Well Played: Luxembourg’s Royal Wedding


Because we love a royal wedding! The new Princess Stephanie was born a Belgian countess — Wikipedia somewhat snootily notes that she is one of only three current consorts of Heirs to European Thrones who is herself also of royal birth, ahem KATE MIDDLETON – while groom Prince Guillaume is essentially the Prince William of Luxembourg. (Actually, he REALLY is, given that the French equivalent of “William” IS “Guillaume.” ) The bride is 28, has a master’s degree, and has been dating the Prince since 2009; apparently, Luxembourg just LOVES them. Mazel tov, Luxembourgers! You put on a lovely wedding.

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  1. CadiM

    I adore her hair, especially from the back. When I nab Prince Harry for myself (sorry) I will insist on having little blue and orange pagechildren.

  2. Donna

    Wow! Slide 9 is just stunning. She looks lovely in every way. Mazel Tov kids. Fun post first thing on a Monday, thanks!

  3. TonyG

    This post was a tonic for my Monday morning. Soooo, funny, especially about the dress performing the ceremony and the train pun!

  4. Annie S.

    The backs of those bridesmaids’ dresses are HIDEOUS. Somewhere, Orange Michael Kors is shrieking, “You managed to make her ass look HUGE and FLAT at the SAME TIME.”

  5. Orange Clouds

    I once drove through Luxembourg, blinked and almost missed it.

    Seriously, most Europeans’ knowledge about Luxembourg goes about as far as being able to find it on a map so kudos to you for dedicating a whole post to this tiny country. :)

  6. Laura

    Lovely but…she couldn’t get her roots done for her royal wedding?

    • Kris M

      YES. This was my EXACT thought. The dress is completely fabulous, right up there with the Duchess’, and I do like style of the hairdo. But it looks like she had her highlights done in January and forgot about it since.

  7. Trace

    Will you be fugging the wedding guests too?

  8. hfree

    Lovely. But the copy from your photo service is a little confusing. Last hereditary prince? Surely they mean last crown prince or heir to the throne? Cuz Harry is still out there are he’s a prince by birth. I can think of a few Scandinavians running around without a spouse.

    Anyway, back the goods. That dress is really stunning. Total fairytale without over doing it.

    • annie

      By hereditary prince they mean next in line to the throne. Harry is second in line.

  9. Tia Chocolate

    I just got back from a lovely week off to horrible news and things to report on…so this post has lifted the clouds of early depression off my shoulders and put a face-splitting grin on my face. I love you fug girls, so much so, I’ll forgive you for taking Prince Harry. Perhaps we could have a set-up, much like a kissing booth, where we can all line up and for a princely (ha) sum, marry and annul just for the heck of it?!
    okay then…sheesh…it was just a thought… :)

  10. Anna

    She looks beautiful, I love the dress!

    Just as a side note, although I do not at all hate the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses, I can see why some would – but the national colours of Luxembourg are, I read, orange and blue i.e. the bridesmaids’ dresses and the kids. Oh Luxembourgers, so symbolic.

  11. amys

    I liked all the orange touches, especially now that I know they were also symbolic. Very nice. Good luck with Harry, everyone!

  12. sop

    A hot bearded prince and a pretty, friendly-looking bride with a masters degree! This has made my Monday!

  13. Carolina Girl

    Those bridesmaid’s dresses remind me of what I wore in Melissa Jeffcoat’s wedding (16 women in cheap peach-colored satin dresses. Ugh!) and prove to me that no matter how much is spent on them, they’re all hideous. And I’m willing to bet that when Stephanie showed them what they would be wearing, she told thim that they’d be able to have them altered and wear them again.
    I wonder if they had dyed-to-match shoes as well.

  14. Stefanie

    I do love a Royal Wedding! She looks so pretty, the gown is beautiful and he is a total bearded hottie. I really the love the shot of the veil and train, I enjoy the drama of it. The bouquet is great too, Kate should have gotten a hold of her florist!

