NY Fug.com: Iconic Style Moments for Five Years of Gossip Girl

In honor of the end of Gossip Girl, Heather and I picked some of the show’s most iconic looks. I think you guys will like this one. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget Chuck Bass’s insane athletic onesie. Come and reunite with Blair’s headbands! Jenny’s extensions! Serena’s legs! Dan’s bad hair! AND MORE:

“Here, at the inauguration of this tradition, Jenny looks refreshingly (and nostalgically) normal, but it’s comforting to know that Blair’s flair for Breakfast at Tiffany’s–accented drama is innate, as is Serena’s tendency to show up places looking like a bird.”

Go back in time with us on The Cut.

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  1. Jen

    so… is it just me? I see the photos, but the smart, snippy commentary is hidden by an ad/photo on each page of the slideshow… how do I get to read the comments?

    • Jen

      ok, fixed it by viewing in Safari instead of Chrome… still, that was weird.

      • Leelee

        Yeah the ads in front of the wonderfully snarky text are always the reason I can’t read anything on The Cut.
        Try Safari instead of Chrome you say? I’ll give a go, cheers!

    • Jessica

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you — that’s a technical problem on their end and not something I have any information about. I assume you tried closing the ad/refreshing the page?

      Perhaps leave a comment there, where someone who works there and may have a fix for this can see it. Thanks!

  2. Allyn

    Oh how I loved this! Though it did technically give away quite a bit since I’m not completely current on the series. I had at first thought that I’d be a Serena fan, but I love love love Blair. Her style, her Machiavellian scheming, and the fact that Serena is pretty much a pouty skank just really pushed me firmly into the Team Blair side. Plus, she and Chuck are made for each other. Not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult, but it’s the truth.

  3. Andrew S.

    Oh Jenny – I miss when they were styling her as Jenny Humphrey instead of letting Taylor take over both the character & her look under the ruse of ‘oh, she’s just SO CREATIVE! Why stifle her?!’ when it seems like she became too big for her britches and they LET HER. GAG ME

    that said, I’m sad you didn’t mention her peppy & preppy short haired run for queen b in season 2 when she was hanging with the ‘bad girls’ and never looked better.

    In any case, I will slog through the last 10 episodes despite the return of the very abusive ‘Chair’ if only because – why quit now? I can suffer one last season.

  4. TC

    ‘Quoth the raven, “Holy shit, dude.”‘
    Tremendously well done.

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