Milan Fugshion Week: Gucci and Alberta Ferretti

The Ferretti stuff is so gorgeous and relaxing. So let’s have some Gucci stress first.

[Photos: Getty]

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Comments (24):

  1. Rayna

    #26 would be SOOOOOOOOO Downton Abbey gorgeous, if not for the, you know, POLTERWANGKIN.

  2. Bella

    Zombie alert!

  3. Lizzy

    I want the coat & the earrings in #22. Love.
    Also, why do all of the Gucci models look like angry zombies. Yikes!

  4. Vandalfan

    I love the satin. I hate the lace. I love the velvet. I hate the fishnet. I love the plaid and hounds-tooth. I hate the panniers.

    And if you want to look like you are Of The Undead, or have been on a crying jag since 2009, Gucci has the eyemakeup for you.

  5. arigato

    Oh, the Ferretti. I can imagine actual human people wearing these–and looking good doing so. I’ll take two of each, please. Except the last two, of course, which were obviously done to win a dare.

    • EmilyAP

      Why show nipples? No one sane is going to buy it unlined, so why not just line it from the get-go? Yet again, I don’t understand fashion.

    • G

      Part of the attraction is that the dresses and coats look so good, and part of it is that the models look good in them. This designer has not made the models wear ugly makeup and hair, which makes the clothes look better.

  6. ceecee

    When did pinkeye become fashionable?

  7. glee

    AF is so underrated by the celebs… Gucci and Tom Ford need to get back together.

  8. h² fashion

    About half of them (like the first 10) I look directly at their chests because of the sheer material and the way that the material and patterns are cut out. Definitely can’t wear a bra with any of those looks!

  9. Sandra

    The Ferretti dresses wouldn’t look as good on me as they do on the models, but I want almost all of them anyway. Not the last one, obvs.

  10. Zulk

    #25 is my Catholic school uniform all grown up and I’ll take one please.

  11. Sajorina

    I love the entire look on slide #7! And, I would DIE for coat #22 and dresses #27, 28 & 30! But, damn it, designers, make something a woman can wear with a bra!

    Also, I’d like to add these to the list of potential band names:
    “Glorified Nipple Covers”
    “Crotch Phoenix”
    “POLTERWANKIN” (which the auto-correct tried to change to INTERPOLATE – Ha!)

  12. Robin

    Dear Ferretti coats, I’d like to invite you all to my closet. RSVP ASAP.

  13. jeanette

    Sigh #29 would look great on a real person. ie brunette with curves me!
    Also the blue velvet one for Elle or Dakota fanning. Stunning!

  14. Joemama

    What happened to Gucci!? That is a horrific showing. Blech. And let’s not bring back heroin chic. Please?

  15. witjunkie

    That red #15 Gucci skirt looks like it belongs on‘s head.

  16. gryt

    Gucci was disappointing, BUT I bet they’re going to get a lot of editorials.

  17. llism

    I just want to say how lovely it is that AF is sending models down the runway in flats. So they can, you know, actually walk and be comfortable. Kudos.

  18. Lu

    The Dolce collection was scary and fugly. Can’t wait to read your comments.