Met Ball Fug or Fab: Kristen Stewart


I don’t know how I feel about this:

I know that I hate the shoes. When we saw the dress on the live-feed, I liked it — I think I called it “groovy” and “disco” — but the shoes are bringing me down, man. She looks like she’s wearing socks with pumps and I just can not even deal.  If I block out the shoes, physically, with my hand over the computer screen, I am kind of back in again.  I love the top. The skirt sort of looks like what would happen if you took a Caboodles make-up box and melted it down and turned it into a skirt. I feel like they’re actually part of totally different outfits. One of those outfits might have been last seen on the set of Saved By the Bell.  I am basically totally flummoxed by the entire package.

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  1. Candy

    Different shoes & just one color on the skirt part & I’m down. Otherwise… no.

  2. juliannarose

    awesome, but way to casual for the met ball.

  3. Sandra

    One round-trip for the “Too Many Things Going On” bus, please. This could be great, but it isn’t.

  4. Lily1214

    It just isn’t a good overall design, really. And the shoes are a total mis-match. Also, does this seem dressy enough for the Met ??

  5. Willow

    What even are those shoes? She looks like she’s going to dance in a BDSM version of The Nutcracker.

    • megs283

      Ay yes, the Slutcracker, and it runs in Boston around Christmas (no joke!).

  6. Alice

    Should’ve carried on with the corset material all over and done a sort of punk-esque Tea Length gown, a bit like that dress Helena Bonham-carter wore to the Golden Globes in 2011.

    Also different shoes. Very different shoes.

  7. megan

    I hate it. Everything is so sloppy and lazy. Her hair isn’t done, the fit is bad, and I’m pretty sure they took this look head to toe right from the runway. This would be a meh effort for the VMA’s. For the MET, it’s just terrible.

    And I’m not trying to be all “nice girls smile!”, but honestly, she looks like she hates being there.

    • pye

      Pretty much of all of what megan said.

      The top looks like the start of a good idea … from there, everything goes sideways. And, her hair bugs. If it was casual and messy with a stunner of an outfit it might be a nice counterpoint. In this circumstance it looks just about as confused as everything else.

      Burn the shoes.

  8. TaraMisu

    I am normally a fan of KStews edgy looks, but I can only say wtf to this. Those shoes are horrible and I just can’t with the dress. Even the look on her face is like “yeah I know”.

    • Megan

      Yeah, I think this is just not appropriate to the venue/event. I also think she’s ready to punch someone, and that’s never a great look.

  9. Mare

    Obviously the shoes are beyond bad, but the skirt is too long. Not for me, I have horrible legs, but for her (she has great legs). This could actually have been cute if shorter. And worn somewhere else.

  10. Annie

    When she puts on that face, all I can see is Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.

    The only nice thing I can say about this is that she finally got rid of those gawd-awful black extensions from her Snow White role. She looks like the hostess at a BDSM disco bowling alley.

  11. lefty

    Her face looks STUNNING.

  12. Lina

    Project Runway would have skewered this.

  13. Tashie

    Honey, you can either be a Glittery Giraffe or Harley Quinn. But not both. Never both.

  14. Mahastee

    She should stick to either the sparkly minis, or full-length gowns. I can live with the bodice, but not with the skirt, or maybe just not with those two things together?

    Whoever designed those shoes needs to be locked in a room with photos of them and THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY’VE DONE!!!

  15. CJ

    Not into it, and I actually kinda like K Stew. Her face looks great though.

  16. Sara

    I actually don’t mind the dress, I think its a lot more interesting than some of the other stuff worn last night. But I concur, I really really hate those shoes. Must have been painful too, cause she was on Kimmel last night and said she stepped on a nail during reshoots. Ouch.

  17. fiatluxury

    I don’t hate this. it suits her, i feel – shorten the hem, 86 the shoes, and lighten up the soul-crushing ennui of your sad, miserable existence, and we’d be cooking with gas.

  18. Charlotte

    I just really hate her hair. I mean, there was a lot of loose, undone hair on the carpet last night, but KStew doesn’t even look like she brushed hers. Cameron Diaz is going to cut her for stealing her I-just-had-sex-in-the-limo look. (And really, KStew, busting out the post-coital hair with Rob nowhere in sight? Are you trying to give the tabloid editors a heart attack?)

  19. CJ

    Now that I think about it, I might like it if the skirt were a mini and she wore this to a club or something. The length is weird on her. (Obviously I’d sub out the shoes)

  20. Marie

    She looks just like an HBC in training!!!

    • jacey

      HBC has a true sense of style though, for better or worse. Kristen has the look of someone whose stylist just tells her what to wear and she suffers through it even if she hates it (which she seems to with this particular outfit).

  21. Ms.A

    She’s too young, rich and famous to look that damn pissed!
    Not. cute.
    And there is nothing okay about this outfit. It’s unfuggable.

    • CJ

      Everyone always says she looks pissed all the time. It could just be her natural facial expression. If I am just not paying attention or looking around, people always ask me if I’m okay haha. Just because someone doesn’t walk around smiling all the time doesn’t mean they’re pissed off.

  22. cat

    She looks like she took a shower and didn’t have time to style her hair so she just let it dry in the ride to the MET. The skirt is awful; the line that runs across her hips makes her hips look wide and her legs stumpy -an amazing feat given this girl’s figure.

