Normally Played, Lady Gaga?



I know the glasses are kind of From The Accessories Closet of Elton John — perhaps literally — and the fact that Lady Gaga is wearing sunglasses at night is, of course, ridiculous (albeit not unexpected), but the rest of this is, kind of, considering the the source….normal, right? Like, I feel as though it is not out of the realm of possibility that we could see this on, say, Eva Mendes, in a particularly floaty mood. Or Nicole Kidman, if she were feeling overly jumpsuit-y. The question is, could this possibly be just the first step toward Lady Gaga Normalizing Her Look? Two weeks from now, will she pop out somewhere wearing shorts from Old Navy and a tank top while she pops over to Pinkberry? Have cats started lying down with dogs? IS THIS THE END OF THE WORLD?!

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  1. GRITS

    She still needs a man-prop to keep her up on whatever contraptions she’s wearing for shoes, so I think the apocalypse is not so much impending as just… hinted at.

  2. Lindy

    I’m sure she’s wearing some sort of ridiculous 10-inch heel-less shoe under there, so not so very normal after all.

    She’s so boring.

  3. Fawn

    I prefer to think of this, not as the impending apocolypse, but more as a new beginning. (I just hope it’s more than wishful thinking.)

  4. laura

    I bet if she turned around we would see that it is totally sheer behind! ;)

  5. vandalfan

    Those legs could provide enough material for two pairs of pants each, and she’s being held upright by a Kewpie Doll, but no veils! No latex! A vague Lauren Bacall- Veronica Lake aura. (And now I’ll go to hell for mentioning them in the same paragraph as Her Ga-ness.)

    Oh, wait a sec. Her hair is blonde on one side and brunette on the other. There’s our gal!

  6. Dazie

    laura- I was going to say made out of Juicyfruit wrappers and troll dolls, but yours is probably just as accurate!

  7. Claire

    Someone said on the radio this morn something to the effect of “How will she top the meat dress?,” and I thought to myself, “By showing up in a normal outfit? NO ONE is expecting that.”

  8. Bella

    The dress is really just an apron – there is no back. And she is wearing stilts, which would explain why she is so much taller than her propper-upper guy.

  9. Willow

    I much prefer it when she dresses like this, mildly normal yet still whimsical and no possibility of flashing your crotch, she also looked really nice arriving in Australia last week:

    or at least I liked it

  10. Cecily

    Nope, it’s just her *working* it again. “They’ll say, ‘look how normal she looks.’” This woman is always calculating the response. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Reddeyze

    Agreed with Cecily. She bores me.

  12. Stefanie

    Huh, my cat loves lying with my dogs…as in they are his favorite kitty bed. THE WORLD IS ENDING!

  13. AmyK

    This is her future, except replace “Marilyn Manson” with “Lady Gaga” —,459/

  14. Fuh Ugh

    Don’t forget the hair, courtesy of Cruella DeVil.

  15. maryse

    she looks a little thick about the hips — i’m guessing she’s got one of the 7 dwarves hiding in there.

  16. Emilee

    She still looks bat-shit crazy to me.

  17. Kate

    I don’t care why she’s doing this, but I would love to see her stop showing up in costume everywhere.

    She makes me tired and cranky for some reason…

  18. Anita

    Why can’t people with pots of money afford to have their trousers hemmed properly. There’s a nice lady in my suburb who does it for $15.

  19. Susan

    For me, she now is Lady Gag a

  20. Holly

    She looks like my old Tiffany Taylor doll with that hair (totally dating myself…).
    And I am *creeped out* by how high up her body her knees seem to be. gah.

  21. Mara

    she looks kind of fab.

  22. Lina

    The only good thing about this is it isn’t a jumpsuit.

  23. Geemee

    This may be the first time I’ve ever said this: I like her outfit.

  24. Rayna

    OK, we can’t see how tall her shoes are ::eye roll:: , she has the bi colored hair going on, and the back may be either totally sheer or made of gum wrappers and troll dolls, but what we CAN see is at least normal adjacent, so I’m giving her credit for that.

    No, really, Stef, you are such a pretty girl, if you’d just stop distracting us with the smurf coats, facial veils, stick on pearls and other such shizzle.

  25. AmandaD

    Considering that she’s what, 5’1″ usually, and her waist is practically as high as that propper’s armpit next to her; I can’t imagine how much she must be swimming in those pants before she puts the stilts on.

