Lana Del Fug

Dear Lana Del Rey,

Considering all the PR DRAMZ over how weird and terrible you were on SNL a couple of weeks ago, and maybe now is not the time to so vigorously advertize that you are completely open to corporate sponsorship.

[Photo: Splash]

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  1. VV

    That looks like some Formula 1 motor racing team wear from a while ago. Not sure what team, though Ferrari is a likely candidate (Agip is an Italian oil company); Arai make helmets for drivers, and the other logo looks like a logo for a certain cigarette brand owned by Philip Morris.

    I don’t get why LdR attracts so much bile. Her parents are rich, she’s (probably) had lip implants, her first album was a flop, it’s not her real name. So what?

    • Annie E

      I think if she had any confidence at all, there would not be nearly as much bile. She kept trying not to smile on SNL when people were applauding, attempting to keep up with her moody lounge singer gimmick. She seems very insecure (hard to say which came first, the bile or the insecurity), and that makes her an easy target.

      • Christian

        OMG, if someone has made a .gif of her whole “don’t smile” face on SNL, please send it to me. It was hilariousssssss. Michael K. described her performance as an overly sedated 8 year old doing a Jennifer North impression in her mirror. YES!

  2. Sam

    Yeah, looks like she is off to those races she sings about, lol.

    But at least the collagen seams to be wearing off or maybe it’s because she’s smiling.

    • Miranda

      I never would have recognized her in this picture, it’s kind of freaking me out.

  3. Anne B

    White dress. Speedway windbreaker. Nude t-straps?!


  4. Sajorina

    I didn’t know she was a Nascar driver on the side! Good for her because she’s an awful singer and is going to have to rely on a day job! The dress & jacket are BAD, but her shoes & purse are cute! And, why the hell does she have a baseball cap in her hand? Urgh…

  5. Willow

    Good Lord she is both boring and incompetent at dressing herself.

    I smell a new Fug Madness contender!

  6. Alice

    not gonna lie but I’m almost entirely sure that it says “Anal” on her jacket.

  7. gav

    She looked good when she took the jacket off.

    Not sure why she attracts so much venom from people.

    • fritanga

      Probably because she’s a corporate construct AND a horrible singer and performer?

      This jacket is whack. Was she going for an edgy, “female-version-of-Gosling-in-Drive” look? If so, FAIL.

      • Kimberli

        I think she has some talent and that she will blossom if she’s allowed to make her own choices.

        And who cares if she is “a corporate construct?” If you don’t like her music, don’t listen to it. But there are people who do, so I fail to see the problem. I don’t think there’s any need to be a purist about music. I find her music fun and pretty.

  8. AJ

    I realize I’m probably the only person, but I actually liked her songs. Don’t like her racing car jacket with her little white dress and t-strap shoes.

  9. MonMode

    Her outfit could’ve had so much potential, but the jacket definitely ruins it..

  10. currygirl

    She made me cringe on SNL, but she was good on Letterman, I thought. Am I suffering from Stockholm syndrome? And yes, the dress looks super cute without that fugly jacket!

  11. vandalfan

    I stopped watching SNL in the 80′s, so lackluster efforts there don’t surprise me, but this gal’s Curriculum Vitae reads like Rebecca “Friday, Friday” Black. Plus, NASCAR? Ballcap? Who does she think she’s fooling?

  12. Zeina

    It looks like she somehow miraculously repaired her botched botox/collagen lips! HOW POSSIBLE?

  13. hehe

    omg. she is literally wearing character shoes. is this a high school production of guys and dolls?

  14. Megan

    That’s her boy friends jacket right?

    She also said she will never make another album, she’s over it!

  15. Lavender

    I can’t with this chick. One thing is that her father is some multi-millionaire who supposedly financed her album/career/image overhaul, etc. Second thing is I read an article about how a bunch of corporate music bosses sat in a room for hours and tried to come up with the perfect stage name. The name is kind of cheesy but ok at first, and you would think she picked it herself. I have a feeling this girl was walking around in Uggs, Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants, and Free City hoodies in the not-so-distant past.

  16. Mahastee

    All the hoo-ha about her aside, it looks like she just threw on her boyfriend’s jacket for the walk between the car and the wherever it is she’s headed to. After all it is night and it is Northern Hemisphere Winter. The rest is fine.
    I don’t know, maybe it isn’t fine, I just really hate these ‘off duty’ paparazzi shots. Do we really expect every single celebrity to look fabulous every single minute they spend outside of their homes?

  17. Katherine Brenes

    im sure the situation was this…….she was all dressed with her pretty dress, and didnt realize how freaking cold was outside!!! so the driver, gave him his jacket just to get down of the car!, that it!!!!!!< as simple as that!!!!!!!!!, and also she's an indie artist… cant be dresses all perfect as C. Diaz, or whatever…..
    she's pretty, but i think she looks older than she is………