  23. Seamyst

    Is it just me, or from the neck up does she look like a young Helen Bonham-Carter?

  24. theotherjennifer

    i feel like she should have said “NO” to this outfit and didn’t realize it until too late. she needs to grow a set and tell whoever is dressing her that if this sh*t looks bad on her she’s not wearing it!

  25. Anj

    I think she is second worst dressed behind that AWFUL excuse for an outfit worn by Anja Rubik. Now that thing looked disgusting.

  26. Hannah F.


  27. Peg of Tilling

    I like the shoes, but not with that outfit: they’d be spatz-y with pants, and I mean that in a good way.

  28. Jen

    LOVE her from the waist up! That top is gorgeous. I can still go with it from the knees up… But those shoes… No! Why!

  29. Lisa

    Looks like bad Colorforms. Here”s a top. Here’s a random skirt. Oh, and let’s add some heinous mummy pumps to cut your legs off at the ankles. If there was a stylist, I suspect some passive-aggressive payback was involved.

  30. JanetP

    She is wearing three different outfits. And none of them are good.

  31. amys

    I don’t like the blue color blocking and obviously, the shoes. Remember: a smile is a great accessory, Kristen.

  32. melanie

    What happened to her face?

  33. Emily

    I like the dress a lot, but for a different, more casual event.

  34. ML

    One-fourth of her dress matches the carpet. So she’s got that going for her. I guess.

  35. Cranky Old Batt

    At least she looks awake for a change. That’s all I got. The rest is just wrong. Is her hair wet on the ends? So confused.

  36. Crystal

    Awww, I don’t know if you have access to it, but there are plenty of pictures of her smiling at this event. I personally think smiling makes any outfit 10x better, not matter how crazy the face is going. But yes, the dress, the shoes, the dour expression are fug city….and ready to star in a Prince video.

  37. lou

    I LOVE the dress! So awesome and funky. But the shoes …….i don’t get them.

    Kristen is one of my best dressed (not counting the shoes) Her hair and make up is flawless. Such a pretty girl with a unique look

  38. Sylvia

    The shoes. THE SHOES. It hurts Fug Girls, it hurts. Make it stop.

  39. prttynpnk

    I’m sorry- it looks like she stuck her feet into a pair of boxing gloves. The dress looks like throw pillows from a rumpus room.

  40. Jasmine

    The SHOES. Why are the shoes so so terrible? Also, why does she always have to make that sour face? The dress is bad too, but God, the shoes.

  41. crookedE

    She looks like a sullen car-hop at the A&W on Newt Gingrich’s moon colony.

  42. Kimberly

    Scrolling down this pic, I was with it until the skirt changed. And then I was with it, but less so, until the skirt changed again. And then I was not really with it, but finding it acceptable-ish (though improper venue, and god help me, civ pro should NEVER NEVER insert its horrible self into my enjoyment of GFY!). And then I got to the shoes. And they made me want to burn all the things! On someone else, and at a different place, the dress might be okay, but KStew’s permanent b!tchface makes it just unbearable. And she has a pretty face! WHY ARE YOU SO UNHAPPY, girlfriend? Lots of people would love to look like you! But then they’d smile when they did!

  43. BeeBee

    The only nice thing I have to say is that at lest she looks like she took a shower. The rest is a big fat NO.

  44. Softwear

    She’s…so…beautiful…it’s painful.

  45. katkin74

    I could take both patterns together without the shoes. This is the perfect opportunity (if ever there was one) for spiked black leather booties, or something of that genre (I’d know it when I saw it). These shoes remind me of bowling shoes for some reason – totally off the map but that what I think of. Or maybe those old-time adidas with fat laces. I think they were going for the 80′s vibe but didn’t quite make it.

  46. Kelly O.

    There is something about KS that makes me think she just dashed off a soccer field and slipped into an adult’s clothing. She’s beautiful, but she looks like a twelve year old to me. And this outfit is completely cracked out.

  47. Lisa

    I don’t like the outfit, but this is the most attractive I’ve ever seen her look. She looks kinda sexy with that 80′s hooker dress and just-got-laid hair. Everyone makes such a big deal about how beautiful she is, but to me she generally looks like a pre-teen, boyish version of the chick who plays Robyn on “How I Met Your Mother”.

  48. Steef

    She hates her feet. That is all I can think; well, other than “WHY WHY WHY, HOLY GOD WHAT ARE THOSE SHOES?”

  49. anny

    Which option means HATE?

  50. Nancy

    I hate the shoes but overall like the edginess of this.

    That said, I’ve never understood why she gets any props for the red carpet. She always looks like she’s going to throw up. She needs to take some lessons, and/or just deal with this part of her job better.

  51. Dizzy

    Such a travesty of a dress and heels. Ugh.

  52. AliyKatt

    I hate that she has that “I don’t really care because I’m cool”thing she’s got going. She can clean up well when she wants to but……screw it she could give 2 cares about what any of us say. She has the tools (money,stylist, etc) to be a bombshell. WHY will she not use them?

  53. Susan

    I love it. So many of the dresses at the Gala were pretty and pretty dated too. We’ve seen them for at least ten years.

    This is the look that Balenciaga wanted to present. and they chose Kristen to do that. The more pictures I see the more i realize how stunning the outfit is.

  54. Shiitake

    Nothing good about this.

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