I kind of love this picture:

Mila is all, “whee! Moscow! I speak your language,” and JT looks like he’s just thinking about how he’s going to make Mila help him pick up some hottie Muscovites. He’s like, “I like that reporter. And also that one. And also that one. Maybe I should burst into song to help draw attention AWAY from Mila, and on to ME.”

Fat chance while she’s wearing those shoes, dude.

In terms of Lady Outfits, Mila appears to have packed a lot of white. (And JT has packed a lot of vests.) LOOK:

Which do you prefer? I think they’re both quite pretty — this one might be a bit White Swan for me, but it is undeniably lovely, and given that the first dress is more casual, I don’t even know that you can truly compare the two.

But I'm going to make you do it anyway.

  • I like the first one better. (63%, 7,846 Votes)
  • I like the second! (36%, 4,510 Votes)
  • I hate them both. (1%, 168 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,524

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