Kentucky Derby Fug and Fab Omnibus

It was a miracle of scheduling that the Royal Wedding — replete with all variety of whimsical headgear — happened just before the Kentucky Derby, and, in fact, just enough before the Kentucky Derby that everyone had still ample time to run out and buy a bigger, British Royalty-ier hat. For that, we say “thank you,” and also, “hey, check out this slideshow of crazy hats people wore all over Kentucky this weekend.”

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  1. Kay

    Erin Andrews’ TINY feet are freaking me out quite a bit.

  2. Samina

    Yes! Someone else noticed Erin’s feet! Also, what is with those shoes? Did she forget she had an event to attend and have her driver stop at Payless? Not that Payless doesn’t have cute shoes right now…but I’m not sure the shoes do anything for that pantsuit/romper thing.

  3. Willow

    why is Kate Gosselin wearing a dead poodle on her head?

    And Jennifer Tilly’s hat is wonderful, I love the colours of it!

  4. Susie Q

    Maybe Erin Andrews is standing on a dwarf’s shoulders?

  5. LoriK

    Poor Miranda Lambert. It’s been a rough few days. Her drunk fiancee acted like a homophobic idiot on Twitter (not to mention that gross stiff about pee) and she went out in public looking like… Well, like that. So sad.

  6. Fuh Ugh

    Aubrey O’Day I does not look “OK” – she looks like she is wearing a retro lampshade as a dress, as does Miranda Lambert. Let’s not even dignify AOD II and ML’s footwear.

    I also like Jennifer Tilley’s hat and overall “look.” She one of the few not wearing black and white or beige. In fact, what is UP with all the black and white? Are they not only channeling the Royals, but My Fair Lady at Royal Ascot?

  7. Suzanne

    Is it just me or does every frock look as if it’s saying, “Yum!”?

  8. Amy

    Taylor Dane looks like she stopped by on her way to the beach. I mean that is a swimsuit cover, right? Just switch out flip flops for the pumps & she’s good to go.

  9. Joni Woodhead

    i didnt think AOD looked ok in the first shot either, proportions on the ruffly thing on top were awful for her .. but, I give credit that the hat she chose was cute for the event and did go with the dress well

  10. Jenna

    Don’t they understand the rule to wearing hats. You either wear a crazy dress OR you wear a crazy hat you don’t wear both at the same time. I’m looking at you Maria Menounos. If you want to challenge yourself, you go for elegant. See Kate Walsh, stunning…that’s how you do it.

  11. Alejandro & Cilantro

    Taylor Dayne clearly made an ill-advised pitstop at a mullberry orchard.

  12. nikle

    I love J Tilly’s hat.

    What the heck is Kate Gosslin wearing on her head????

  13. croma

    Is there some sort of rule about wearing black and white? Why are so many of them wearing no colour?

  14. Molly

    Oh look, now that she’s gotten extensions, the horrible Kate G. is paying hat-homage to her GODAWFULEVIL old headsuit- you know, the one that looked like a chicken’s butt.
    And can someone PLEASE tell me that Aubrey was rocking some serious boob tape? I am sincerely afraid that those tig ol’ bitties got some unexpected camera time.
    Also, HURRAH for Chilli going places. TLC forever, y’all.
    And Joey FatONE is living up to his name. *sigh* But as you pointed out, HOLY HELL, he isn’t dead.

  15. foo

    Ha. I thought KG had put her old extensions to good use on the trim of that hat. It’s like a birthday hat at Chi-Chi’s in an erstwhile reality show stars Hell.

    Liked several including JT cool snake horns, but somebody please tell me AO’D is not biting a riding crop at the Kentucky Derby. Please? (?!)

  16. Dina

    I’m not a basketball fan, so thanks for introducing me to that handsome dandy, John Wall. Would that more men would look into snappy plaid sports coats and suede loafers.

  17. vandalfan

    I really love Aubrey O’Day’s first hat. The rest of the dress looks like she’s a waitress who was recently ravished. Mr. Wall is dreamy, but, seriously, the last guy is truly Fat One.

  18. Chicklet

    I have no idea which team John Wall throws a basketball for, but I adore him for this outfit alone. And Jennifer Tilly can do no wrong: Not only can she beat, like, 90% of the world in poker, she’s richer than God because her ex-husband (with whom she’s still friends) was one of the original producers of The Simpsons. (He’s using his money to operate a no-kill dog rescue shelter. I KNOW.)

  19. The Other Molly

    Aubrey no…just no.
    Kate Gosselin…I have no words.
    Not one good look in this group.
    Clearly none of them are Kentucky Gentry.

  20. Lina

    Women: aack. Aubrey might as well give up and do porn, and thus put herself out of my misery. Kate Walsh looks better than I’ve seen her in years. Go her. I am so stunned to see Jennifer Tilly out somewhere — I hope she’s working again, she was always so talented. (I don’t have any opinions on the others.)

    Men: Lachey always, always looks like a paper doll dressed in a too-big suit, so it looks like he’s suddenly had his head shrunk. Ian’s trilby is sort of classically awesome; the pattern is making me dizzy, but I’m glad he didn’t try to match it to his suit too closely. I have no idea who John Wall is, but this is a great outfit. So…after the Derby, Joey Fatone will be hopping a train back to Chicago, circa 1925. Is he trying to get cast in a Scorcese movie?

