So apparently, as the world girded its loins for — and then eventually spent five hours or so watching — the royal wedding, it seems life did not screech to a halt for everyone. In fact, Us Weekly threw a party. I know, I know, it feels like every week they throw some kind of You Are Young (By Which We Mean 12 to 56 Years Old) So Put On Some Party Pants And Get Funky shindig. And maybe that’s why we missed this one entirely. Like, COMPLETELY missed it. What were we doing? Oh, wait: Making slideshows about Princes William and Harry. And then covering the Met Ball. But still. I stumbled on the pictures totally by accident on Thursday night and thought  maybe I had been taking crazy pills. Far be it from me to DENY you these, though, especially with such luminaries as Jessica Simpson and Hayden Pantywaist and Jessica Szohr involved. On the latter front, can I just applaud La Szohr for her ingenuity? Every time I think that her hair could not possibly get any worse, she goes and proves me wrong. That takes thought.