Met Ball Fug Carpet: Marc Jacobs

When interviewed, Marc Jacobs gave some pat answer about wearing this because he wanted to pay homage to the unexpected, or something.

Can I call bullshit on that? Because a) Marc Jacobs in kooky nightshirt-looking dresses is not that unexpected anymore, even if they’re see-through; so b) I think he just wanted to show off his pecs. We get it, Marc. (AGAIN.) We still see you. In your underwear. Looking like Dermot Mulroney. I’m bored. It’s ridic. It’s The Chronicles of Ridic. You’re actually making me miss Lady Gaga, WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED.

[Photo: Splash News]

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  1. Jenny

    An involuntary “Oh, my lord!” just escaped my lips. I can’t unsee that- the white undies! The pilgrim shoes! The nightshirt of transparancy! The clutch! It’s all too much.

    • karacocoa

      When I saw this on another site, I went “This Trick…” and rolled my eyes. Chronicles of Ridic indeed.

  2. theotherjennifer

    what’s worse than a douchelord? cause this guy is it.

    alternatively, I love those shoes on the girl to the right.

  3. Karen

    The pilgrim shoes are possibly the most unacceptable element of this entire unacceptable ensemble.

    But I certainly understand the Alexa Chung dress better now.

  4. luxsword

    It seems to me he’s screaming to the world his disgust with the current fashion of dreadful see-through stuff. If so, he’s sooo right.

    • anny

      luxsword, that’s how I took it, and good on him!

      I think we can now rightly say that sheer lace over nethers has been taken to its ultimate expression, and haul that trend out back and shoot it.

  5. AndersonicTK421

    @ Karen – girl, I say it’s not the shoes IT’S THE SOCKS!

    To me they simply scream “oh gosh, we found Uncle Bob in granny’s wardrobe again” because I’m guessing when one “finds” a person in these circumstances the discovered is quite possibly still wearing their trouser socks. Just like m-effing Marc Jacobs here.

  6. Jen

    He looks so wee! I have no idea how tall or short he is, but the perspective of this photo (along with the little elf shoes) makes him look like a frolicking wee fellow who found his way into the Met Ball purely by fortuitous forest magic!

  7. Glee

    It’s amazing that a man can create such amazing clothes/accessories, but can’t dress himself for life. Marc should have stopped by Tom Ford’s shop. Or Barney’s.

  8. Katie Lynn

    I Fing HATE those shoes. They fill me with stabby rage. I just…I can’t even come up with words.

    • Sandala

      PLUS, he already wore those with his stupid pink caftan shirt dress thing. Is he trying to kill his career?

  9. gail

    I think he’s bored too. It looks like he’s stopped caring.

  10. Stefanie

    Oh give me a damn break.

  11. Leah

    Walking nursery rhyme.

  12. daniel

    can we talk about his man clutch/purse/whatever?

  13. maryse

    he looks like a douchebag.

    • Catherine Brenes

      i think it disrespectful to all the guest!!!!!
      howcome Wintour can control her employee’s outfit to the party, and can’t do something about this “guy”?????

  14. Suzie

    He could have at least worn the black granny panties that everyone else wears. Gesh.

  15. vandalfan

    Oh, this one I had to scroll down very slowly, like taking a big long drink of cold water. It just got worse and worse. You must admit, it fits him perfectly.

  16. Beth C.

    So, he thinks old man boxers, black socks and loafers is unexpected? Seriously, hasn’t that been the running joke of unsexy man-dom since forever? Throwing a lace nightshirt on top of it and bedazzling the loafers doesn’t change that. If anything it just draws more attention to it.

    I get wanting to show off the bod after you put in all that work, Marc. I would too. I’m even down with the gender bending, I kinda wish more men were comfortable with it. But fug is fug, my dear and it isn’t art just because you say it is.

    • Lisa


      • neiges

        Yeah, he is giving a bad name to men wearing dresses and I loved JPGaultier for trying that. I love a man in a skirt ot dress. But not this one.
        But can I just say that he is yummy? I know, I know, he is the only one who did not sign the convention about not hiring models under 16 or anorexic that Vogue has started, he is a jerk etc. But boy is he good looking.

    • Heather


    • K

      I don’t understand the pocket either. On lace forsooth. Trouser socks without trousers are so repellant.

    • Shiitake

      Boxers, black socks and loafers are the uniform in every retirement village in America.

    • chachita

      Spot on! Couldn’t have said it better

  17. anonymoose

    I deplore the shoes and socks, and the white buttons on the see-through lace nightshirt.

  18. Gwen Robinson

    As much as I hate the shoes, I might not hate the whole look quite so much if he had opted for black undies.

  19. fiatluxury

    i appreciate that everyone in the background appears to be studiously avoiding looking at this madness. also, the sheer lace on a man is even worse than usual because it is reminiscent of body hair. Ew.

