Diane Kruger, you are pretty:

And yes, that top is inching closer toward Ice Dancer Territory than perhaps any of us desire, but still: pretty.

Okay, okay, all the rest of you, HOLD YOUR HORSES. He’s HERE.

Nice of you to shave, Pacey. OH WAIT. You didn’t. Nice of you to wear the blazer that I got from J Crew two years ago and never wear because I feel like the piping is always competing with the rest of my outfight. OH WAIT. Oh wait. You did do that. But no worries, baby, Fug Nation loves you forever. To the point where I am pretty sure you could murder someone and we’d be all be horrified, of course — Pacey! A murderer? ALL THAT I BELIEVE IN IS SQUASHED! — but we’d also be, like, sotto voce, “dude, Pacey’s mug shot is kind of hot. I KNOW. SHUT UP. I’M TERRIBLE. But seriously, did you see it? It’s on TMZ.”

Please don’t murder anyone, though. At least not unless you really, REALLY have to, like he’s about to blow up the Chrysler Building and it just happens to be full of orphans. In that case, please go forth.

Oh, right. Diane. I dunno. I like it. It’s kinda retro, kinda shiny, sorta understated for something that’s basically designed to make you look like you’ve gone out topless with naught but glitter on your bazongas. I think I have to give that a Well Played on technical points alone.