    And I hate to say it but Harry wont be able to legally marry any of you because he will be married to me! *insert evil laugh here*

  15. TaraMisu

    Ohhhhhhhhh a lovely wedding post on a crappy Monday, thank you!

    I love the dress, don’t mind her hair and now that I know about the official colors, I don’t hate the bridesmaids dresses.

  16. glee

    Wait, is that entire train attached to her head??? Seriously, y’all, it’s not an idle question!

    • ne

      Hey glee, the train started at her waist and there was speculation that it was maybe detachable…don’t know about that though. Though the way she was walking, the whole thing was quite heavy.

    • Jjg

      The train is a part of the dress, ie the tail end of the skirt; the veil is attached to the hair and is made of lace or something similar. And it wouldn’t be all that heavy especially if it is resting on the train.

  17. lindsay

    i love how even in your Prince Harry fantasy, it doesn’t work out!

    • Prolixity Julien

      It was worth it though, just for the phrase “scandalous pun”.

  18. Corriner

    I love nothing more than a Royal Wedding, and likewise, the GFY coverage of said wedding.

    I really love her dress. I have to say I *slightly* prefer Kate’s, only for the modern-meets-traditional aspects of it, but damn, that is one beautiful train.

    Way to go Luxembourgians!

  19. filmcricket

    Thank you for the shot of the tiara – I was hoping someone would have it. That is a seriously gorgeous bit of shiny, isn’t it?

    Stunning dress, and the attendants are too cute for words. Royal colours notwithstanding, those bridesmaid dresses are hiddy. I’d have demanded that I get the blue and stick the kids in the peach.

  20. Sandra

    Hey Princess Charlene,

    When you swim to America, be sure to bring Hot Security Guy with you. You can do that lifeguard rescue-tow, right?

  21. deirdre

    It was a bit of a drag for some of us here in Luxembourg. Some people liked the fireworks and all but I was just annoyed about the traffic problems.

    He is an absolute dish, though, and has worked really hard for the country for years. Never met him – although I did meet his Dad the current Grand Duke who is also pretty hot. I do hope this is an actual happy marriage – and the European royals seem to be managing that these days.

  22. Cat

    Hooray Royal Wedding! The dress is freaking incredible– no one kill me, but I actually think I like this more than Kate’s. And I loved Kate’s dress. But this just seem so much more… appropriate/princessy for a Royal Wedding. It’s got a big train and a big veil and a well proportioned bouquet. (Basically, all the things that I think were missing from Kate and Wills’ wedding.)

    I don’t mind her hair-do, but I do sort of mind that her hair is two colors. Also, how tired was her neck from supporting that veil? Yikes!

    I hope you girls fug the wedding guests too… sadly, there was a lot of fug happening.

    • marie

      thank God i’m not the only one who thinks that Kate’s dress wasnt really all that.and her bouquet is really gorgeous!

  23. Michelle

    The wedding dress is lovely, and there’s nothing like a blissful couple on their wedding day, but HOLY CRAP THAT’S A GORGEOUS TIARA!

    One for me too, please!

  24. jerkygirl

    What a lovely post for a crabby Monday morning. Royal weddings always make me smile, and that dress with that tiara and lacy veil is just gorgeous. I had no idea who these people were until 5 minutes ago, and I will probably never hear of them again, but good wishes to them all the same. :D

  25. Bluebonnets on it

    Dibs on “The Fripperies” for my emo-alt rock lesbian coffeehouse band. I’ll thank you in the liner notes, Jessica.

  26. Erika

    Aww, weddings. Although I’m upset that I didn’t know that he exists before. So cute! I love a man who can pull off a beard and not look like a Brooklyn hipster.
    Also, those kids are the best. The boys are like little Mozarts. And the little girl on the far left in the official photo is beyond cute. Le sigh…

  27. Eli

    I like the bouquet a lot. That was the only part of the Wills/Kate wedding that I thought was a total fail…her meager and lame bouquet.

