Lady Fugga

Memo to all the birds circling the Sydney skies:

Two words: target practice.

[Photo: Splash News]

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  1. TonyG


  2. Laura Roper

    Ha, good one!

  3. Chasmosaur

    Sadly, that was probably a cool wide-brimmed hat – very Alexis Carrington – that she mutilated. Maybe she saw the SWINTON W spread and thought this would be cooler than the plastic face-plate thing. She would be wrong.

  4. TaraMisu

    Ok, I am Gaga’s biggest fan but she needs to stop. WE GET IT.

  5. LoriK

    She looks like she’s trying to stop herself from throwing up. Maybe she’s finally as sick of her attention whoring outfits as I am.

  6. Mongerel

    tee hee

  7. vandalfan

    Confess, we’ve all seen ladies wearing yooge picture hats like that and you just wished they’d stick their head through the brim! Now, it depends on the length of the leather dress/coat, but … (whispers) … loose the shoulder loops and I think I like it.

    But what has it gots on it’s feets?

  8. Christian

    I do like that leather coat and wish I could see more of it. However I’m thankful I can’t see whatever stupid “ripped off the rack at a Gadzooks circa 1997″ platform shoes she has on.

  9. eee

    Dumb Donald did this look decades ago on Fat Albert. Yawn.

  10. Sarie

    I scrolled past this three times with out even bothering to stop and see what dumb thing she is doing now. Even now I only looked at it long enough to know it was her, and to comment on that the had was cute, till she cut a big hole in it and ruined it.

  11. Carolina Girl

    Apart from everything else, it must be really time consuming for Gaga to be constantly trying to one-up herself. I’m hoping that one day soon she will say say “To hell with this. I’m going out in a nice pair of skinny jeans, a cute top and some flats.” I know that would shock the shit out of me.

  12. Miz H

    TMZ compared her to the black spy in Spy vs. Spy.

  13. Libby

    Dear Lady Ga ga,
    Please review SWINTON’s latest pictorial. Feel free to lay low until you can raise your crazy/drama to that level.
    a public who has grown **yawn** tired

  14. themis

    For the first couple of years she was walking around like this I really thought nothing more about her than ‘hm, catchy song,’ and ‘lord, look into pants -!’ And then at one point I saw one of those YouTube videos of her playing piano and singing a capella, and was really struck by her raw talent. Not just a pop tart.

    Yes, she is tiresome; and I know from tiresome, as I’m old enough to have sat through Truth Or Dare in the theater. But does she deserve this level of constant vitriol? She dresses weird, she crafts her image. It’s fashion, sometimes the point is more art than beauty. She’s also very young, and she doesn’t say half of the assy shit that JLo did in her heyday. She works for good causes … I don’t know, it bums me out that every GaGa post on Go Fug is a gleeful blanket party, and I can’t even call myself a fan.

    It seems out-of-proportion mean. What am I missing?

  15. AP

    @themis – I think a lot of people on here GET that she is trying to express “art” rather than “beauty”, but a they’re not buying into it. I also think a lot of people would concede that she is actually talented. And finally, I think a lot of people here, at least, would like her better if she just let her talent shine through.

    Personally, I feel like I might not be able to tell the difference between her and Amy Winehouse if Gaga started dressing normal. That being said, I don’t know the last time I’ve seen Amy Winehouse and I’m not sure I know what Gaga’s face actually looks like, so… yeah. I don’t know where I was going with that.

  16. Alison

    Her shtick is getting old. You know you’ve played too much dress up when there is no amount of crazy that can elicit anything more than a yawn.

    If Gaga really wants to turn heads, she should dress normal for once.

  17. Lynnie


  18. Emilee

    I’m not surprised that Gaga is yawning. That’s exactly what I did when I saw this.

  19. JillB

    I thought her last two outfits (this leather coat I would love to own, and the leather swirly dress) were interesting without being stupid. I’m just concerned about the poor girl. she doesn’t seem to be able to stand or walk without assistance. Is there something wrong (really) with her balance? Or is it just the too-tall shoes?

  20. CJ

    She once talked about how hats for her are comforting to her because they are a kind of social barrier. An interesting take on something I wear for warmth or to block my nose from getting burned. Obviously, she is very famous and needs protection from fans who could rush her, but just look at her. Everything about her ensemble is a like a social barrier: the hat, the talons, the crazy high heels that require her to have an escort and room to fall, the dominatrix dress…she might be blowing kisses, but that outfit screams “stay at least 10 feet away from me!”

  21. 'Mela

    To your two words, I got three: Amen to that!

  22. anny

    ‘Cause she can totally hose down that pleather afterwards.

  23. Tracy L

    Heather–you are fabulous!

  24. Blueskiesgrey

    I think the security guard behind her really likes it.

  25. julie

    @themis The problem is that it’s derivative, poorly-executed “art” that aims for little other than shock value and doesn’t have anything substantial to contribute. It’s the worst kind of self-indulgence, and it needs to be called out more often (plus her entire self-appointed status as liberator of the gay masses is seriously questionable in too many ways to talk about here). Ok, end Gaga rant.

    I do like the hat, though. You know, if it were worn as an actual hat.

  26. Jess in Sydney

    To everyone who loves the coat – its not a coat.
    It was almost like a leather sandwich board…nothing on the sides but bare, tattooed Gaga thigh.
    Sorry to disappoint! It’s a very deceptive picture.

    And on a somewhat unrelated note – in this picture she is leaving the Four Seasons. If anyone in Fug Nation decides to venture down under to our fair city, I recommend the Four Seasons. It’s fantastic, the staff are fab. And no I don’t work there.

  27. blueeyes

    It’s fashion without style. That’s a problem.

  28. International Fug

    It reminds me of a nun’s habit, and I kind of like it!!
    @thermis, I feel you. I warmed up to her too. She works for good causes, she minds her manners on camera, talks nicely about her parents, her lyrics are interesting in a time when pop music lyrics have really hit rock bottom: there is a lot to love. I think she’s trying to fill that Madonna- and Michael Jackson-shaped hole in society’s heart (though I admit she could never be the equal of either of them).
    Someone like Aubrey O’Day with her fake boobs and dyed-to-match puppies is a lot offensive to me, but I guess that’s just a matter of taste…

  29. Pusat Tas Branded Im


  30. JB

    My favorite part of this picture is the guy in the sweater and tie in the background with a look on his face that says “Oh, holy hell! What is that girl doing to herself!”

  31. Chaiaiai

    she looks like the hamburgler.

  32. Tory

    Thank you, Chaiaiai, I thought the same thing.

  33. Jordan Goslin

    I saw an interview with her where she talked about studying fame and perfecting it as an art and I really do buy that she does this for attention that is over the top and on her terms. No one worries about her personal life or invading it because she makes such a spectacle of herself externally, so no one bothers to delve deeper. She gives us plenty of insane surface material to work with. And if that’s really the case and really why she does what she does, would it be crazy of me to say that she might be more balanced [aside from her heels] than most fame-whores?

    In any case, am I nuts to love the corset action in the midst of that pleather nightmare? I want to take the idea and put it on something really sexy.

  34. Kimberli

    I agree that her fashion is a bit tiresome, but I still really like her. She works for good causes and she’s actually talented behind all her shtick. I think both of those things outweigh her outward appearance.

  35. vandalfan

    As far as “art” goes, she just strikes me as insincere. She has musical talent, so why become a freak show to get attention? Shouldn’t her talent be enough all by itself? The outfits and mystery-speak nonsense (Eggs? Little monsters?) make me think she is not really talented, rather, just a poseur, a fake.