Michelle Fugtenberg

MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG: Well. THIS should never have happened.

MILA KUNIS: What? I mean, which thing in particular?

MICHELLE: The thing where we’re two actresses, dark hair, roughly the same height, standing next to each other wearing black and the same hair. So awkward.

MILA: That’s all? You don’t want to talk about your dress?

MICHELLE: What’s wrong with my dress? I was thinking it was so awkward for you, standing there in basic black being really unfamous next to someone who was on both Buffy AND Gossip Girl.

MILA: Oh. And here I was feeling weird for you because your makeup makes you look sickly and your dress is sagging under the weight of the TP someone’s little brother glued to it.

MICHELLE: Don’t try and pull that with me, pipsqueak. What CW shows have you been on?

MILA: … Yes, you’re right, none. Boy, you got me.


MILA: I will go cry myself to sleep as images of the phrase “Golden Globe-nominated actress Mila Kunis” dance in my grieving head.

MICHELLE: Oh, please. Everyone knows the Golden Globes don’t actually exist.

MILA: Neither did your Buffy character, sort of.

MICHELLE: If you even TRY to talk Buffy nuance with me I will sic the Whedonverse on you so fast, your eyes will shoot daiquiries.

MILA: Fair enough. Let’s just call this a wash and never speak again.


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Comments (34):

  1. Neil

    Why is Mila Kunis posing next to a wax figurine?

  2. Terre Bowden

    mila should kiss herself james brown style every day. that olive tone in her skin is flattering in any light. that other child needs medical attention. i actually liked the dress, it’s her posture that’s not helping.

  3. Chicklet

    Poor Michelle. She doesn’t understand that most of the Whedonverse hated Dawn so much that they would not leap to her defense in any sartorial situation. (Not that this dress is defensible on any level.)

  4. k

    I was just dropping in to say what Chicklet said. In fact, when my husband and I watch episodes of Buffy that include Dawn, we regularly interrupt Dawn’s lines to tell her to shut up.

  5. Rayna

    I actually like Michelle’s dress, but, as stated above, she looks unwell.

    Mila, in this photo at least, is the picture of taste and class. LOVE.

    Heather’s dialogue – REALLY, REALLY love.

  6. Elizabeth

    Michelle looks just like Chelsea Clinton. I am NOT making fun of Chelsea, I’m just saying I thought it WAS a picture of Chelsea Clinton!

  7. Rose

    All these “five-heads” are making me feel a lot less self-conscious. Could an Elizabethan-era resurgence be on the horizon?

  8. dulcian

    My mother always told me that if I had nothing nice to say I shouldn’t say anything.

    … Mila looks fab!

  9. Lynne

    First, I LOVE that Michelle is staying away from the spray tanner. Because if she were styled better, her skin would be beautiful. As a very pale person myself, there are several rules one should adhere to when being photographed and she’s breaking nearly all of them. The black and white, ensemble, the severe lipstick and hairstyle, being photographed standing next to the girl with perfect olive skin…all make her even more ghostly than she already is.

  10. cruzilla

    I am slightly freaked out by how much lower her dress sits on her chest than Mila’s does. It definitely is doing her boobs no favor.

    And chicklet is spot-on – the Whedonverse will NEVER come to Dawn’s defense!

  11. Rowynn

    I hope Michelle really sprayed her hair down well, and made sure all her bobby pins are securely in place, because if she has to raise her arms to adjust anything above her waist, the nip-slip will be epic.

  12. Sara L.

    I, as a card carrying member of the Whedonverse, do hereby come to Dawn’s defense. Her character was a whiny teenager. Of course she was annoying. But boy did I love her storyline. Not all characters need to be perfect specimens of humanity, since, lets face it, most of us aren’t either.

    As for the lipstick: Honey, we need to talk.

  13. Stella

    I will defend the black and white dress, toilet paper effect and all… I think it would be cute on someone more tan and slight – maybe the two of them should switch dresses? And Michelle should let her hair down. Literally.

  14. Janine

    Might as well face it you’re addicted to FUG… I mean love. She’s about 20 years too late for a Robert Palmer video.

