Met Ball Well Played Body/Fug HEAD: Isabel Lucas


Honestly, although I don’t understand what’s happening between her breasts — surely, if that’s a fancy clasp simply to hold her boob curtains closed, it might have been easier to dispense with the concept of boob-curtains all together, in favor of something we call A SHIRT — I kind of like this dress. The color is swell, the pleats are fun, and it doesn’t look like something you’d find in the back of the closet of one of the Manson girls, unlike her usual get-ups. HOWEVER:

WHAT is going on WITH YOUR HEAD?

You look like the cover model for a Choose Your Own Adventure book which ends in VIRGIN SACRIFICE.

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Comments (52):

  1. Lynne

    Does this woman look spectacularly vacant to anyone else? Pretty girl (if crazy) but there doesn’t seem to be anyone home.

  2. Heather

    Actually, it’s very Caligula.

  3. betti

    I was just thinking the exact same thing.
    Spectacularly vacant indeed!

  4. Stefanie

    OOO I love a good virgin sacrifice.

  5. freebird

    I don’t know this zombie, but I do kind of like the headpiece for the event. The dress is ok, I don’t hate it, I don’t love it.

  6. foo

    I love that dress! The color, neckline- great shoulders for everyone- and the well done pleats. (would lose the curtain clasp)

    Don’t know wtf that is on her head. Maybe it is Mr T’s new line of Clash of the Titans themed headgear. Almost looks as if she is trying to figure it out from below in 2nd pic. (or she is really vacant)

  7. Josephine

    I would be more down with the head jewels if it didn’t look like somebody had drugged her in order to sneak them on.

  8. Rayna

    Maybe she decided to deploy Curtain Clasp after consulting with Kanye and Safety Pin.

    Just sayin’.

  9. InfamousQBert

    i don’t understand the choice to match your hair to your skin color. she has a LOT of yellow undertones, so why do the sandy blonde thing and make yourself look so washed out? embrace your natural brunette loveliness!

  10. Amreen

    That actually looks like traditional Indian jewelry—my mom has headpieces like that, although not nearly as heavy. Usually, its just a thin chain and a jewel at the forehead.

  11. Geemee

    That is a fantastic dress, and Jessica *nailed* it with the Manson girls comment. That is exactly who she usually looks like. I’m so thrilled she looks clean and combed that I’m willing to overlook the head madness. She can’t give us EVERYTHING we want.

  12. Kris

    Hahaha, google the Childlike Empress from the Neverending story and you might find Isabel’s headwear inspiration.

  13. Feena

    Its the matching necklace for the earrings she’s wearing, worn on her head a la Diana, Princess of Wales, circa 1983. However this is not 1983 and she could’ve done without. Beautiful dress though.

  14. Kimberly

    I kind of love Isabel Lucas. And all of her crazy clothes. She looks like a different decade, and I like it. Her head piece really is weird though.

  15. Alizay

    I actually kinda like her kookiness.

  16. Hedstan

    It looks like she’s using those butterfly claps that you put on Ace bandages to hold the dress together. She is a vapid beauty – her face is like a slate wiped clean.

  17. LoriK

    She does look unusually vacant and the headgear isn’t working. I love the dress though.

  18. Sajorina

    I like the dress, but the head situation bothers me! That thing on her head matches the earrings! If you take that off and put some color on her lips this would be a FAB!

  19. Carolina Girl

    Her complexion looks sallow. I think it’s the combination of the color of the dress (beautiful), the color of her hair (unflattering) and the poorly done makeup.

  20. cathy

    why does she always look sooo bad. i mean if i had her face and body i’d be workin it so hard

  21. Willow

    I love it the same way I love Bai’s fur bibs, it makes no sense and looks silly but at the same time you kind of want to know what it’s like to wear one.

    Only me?

  22. Ken

    I like the whole look. She is elegantly covered and the headpiece is refreshing. At least she is not just another cookie cutter starlet.

  23. Anne B

    Manson Family comment: (slow clap)

    Hey Isabel, Charlie says his girls should be concerned about “the environment” now.

    Might wanna check the carbon footprint on that pleated sack. He might not let you ride shotgun next time.

  24. Bella

    I think she may have lifted the headgear from either the neckline or waist of the dress, thereby making the dress look great, but the head, not so much.

