You know how on SNL, when Amy Poehler was still there, they’d do “SERIOUSLY?!?!?! With Seth And Amy”?* I sometimes do a version of that in my head, called “SERIOUSLY?!?!?! With Seth And Amy and Jessica” and it basically consists of whatever I’m thinking about whatever dumb outfit I’m writing about. To wit:

SERIOUSLY??!?!?!!?! You’re in the number one movie in the country and currently on the cover of Vogue and THIS is the best you can do for arguably Fashion’s Biggest Night? SERIOUSLY???!! A dress that manages to be both bland AND weird AND dated and half-assed bedhead? SERIOUSLY??!?!!!! SERIOUSLY.

*I have been informed — correctly — that is is actually REALLY?!?!?! With Seth and Amy. My defense is that in my HEAD it is called SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? because….that is how my brain works. CARRY ON.