    • Jen

      @fiatluxury I thought the same thing. Poor Marc has become the world least sexy werewolf/elf hybrid

  20. Jen

    he did at least match his splotchy-looking facial hair to the splotchy-looking dress….not that it’s necessarily a GOOD thing.

    weird does not equal good design, Marc.

  21. Sandra

    It reminds me of a chant I heard in high school or college, can’t remember which; “F-U-G-L-Y! You ain’t got no alibi! You fugly!” The rest of the verse cites DNA as the source of the fugliness, but I’m not gonna pick on anybody’s mama. Nothing good ever comes of it.

  22. Amber

    Those shoes have GOT to go. They are possibly the ugliest things ever. And shouldn’t a designer know better than to wear socks with a dress?? Ugh.
    I am just so over his schtick. You want to shock people? Put on a suit/tux. Or a ball gown. Something beautiful and well-designed. This is not it.

  23. TonyG

    This is hilarious. Especially if it’s a comment on what women’s fashion wear is going. If the ladies can assault us, so can the guys! Bravo Mr. Jacobs!

    • betty

      Precisely. And he even manages to still look good, once you get the joke.

  24. TonyG

    Oops… that should say “WHERE women’s fashion wear is going.”

    • Kris M

      Definitely! I really hope this was an intentional statement about women wearing sheer crap over their undergarments.

      Not sure what the shoes are about.

  25. Wordphreak

    He’s channeling Heidi Klum! LOL!

  26. Stubenville

    This look just needs one of the big furry top hats from his last collection to be completely cracktastick.

    And I didn’t need to know if he was a boxers-or-briefs guy. It’s too much information.

    • eee

      I’m just glad it’s boxers and not tighty-whiteys. I don’t need to see that much of him.

  27. Anne B

    Hel-LO Fancy Pilgrim!

    Where be your pants?

  28. Erica

    I want to say something, but I HAVE NO WORDS.

  29. Melissa

    Shoes what?

  30. Janice

    Clearly this is a relative of Beyonce`s monstrosity sans train.

  31. ceecee

    This is the funniest thing I have seen all week. I was calling everyone within earshot to come see it and be similarly amused. Way to commit to a look, Marc!

  32. G

    If the boxers were black instead of white he could stand next to Heidi Klum and they’d be twins.

  33. Elaine

    Rhinestone pilgrim shoes! Ha! So amazingly bad I can’t stop laughing or look away…

  34. Mahastee

    Those shoes still crack me up, and so I find myself secretly wanting them.

    The rest though, no way. And if you’re going to wear a lace night shirt, at least let it be good quality lace! This lace looks CHEAP!!!

  35. Bambi Anne Dear

    A facebook friend of mine posted this pic with “only Marc Jacobs could pull this off”. I commented that Marc Jacobs was pulling himself off. This is worse than Beyonce’s slutty effort.

  36. Asheleigh

    Is anyone else getting a flashback to an episode of Just Shoot Me? Dana Carvey guest starred as a designer who was REALLY into the pilgrim look? Buckles everywhere… And then he made Mia a sheer, black lace dress… Perhaps Marc has been into the JSM re-runs!?

  37. Charlotte

    I really think that “Visible Underpants” should be a new tag on GFY.

  38. Discombobulated

    Yeah, he’s obviously trolling. I’m strangely okay with that.

    OTOH, I am not very familiar with the oeuvre of Marc Jacobs, so maybe this isn’t so clever in context.

  39. Rubee

    This is hilarious! For me it’s not even worth of criticism… He also looks awfully short… And somehow, I can’t overlook the fact he’s a very handsome man.

  40. Dr Skylaser

    Hee, “Chronicles of Ridic”. That’s beautiful.

  41. Amber

    Is it me or has Marc Jacobs turned into Ringo Starr?

  42. Ms.A

    Haha!! Oh Marc, why am I not surprised. A negligee, leprechaun shoes with rhinestone buckles, and white cotton boxers. At least it made me laugh! I like seeing what he wears for that very reason.

  43. Elle Hayes

    If he’s going to go sheer, he ought to ditch the black socks and clunky shoes and white boxers..a black speedo and a pair of italian loafers would look much better Marc

  44. Elle Hayes

    ONG..if he’s going to wear a sheer dress he ought to match it with black bikinis and a pair of expensive Italian loafers, sans socks. The white boxers are wacko dumb looking

  45. yeahandalso

    aside from the fact that I find him to be unquestionably the most overrated designer today, and possibly throughout fashion history. His personal antics are so annoying, bringing rent boys as dates to events, getting lipo and tattoos and peck implants…ect What an annoying, flashy midl-life crisis

  46. jenny

    Every time I see him in these ridiculous collared dresses, it makes me think of that scene from Happy Endings where Damon Wayans snaps and his pants come off and he’s wearing his wife’s polo shirt dress — anyone? And then I’m laughing so hard I forget about Marc here.

  47. hilary

    He so ruined this outfit with the white briefs. Sigh. He coulda been somebody.

  48. Rameisela

    I miss the old floppy hair & big glassed Marc. Bring back that guy not lady gaga impersonator