This is a double trousorial whammy for you on this fine (I hope) Friday afternoon. First up, Emma Roberts.

She’s just out and about, so I don’t care about the undershirt; I am, however, on the scent of this floral pants trend, curious about whether it will be something I end up accidentally embracing, or whether it — like leggings — will remain in my heart forever a scourge on ladykind. Right now, I just… On a cocktail dress, maybe that pattern would work, but on her legs that stuff just looks like downstairs half-bath wallpaper. And the high cut of the waist makes her look terribly boxy in a way that I wholeheartedly blame on the pants. (*Apparently I need to clarify that I’m not calling them high-waisted pants; just noting that it looks like from button to crotch the length is longer than is flattering on her pelvis. But that might also be an optical illusion based on where/how her legs are bumping each other, making it look like the crotch is lower than it is. Anyway. Carry on.) And I don’t like it when pants are guilty. Listen, y’all, these are not helping our pro-pants arguments. The youth of America is never going to look into pants if the pants that are available are terrible.

Or infection-baiting:

Those things are tighter than the predicament her groin will be in if she leaves them on much longer. I know it’s a tough economy out there, and we all need to do our parts, but girl, Monistat doesn’t need your business. They’re doing just fine.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]