her, her miranda july rhinoplasty, her new iPhone commercial. oy.

  11. Esmerelda

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the long plaid dress in the last slide!! Any idea who made it?

  12. Neil

    She really should stick with the black hair, which she looks great with – the blonde just looked ageing on her. It looks like she used to be really bad at choosing which shoes to pair with an outfit too.

    Her choice of dresses has really improved on the whole over the years too. Love the patterned 2005 Oscars dress, and that green and black 60s-style dress she wore to the Golden Globes in particular. So much better than the flapper ghost look.

  13. Loramir

    This proved that somehow it’s the eyeliner that makes me hate her. She started wearing it constantly in the last few years during which she adopted her uber-twee oh-so-quirky hipster manic pixie dream girl persona that just makes me want to punch her. I like some of her clothes, it’s just the trying-SO-hard persona and the big wide MPDG eyes that grate.