Remember when the Pussycat Dolls were a thing? Kimberly Wyatt surely hopes you do, as she’s releasing a solo album this year called — wait for it — “Derriere,” which is almost as delicious as that time Bai Ling was shopping a book called Nipples.

And while this dress isn’t so much about the derriere, it DOES hope you will spend considerable time dissecting it front half. It LOOKS like you can ssee panties and a bra, but then, it ALSO looks like you can see BLUE panties, when in fact those are sequins. It’s the illusion of the illusion of transparency. That’s going deep, people. That’s two layers of deception. It’s a pity both of those layers look like they cost ninety-nine cents and/or came out of a party store confetti cannon.

[Photo: WENN]