  28. Vandalfan

    Those little pages and bridesmaids positively make your ovaries ache. The gown, the bouquet, and even the civil ceremony duds were perfection. I’m on the fence about her hair, though.

    My sister had me (her only attendant) in peach, and I thought it looked quite nice, for 1978. Alas, we couldn’t locate our family ancient and hereditary tiara.

  29. Aspasia

    The dress was beautiful! The pages were heartachingly adorable. And I too, desperately, want to see a caper involving Charlene’s flight from Monaco via many exotic locales to America.

  30. Andrea

    As pretty as that dress is, there’s a part of me that thinks it’s a little…too much. Pearls, crystals, silver thread, lace, tulle, silk, etc. There’s only so much to pile on. I’m just a person that prefers simplicity which is why I fell madly in love with Kate’s dress. That’s not to say that Stephanie’s dress is awful because it so isn’t. It would just be too much for me. Plus, I wonder if she was able to walk okay or if she felt like she was dragging several tons of fabric behind her.

    The tiara though? SWOON. I lament that my family does not have jewels for me to inherit.

    • anny

      Almost *totally* gorgeous, except: it kind of lost me with the 20 extra yards of train, ostentatiously displayed in the official photo. That just seems … kind of tacky.

      But as for the groom – I wish I cleaned up that nice.

  31. oliviacw

    I love the dress. And the tiara. And the dress. And the SLEEVES on the dress. yay sleeves!

  32. Jules

    Wait, America has a royal family? It’s not the Kardashians is it? Although I love the thought of Queen Elizabeth meeting them.

  33. Jasmine

    Oh man, I love love her dress, and in general like it better than Kate’s, though she kind of lost me with the comically long train, and I hate her hair. That tiara is pretty fabulous, though. And yay, Luxembourg, I went there, and have pictures right where some of these photos are from.

  34. Sajorina

    Just FABULOUS! That dress is PERFECTION and the styling is FLAWLESS! Plus, they are so cute together!!!

  35. Esme

    I would have loved to see Kate in this wonderful dress! And Luxembourg: such a beautiful charming country with great friendly people.

  36. Rica

    I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. Two comments on your introduction above:

    The Wikipedia article says, correctly, that Stephanie was born a member of the *nobility* — that is, she’s part of the Belgian aristocracy. She is not “also of royal birth.” Under British law, she’d be a commoner, just like Kate Middleton.

    Also, Guillaume is the heir apparent to his father the Grand Duke. That means he’s not (apart from the name thing) “essentially the Prince William of Luxembourg.” He is essentially the Prince Charles of Luxembourg.

  37. Joan

    Love pretty much everything about this! That tiara is yummy as most tiaras tend to be. I think the train is perfect. You have to think about it filling up the cathedral – it may look a bit much for the smaller space where the official portrait was taken, but I just love that picture of it cascading down the steps in the church.

  38. Erin

    sigh… royal weddings are so romantic!!

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  41. jean

    I love her dress too. It’s shockingly light looking for having such a long train. And it very much suited her. I also love her hair (a dress that dramatic deserves elaborate hair and it didn’t look sticky). I love, love, love his nicely trimmed beard! Gorgeous. I love a pretty beard on a handsome face. And how do I put this …I love that the bride while very lovely, isn’t a classic beauty. She has character in the best way. She looked like herself in all the shots, the casual and fancy ones. She never overdid her cosmetics. Well done anonymous royal bride I will never ever think of again.

  42. Patrick

    A countess is not royal. A countess is noble. She’s still a commoner, albeit with a noble title.
    Lady Diana Spencer was also a commoner, as was her grandmother-in-law Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later Queen Mother, both daughters of an earl, the English equivalent of a count.

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  44. Beth

    Aw, I love it! I just got married literally one week ago. I’m still in that whole marital and wedding bliss thing, and yet I’m willing to take time out from looking at pretty pretty pictures of my awesome husband in his hot tux and me in my dress I loved to admit that this is a FABULOUS dress, a beautiful bride with character, and a handsome prince who can really wear a uniform!

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