  15. sarah

    yeah, the make-up is terrible, but i actually think the dress looks pretty good. if she changed her face/hair styling i think it would work.

  16. LoriK

    What Chicklet said. I hope for her sake that Michelle never chooses her outfits or anything else believing that the Whedonverse will jump to her defense. Ain’t gonna happen.

  17. Ash

    I’ve always wished my equally pale skin had pinker (rather than sallow) undertones, but you know, this is convincing me otherwise.

  18. Sajorina

    Michelle’s 1st mistake was wearing SO much makeup and the 2nd one was standing next to AWESOME Mila Kunis! I actually like her dress, it’s very “mummy-like chick”!

  19. Lina

    I think both dresses are fine, although Michelle’s doesn’t suit her coloring at all. Really, what I mainly get from this photo is that they were in the middle of commiserating over something (what a completely horrible party this was turning out to be?) when the photographer snapped this. They both look interrupted and annoyed about it.

  20. vandalfan

    They both look bad, each in her own way. Michelle just escaped from Mmd. Tussaud’s and Mila seems to be phoning it in, and both of their hairdressers must have had daiquiris shooting from their eyes. (there’s a picture!)

  21. Julia

    Oh dear. I nearly snorted my sip of water out my nose when you got to the bit about the Whedonverse. Just FYI, you two FugGirls completely and consistently rock.

  22. yeahandalso

    I think something is up with that photo, it is sort of doing a fish-eye lens thing, they both have rather round faces and here they look sort of like big foreheaded aliens (like Kate Bosworth)

    I like Michelle’s dress, she just needs to hick it up about 2 inches and never ever wear that lipstick again.

    Also I miss Georgina

  23. sarah

    wait, are you guys really not going to make note of how bizarre trachtenberg’s foot looks?

  24. rachael

    ok – so technically Mila was on the CW since she played bitchy Ashley on 7th Heaven when the CW was still the WB… she tried to steal Lucy’s boyfriend Jimmy Moon – and i am marveling at the fact that my brain decided to hold on to that very important information.

  25. lc

    Michelle needs to throw that lipstick over the nearest cliff, and then throw the dress after it!

  26. Isabelle

    Mila looks fab, Michelle looks like a whorish ghost…

  27. Loramir

    Michelle needs to stop trying to be Dita von Teese. Dita is fabulous, but we only need one of her. First it was Evan Rachel Wood, now Michelle Trachtenberg. I’m all for wearing classic, elegant dresses but there’s no need to look like a tragically consumptive heroine while you do it.

  28. jean

    Mila is just flat out beautiful right now. All actors have those periods in their careers when it is all clicking and she’s right there. And good for her! I love anyone who can steal Natalie’s thunder :^). Michelle does have glorious skin, judging by her arms and shoulders. I still have residual love for her for being in Mysterious Skin. She’s good in it.

  29. Kim

    Anyone seated near Mila at a dinner is probably trying to figure out how to switch the place cards. She just puts all the work you did on your look to shame.

  30. ccm800

    No one liked Dawn – no one. And lord above, this child looks like a Poirot on crack

  31. KPM

    SHUT UP, Dawn.

  32. tmdavis

    I like Michelle’s dress and her skin. And no, I am not a vampire. Her makeup is not flattering however. And her dress could be pulled up in the chest a bit. Other than that, why should she have to be tan to be beautiful? I wish I had milky white skin like hers!

  33. Kate

    AHAHA!!! I love all the comments about Whedonverse – SERIOUSLY. Dawn almost ruined Buffy for me, and I love me some Buffy (I actually just discovered that the ENTIRE series is available on Netflix streaming, so I’m rewatching it all + Angel, and I’m currently at the part where Dawn is “the key” and I keep hoping the ending will somehow change and she will die. Ugh.) Anyway, MT is an “actress” I just can’t watch.

    This getup is bad. She always looks odd. She needs a damn good stylist to make good use of her shiny hair and good skin. She always just looks awkward.

    @ MT: Now you know to NEVER take a pic with Mila Kunis. That’s suicide.

  34. CH

    I want to put Tractenberg’s dress on Christina Hendricks. It needs a girl with more body. I love Kunis’ gown.