  26. jenny

    I must say, she was just pretty endearing on So You Think You Can Dance. (Yes, I watch that and am not a tween — what of it?) And she seemed perhaps to have a sense of humor about her silly shoes, joking about her height and throwing them around and whatnot. So, this plus her semi-normal outfit here = my annoyance has abated.

  27. Em

    So, I have to say that they new banner ads across the bottom of the page are SUPER annoying. Can we be done with them?

  28. Rowynn

    I also watched her on So You Think You Can Dance, and was pleasantly surprised that she made intelligent comments, and didn’t look TOTALLY insane. Yes, her hair was green, but once she took off the ridiculous, over-sized red leather cap, the clothes she was wearing were no more crazy than a lot of celebrity judges wear on such shows. She called attention to her…. um, footwear..( I refuse to call them shoes, because they bear no relation to shoes in the real world..) but anyway, she mentioned the fact that she’s short, and then displayed her foot-tall boots. I so wanted to be there so I could ask her, if she’s all about loving who you are, why doesn’t she embrace the fact that she’s 5’1″, and love herself for it? As a short person myself, I think short is just fine, and I never wanted to be taller. Prettier, yes; thinner, yes; but not taller. I think she has more than one issue with self-image – I’ve thought so since I first saw one of her videos. She comes up with a zillion ways to hide her face, and I don’t think she does that just for the sake of art, any more than those absurd shoes are just a fashion statement. I think she’s deeply insecure, and for that reason, I feel for her. No amount of money or success can fix that.

  29. Kayla

    Is it weird that .. I … kind of love this? It’s just enough of the Gaga cray-cray without making me roll my eyes (like the egg. Ugh.) — I mean, not really normal, but normal for Gaga? Whatever. I’ll go look up therapists in my area.

  30. jnadreau

    No-one has mentioned that she looks pregnant. What’s with the fold of fabric at her crotch area? Is she hiding a pregnancy AND a polterwang?

  31. Sajorina

    Take away the ridiculous sunglasses, the stupid two colored wig, the hooves I’m sure she’s wearing under those pants; put her in Palms Springs and she’s Carol Channing! Boring!!!

  32. Venefica Delirium

    I really don’t have anything positive to say about this moron.

    In fact, in this photo she is masking the only good thing about her: Looks. She looks short bus special with those glasses on and the invisible eyebrows. The suit…whatever. If she isn’t parading around in a six inch strip of cloth with her bits hanging out, she’s draped in some shroudlike ensemble. Don’t worry, we’ll all get a clear shot of her taint next month to make up for it.

    Also…why do her “crazy” haircolors always look so drab and muted? If I didn’t have to worry about looking professional, I’d dye my hair all different kinds of shocking colors. Hers always look so dull. The blonde looks great, but the part that is supposed to be dyed black, looks mousy grey. You’re rich, FFS. You have access to hairstylists who know how to dye hair properly. Half of her head reminds me of the first time I dyed my own hair a few years ago from blonde to black. The difference is that I don’t have millions of dollars and am not surrounded by people who do my hair and makeup for me.

    Maybe instead of calculating publicity stunts, she should refocus her energy on dying her hair right.

  33. ak

    I’ve never had any real feelings about her, but she was a fantastic guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance. She was thoughtful, constructive, well-spoken and intelligent, and she actually knows a lot about dance. She LOOKED insane, but I was very impressed by her.

  34. CJ

    I actually l love it the outfit, but then I’m a sucker for pants like that. I only wish she had it hemmed properly and was wearing footwear that allowed her to stand on her own two feet without assistance. She’s famous and I’m sure she might still want a bodyguard by her side, but their is something so hypocritical about her proclaiming pride in being “Born this Way” and then covering up or trying to alter her natural self. You’re short, Gaga? Own it and stop with the ridiculous footwear. Not only do those platforms look ridiculous, not only is it ridiculous for a grown able woman to have to have someone to prop her up, but if you are constantly in shoes like that, your body will pay for it. As someone who has gone through painful foot surgery due to inherited bunions and exacerbating them with a (short) dancing career, if you torture your feet, trust me: they will reciprocate. Improper footwear leads to foot problems, knee problems, hip problems, back problems….you name it.

    I’ll forgive her the Cruella hair — I actually like her in long hair, and well, we can’t expect her to be completely normal. I’m not sure what is going on around the neckline — I’m guessing it’s designed to be buttoned up to the neck, but she opened it, but my goodness a bit of oddity in the neckline in nothing compared to flank steak wrapped around your body.