Well, this is a bit more like it.

I mean, there isn’t much TO it, but it’s a cute little red leather mini, which is kind of what I’ve been WAITING for Brooklyn Decker to bust out now that she’s a red-carpet fixture. Granted, I understand that maybe she wanted to be Taken Seriously As An Actress or whatever, but girl, you have that body. You should use it while it’s there for you.

We still have some work to do on the hair — it’s the kind of half-up, half-down that makes me insane, because there is almost no point to the half-up, since most of it is still hanging in her face. But maybe she’s just bummed that she’s at a sporting-related event, at which at least one other professional tennis player is in attendance, and yet her husband is STILL NOT THERE. I mean, as Jess said yesterday, I don’t know their lives. But if you were Andy Roddick, wouldn’t you be kind of like, “Yes, this is MY WIFE, Y’ALL,” and if you were Brooklyn Decker, wouldn’t you want to point at him and be like, “THAT’S RIGHT, I TAPPED THAT”? Isn’t the base human instinct to flaunt the shit out of it? Flaunt it! Flaunt it all! Come ON people. Indulge your inner asshat. We will understand.