Coco Rocha had told us that she’d be wearing something to the Met Ball that she’d bought at the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s old wardrobe, and we sort of hoped it would be a giant hooded cape, or a wig, or maybe a bejeweled turban with Richard Burton’s face on it. However, this ended up being just as dramatic, and maybe better. To put it bluntly: It takes real stones to wear any outfit that used to belong to Elizabeth Taylor, particularly a mustard pantsuit. But it’s that very fact that makes this awesome, because Coco Rocha has those stones. Coco Rocha is a Met Baller.  She makes it seem springy and logical and fun, as opposed to bonkers. The theme of the gala was “Impossible Conversations,” and this is a perfect embodiment of that — a sartorial dialogue between a screen legend and today’s very tip-toppiest model that, on any other plane, isn’t possible. Well, except the one on which Christian Dior does fashion shows with Grace Kelly and Charlize Theron, but whatever. Elizabeth Taylor wouldn’t hang out there; hers would have way better music. And probably a dry-ice machine and some shady men playing poker with her jewels.

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