I don’t know how I feel about this:

I know that I hate the shoes. When we saw the dress on the live-feed, I liked it — I think I called it “groovy” and “disco” — but the shoes are bringing me down, man. She looks like she’s wearing socks with pumps and I just can not even deal.  If I block out the shoes, physically, with my hand over the computer screen, I am kind of back in again.  I love the top. The skirt sort of looks like what would happen if you took a Caboodles make-up box and melted it down and turned it into a skirt. I feel like they’re actually part of totally different outfits. One of those outfits might have been last seen on the set of Saved By the Bell.  I am basically totally flummoxed by the entire package.

So just tell me how I feel:

  • I LOVE it, you guys. (8%, 909 Votes)
  • I...am not a fan. (60%, 6,628 Votes)
  • I'm also confused. (23%, 2,518 Votes)
  • WHERE IS RPATZZ?? (9%, 977 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,036

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