NY Fug.com: Tracking the Fashion Evolution of Michelle Williams

From Jen Lindley to Oscar nominee, we take a look back. Includes, of course:

“Unfortunately, it appears to have made her so uncomfortable that an itching spree left it tucked into the waistband of her undies. This is why celebrities need girlfriends who aren’t also on their payroll. “

Oh, and also the yellow Oscar dress. Read the rest at Vulture!

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Comments (5):

  1. Gigi

    So, she’s always had bad posture. Hm.

    What I kept thinking during this whole slide show is that you forget she has boobs. With that pixie cut, she could get away with showing them more, instead of perpetrating the asexual Peter Pan look. I mean, she had a fling with Spike Lee & played Marilyn – let your light shine, kid!

    She never looked better than in the 2006 period, because she looked put together, maturely happy and like she owned it. Yes 4 Evah = The Yellow Oscar Dress.

    • Sandra

      That was Spike Jonze. In so many, many ways not the same guy at all. :D Anyhow, she had a hell of a rough time there with the break-up and then the death of Heath Ledger. She was so young and she had to go through all that with the world watching. She did well to get through with nothing worse than some really bad dresses to her name. She does, however, look killer when she adds some color to the mix, with her hair and/or her dress. I hope she’s at a place in her life where she wants to do that.

  2. Adriana

    I swear I wore the same black pants, midriff bearing one shoulder top on 2000. If only our wardrobes had followed the same continuum…

  3. Carl

    I’d forgotten the yellow dress. It’s a very distinctive look. I was distracted by her clown red lipstick, I think it slightly took attention away from her dress. Still, one of her best looks. I think I like the black Western dress, with umbrella, the past.

    In recent years she has reminded me of Jean Seberg…hopefully with a happier ending.