Bella Heathcote here is an Australian actress who was on Neighbours — which I believe is constitutionally mandated for all Australian performers — and also appeared in Dark Shadows, or, as I like to call it, The Johnny Depp Movie Where Everyone Realized We Weren’t In the Mood to Pay $12 to See Johnny Depp and Tim Burton Screwing Around Again. She’s in David Chase movie at the moment, along with Jack “I’m the Sad and Good-Looking Yet REALLY TROUBLED and Also Half-Faceless Dude on Boardwalk Empire” Huston and a bunch of other people, about a rock band from Jersey in the 60s. All I know from the trailer is that her hair looks cute in it and David Chase will never make a project without Tony Soprano popping up. But let’s look at what she wrote to a screening for said movie this weekend, and catch up on some of her past looks, shall we?