Kimberly Fugyatt

Remember when the Pussycat Dolls were a thing? Kimberly Wyatt surely hopes you do, as she’s releasing a solo album this year called — wait for it — “Derriere,” which is almost as delicious as that time Bai Ling was shopping a book called Nipples.

And while this dress isn’t so much about the derriere, it DOES hope you will spend considerable time dissecting it front half. It LOOKS like you can ssee panties and a bra, but then, it ALSO looks like you can see BLUE panties, when in fact those are sequins. It’s the illusion of the illusion of transparency. That’s going deep, people. That’s two layers of deception. It’s a pity both of those layers look like they cost ninety-nine cents and/or came out of a party store confetti cannon.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. ErinE

    I don’t remember her at all, but this dress screams “i named my album this real pretty french name y’all, derriere. I’m super faaancy and sophisticated”

  2. ok

    Sometimes the idiom, “rode hard and put away wet,” is all too apt.

  3. Cathy

    Her pose looks like she’s saying, “Yeah, I know this is awful. Take the picture and let me go.”

  4. Helen

    I might kind of like the dress. It’s got some humor to it and, zooming in, I see it appears well-made; I think what’s making it look cheap is her hair. And that tacky Vegas-poolside manicure color. It also needs the right jewelry, which is not in evidence.

    And what’s up with the heroin-face? I thought that was over in the ’90s. Maybe she’s sick? The girl does NOT look happy.

    • Elbyem

      Exactly! The hair, the shoes, the nails – and the “shadow panty” – wreck a perfectly lovely gown.

      • Bottle Ginger

        It’s not a “lovely gown”, it’s a gown designed to be the ultimate in “nude illusion”.

        As such, I’d dearly love the honor of setting fire to it.

  5. bambi_beth

    If it weren’t for the illusion of the illusion of transparency/blue panties and this were just a jewel encrusted taupe dress, I would wholeheartedly love it. Because SHINY!!!!!

  6. Caroleena Stantonova

    The entire kit n kaboodle is “meh,” but with an exclamation mark.

  7. Heather

    Yeah, it’s … doing too much and not doing it well.

  8. Rayna

    I like this Very Sparkly Dress, complaints re: cheap-o-ness sustained.

    But it is not HER COLOR (or rather, it’s too much her color) and she does not look pleased overall.

    However, I am pleased that she is not sharing Bits That Should Not Be Shared in Public.

    Has the bar sunk so low?

  9. AM

    i think the dress is okay and ditto to– I am pleased that she is not sharing Bits That Should Not Be Shared in Public. The hair, the posture, and the facial expression could do more to “selling” this.

    • Sandra

      Well, yeah, but the thing is designed to make it LOOK like she’s sharing her bits; which is a different kind of awful, but at least the same degree.

  10. rowynn

    Agreed that her hair, manicure, and general demeanor all need improvement, but how about those clunky shoes? When I see shoes like that, (bland, boring, beige,) it says to me that this person doesn’t really know what compliments what, and chose these shoes because it seemed safe, like they would match anything. Its like painting all the rooms in your house white because you’re afraid you might make a mistake if you go with a color.

    • Helen

      Yeah, I’d rather see a blue shoe with this, and in a style with some interest to it.

  11. Evalyn

    I’m acutally glad to hear that the blue bit is sequins because I thought I was seeing blue panties and a tan line.

  12. Vandalfan

    She is going to have to learn how to curb her apparently boundless enthusiasm.

  13. avidbeader

    I like shiny things, and I think this dress could have been a spectacular shiny thing if the underlying color wasn’t nude. Even so, it could be great now if she cared enough to work it.

  14. Ellelake

    She looks very Khaleesi, can’t wait for GoT.

    • Chris P

      You take that back RIGHT NOW. Daenerys Targaryen would NEVER.

      Hell, Cersei Lannister wouldn’t wish this on her worst enemy (okay, she might, but only if she’s been drinking).

  15. JNadreau

    Am I the only one who thought she was Lindsey Lohan at first? LiLo with a short blonde bob.

  16. Chris P

    Whatever happened to the “Nipples” book anyway? Fug Nation girded their loins in anticipation and then…nothing.