When I saw her in Seabiscuit, I never imagined Elizabeth Banks would become a really strong comic actress, and yet here we are. I never really liked her in anything, and then suddenly she stole The 40-year Old Virgin, and she’s worthy of Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock, and she was funny on Modern Family, and she’s going to be Effie in The Hunger Games, which… okay, not a hilarious movie, but at least Effie is blast of energy and probably will provide what little comic relief we’ll get. Her energy is what works for her.

So I don’t know why she felt like channeling Betty Draper here.

Boring, Stuffy Retro Ice Queen is not really what I’ve come to love about her, you know? Not even — if the wrinkles are to be believed — if said boring, stuffy retro ice queen got played like an accordion in the limo by her driver. That makes her MARGINALLY more interesting, yet still kind of a buzzkill at parties until such time as she accidentally exists said limo with her panties on her head.

Also, That detail is pink:

And I am not a big pink-and-red fan unless somebody is using it to proclaim their undying admiration for my creased, wan beauty.

Meanwhile, I keep waiting for her to turn around with a cigarette in a long silver holder and a tumbler of bourbon. I don’t know. Maybe if this outfit were part of a Mad Men/30 Rock crossover I’d be less crankypants about it. Especially because it would mean Jon Hamm could romance Liz Lemon without having to wear potholders over his hand-hooks.

Wow, this post was a Fug or Fab when it started. I guess I forgot to flip the coin to look at the other side. Perhaps you can do it for me.

Am I being too harsh?

  • No! It's heinous. (39%, 2,527 Votes)
  • Yes! It's regal. (13%, 849 Votes)
  • If it were on Betty Draper, I'd be all on board, but it's not. (29%, 1,894 Votes)
  • Jon and Liz LemonHamm 4EVA (18%, 1,168 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,438

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