Leelee Fugieski

The pattern here might not be that bad.

It’s just… plentiful. With a dowdy cut. And then accented by tie-dye, as if someone ran up to her pell-mell and screamed, “YOUR PATTERN IS SATAN’S POTHOLDER,” and ripped a piece of it off to reveal some color-coordinated Spanx. Also, add Satan’s Potholder to my list of band names, please. It’s getting long, so I’ve got to start forming some of them soon, so that I can quit them and form all the other ones before I adjourn to my table in Hell.

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  1. Donna

    The shoes are harsh and completely out of whack with the dress. That’s all.

  2. lettucecup

    Agreed. Those shoes are committing the biggest crime of all.

  3. Shiitake

    A shoe miscalculation but not horrifying.

  4. KSS

    Hmm, I don’t know… I’m kind of loving this!

    • Demetan

      I have a skirt in the same fabric and pattern, that I brought back from West Africa. I kind of love i too!

    • Fuh Ugh

      Yeah, I kind of love that whack dress. And she looks great in it – you’d think that weird blotch around the midsection would cut her in two, but she looks kinda fabulous. However – Team No White Pumps Ever

  5. neiges

    This is ok, it’s a bit thunder-in-japan (the fans…) but I like it. I just wanted to add that she is the most underated beauty out there – I find her really gorgeous yet some people find her horrible.

    • Kay

      I agree. She looks lovely (from the neck up) – the rest isn’t doing much for me.

  6. neiges

    Hate the white pointy shoes though; give them back to SJP.

  7. holly

    why is she posing behind a truck?

  8. ceecee

    Cut the top off and turn it into a blouse. Pair it with a solid color skirt, swap out the shoes and we have a winner. Oops, I just noticed the sleeves also have those weird color patches that look like a bleaching accident on them.
    Scrap the whole thing and start all over. That guy behind the “2″ agrees with me.

  9. Kat

    Can you please publish a list of your band names? I’m pretty sure it would complete my life.

    • vinniepop

      Kat, here’s something I originally posted in the comments during Fug Madness – enjoy.

      Re: Heather’s query if anyone was keeping a list of her faux bands; here’s a by-no-means-exhaustive rundown of some of the bands who have headlined at the GFY Indie Music Fest & Cover Band Kegger in the past year:
      Minimal Cleav
      Wonky Proportionality
      Nipples Akimbo
      Nipple Napkin
      Life Lemons
      Clunky Taco Shoes
      External Glitter Thong
      Crotch Proscenium
      The Billowing Cape
      Bum Ruffle (aka Bum Rufl)
      Wacky Pants
      Madonna Synthesizer
      Sheer Lace Bag
      Sassy Fringe
      Paisley Jumpsuit
      Apocalyptic Sleeve Brochure

      • blizzybee

        Nice work on the band list, vinniepop! I missed this during fug madness. Clunky Taco Shoes…hee.

  10. Chicklet

    Minus the tie-dyed portion, I (perhaps weirdly) think this print might have worked if cut into a slinky 1930′s-style bias gown. Something about it seems Art Deco to me.

  11. Francesca

    A little too soccer-mom-meets-geisha-girl.

  12. eee

    1) My parents’ house in New Jersey had wallpaper in the same pattern as this dress. It was 1978, and my parents were too poor to re-wallpaper, so we just lived with it. Today’s fashion shouldn’t look like 1978′s interior design mishap.

    2) I actually wouldn’t mind it if the pattern were used more sparingly, like just on the top and the bottom half of the dress was blue. But that much pattern = WALLPAPER.

    3) I believe she’s posing in front of (or in this case, behind) a paddywagon because she’s on a new cop show.

  13. vandalfan

    Carmen Miranda tied a scarf around her hips like that blue accent there. I’m just sayin’.

  14. Evalyn

    Why is she posing behind the mobil unit for Channel 2 dressed like she just popped up from a nap and remembered she had to be somewhere, then realized she should have visted the ladies room before any of that happened.?

    • anny

      Oh – maybe that’s why she looks all pissed off. Wait, she always looks like that.

  15. gail

    I really like this dress, although I would like to see it cutting off around the knees or a little higher. Very funny post, tho!

  16. Lily1214

    It Is unusual.

  17. Sajorina

    It’s weird, but it isn’t fug… I love the overall pattern and I’m fine with the other pattern on the sleeves, but not on the midsection! So, the dress is just OK, but I would die to see it on SWINTON because it’s giving me that vibe!

  18. fdgdf


  19. pc

    As soon as I read the caps, I heard Karl Lagerfeld’s voice. You have me well-trained.

  20. The Other Molly

    Satan’s potholder.
    And witch-like pointy toed-shoes.

  21. punkinholler

    I could be totally off base but the pattern in this dress reminds me a lot of a Japanese seascape and even the tie-dyed parts look like foam from a breaking wave. In fact, if this picture had been taken a month ago, I’d think it was some kind of homage to the victims of last year’s earthquake and tsunami. Anyway, I like the dress. I think the pattern is interesting and I might even consider wearing it if long straight skirts didn’t make me look like a very short and fat sausage with arms.

  22. maryse

    i think if it were knee length i’d be ok with it. even with the white shoes. call me crazy