  25. Janette

    The fancy clasp/boob curtain holders look like those little silver things you use to secure Ace bandages. Just sayin’.

  26. Sandra

    Maybe she’s just faint from lack of food? Those shoulders are a little scary.

  27. jen

    Actually, I like the headgear. Again .. it’s the Met! If you can’t crack out here, well, you just can’t crack out anywhere. I wish she didn’t look drugged out, though. Not so fab there.

  28. vandalfan

    Nice dress, but it doesn’t look like the elevator goes all they way to the top floor with her.

  29. Breda

    I would like it toned down a bit, but I am ALWAYS for people using weirdly historical or historical-esque fashions in real life. (Well, mostly. While it’s pretty much the only era that I have the hair for, I’d still think I’d be ok if we never went back to the 1700s-style two-foot-tall hair.)

    The dress is super.

  30. Mary

    Things I love: the dress, the perfect little evening bag, the earrings. Thing I like: the head . . .band? gear? dress? Agree with Amreen that it has an Indian feel to it, which I think is v. cool. Thing I don’t like: the washed-out lip color. Thing I really don’t like: the lights-are-on-but-there’s-no one-home look in her eyes.

  31. Hima

    The jewelry (headpiece and earrings) definitely look Indian to me. And I agree with Amreen that they look heavier than the ones people normally wear for regular Indian outfits. These look kind of cheap and costumey, and more like something you’d wear for a dance performance. I still like the concept. I just think she could have done better if she wore lighter jewels. And if her hair looked better. And if she didn’t have that drugged-out expression on her face.

  32. yeahandalso

    I hope she has a single grain of sand to give to Atreyu

  33. Grace

    Caucasian chicks should leave the Indian jewelry to the Indian chicks. That is all.

  34. Grace

    BTW, who is the designer of that gold clutch? I think I’ve seen it before at the Oscars.

  35. Joni Woodhead

    lol at all the never-ending story references … that was my first thought about the headpiece too

  36. Elyse

    Could not have said it better!

  37. Melissa

    Agree, Manson girl is her look. That’s bad, right?

  38. Gabby

    Isabelle… Why do you always look doped out of your mind? Really… Its rare that you don’t look so relaxed you must be stoned…

  39. Pebbles36

    I’m pretty sure that hat (?) is stapled to her head. Thankfully she’s still heavily sedated from her latest dentist visit.

  40. Jael Paris

    Maybe she’s trying to evoke the jewelry worn as head gear in McQueen’s Imperial India show? Even if that was the goal, she didn’t pull it off.

  41. mahastee

    Someone please get this girl some LIPSTICK.

  42. Lina

    My only problem with this is her hair color. The blond looks awful. Her normal brunette is lovely and would be far better with this entire look.

  43. Bambi Anne Dear

    I think the headwear is totally in keeping with the overall grecian/egyption look of the pleated dress and the neck. Yes, a little vacant in the eyes but I think that’s more because she’s not smiling. You have to agree she has an incredible face.

  44. Infoqueen

    If her hair matched her eyebrows, this would have been one for the win column–even with the “your-eyes-are-getting-verrrrry-heavy” expression.

  45. Mr Stone

    She makes me ashamed to be an Australian. There is nothing going on up there. Nothing. Nice dress though.

  46. jody

    that is the best last line of a post EVER!

  47. Kris

    The never-ending stoooo-oryyyyyyyyy…

    Thanks for that.

  48. barbarena

    I want the headgear and earrings for my bellydance costumes

  49. crystal

    That’s an awful lot of bitchface for someone with something so awkward on her head.

  50. MrsWright

    Isabel Lucas the latest victim of that insidious disease that seems to affect those young “stars” who feel that they are far more talented than they are…”TERMINAL BOREDOM”. Yeah well Isabel that is how we felt when we had to watch you snivel on Home and Away every night!

  51. chantzaaaa

    I can’t help but think she is just taking the piss out of the whole hollywood starlet thing. like, she’s just laughing when the cameras arent rolling. when she was living here in australia, she was extremely lively and warm, and even displayed a healthy sense of humour. just my thoughts..

  52. SuperSonicGirl

    Who the hell is this girl?? Why is she everywhere?

    She look hungy.