  21. Bookworm

    I had just watched the replays so this was timed perfectly. “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” with “The Most Awesome Sideshow in Sports.” More awesome hats can be found at Buzzfeed:

  22. Lynne

    @Dina, I’m with you. Didn’t know who John Wall was but I’m paying attention now. Very, very dishy and he looked SHARP. I think he and Kate Walsh won this slide show.

    On another subject, I feel kind of grossed out that I had to look at a picture of Kate Gosselin. I really thought she’d gone away.

  23. Anne B

    I would mug J-Till for two reasons:

    1) To get that fascinator, which is literally fierce, could probably fend off anyone who wants to mess with me by itself, and also would go with all my black stuff
    2) To hear her cuss at me in her baby voice

  24. Sandra

    Kate Walsh and John Wall look great and event-appropriate. Clearly, the rest of them never learned how to dress for an outdoor daytime event. The Queen and Carole Middleton would have looked less out of place in what they wore to Westminster Abbey.

  25. The Other Molly

    Erin Andrews…I want to know why some women do not address their visible tan lines before going strapless and bare shouldered.
    I actually saw someone in her wedding dress with visible tan lines.
    This is not a good look ladies.

  26. AMS

    I was so happy to see Aubrey O’Day’s first pic that I nearly cheered for her – her boobs are contained! She looks almost proportional! Her hair is cute! There’s no glitter, no extraneous purse dog, no tacky excessive makeup . . . but then I clicked on the second pic, and thus were my fondest hopes dashed. I consoled myself by admiring whoever that sharp-looking basketball player is, and with J. Tilly’s fantastic hat and dress. I love the colors, the whimsy, that her hat looks handmade and that the details are well-thought-out. Well played!

  27. Alexis

    You know what I LOVE about the format change for the website? It’s that under every caption it says “react” and then has all the little social media symbols, y’know. So I read it like “Dude… Joey Fatone is alive… REACT!”

  28. Elise

    Favorite: Jennifer Tilly. Cuz she’s Jennifer Tilly!

    Least Favorite: Just about everyone else.

    Person who needs to go home NOW and stay out of the “celebrity” news forever and ever: KATE GOSSELIN.

  29. Chrissy Cunningham

    I have to agree John Wall was quintessential!! I wish we had had more men dressed like him at Virginia Gold Cup this weekend.

  30. witjunkie

    John Wall was a University of Kentucky Wildcat and was the #1 draft pick for the NBA last year. And is a sharp-dressed man.

  31. nmlhats

    Dear Joey,

    FELT HATS ARE FOR WINTER. It is now springtime. Find yourself some straw hats, and your noggin will be more comfortable and less sweaty.

  32. Chris

    Aubrey II – I have never been more traumatized by a GFY photo. I think she wants to do stuff to all of us that cannot be described on this site.

    …wait, maybe I have. Oddly enough, that also starred our Fug Madness ’09 winner. (More to the point, it featured her breast implants. Which were threatening a rupture all over my computer screen.)

  33. Sajorina

    Oh, Lord!!!

    Can someone please explain Aubrey O’Day to me! WHY IS SHE?

    Paula Patton and Kate Walsh = FAB!

    And, why the hell is Kate Goseling doing out there in public? Can someone please put her back in the cave she came out of?

  34. Sara

    WOO-HOO! Joey Fatone is still alive!

  35. Heidi

    Was that some visible nip on Taylor or just me? i’m sure I could see something.

  36. Anita

    You Fug Girls need to run a “How to Dress for the Races” informercial. Because, clearly, no one has any idea.

  37. Bambi Anne Dear

    Aubrey O’Day no. 2? Was she some sort of entertainment as well? I thought all these looks were pretty tame. Not a patch on we Aussies and those Liverpudlians a few weeks back. Or were there some better looks among the public and members?

  38. Barbara

    Everytime I see Ian Somerhwhazhizname, I think, “Rob Lowe”! Rob should play his dad.

  39. jenny

    Me, I thought Tillsters hat was a bit scary, as if it had snakes on it. And good lord, Taylor Dayne. Did she make that whole outfit at a special Derby Day crafting table before this photo op? In general – aside from the glorious Kate Walsh and John Wall – these photos make me a wee bit embarrassed to be an American. We really do look like a bunch of overeager boobs when we try to do daytime classy like the Brits.

  40. Hillz

    First of all Jen Tilly is stunning! She has always had her own unique sense of style and I LOVE IT! I’m glad she’s been doing more red carpets recently. And may I say this bitch is 52! 52! She doesn’t age!

  41. jnadreau

    Is nobody going to address the ugly underarm stain on AOD II? I think her self-tanner sweated off her right arm and onto her dress. Or else she’s figured out how to excrete bodily fluids from her armpits.

  42. Anne

    @bookworm. Thanks for the link. Clearly rich, non-famous people have more fun with hats – love no. 8.

  43. Donovan

    Am I the only one who thinks Ian Somerhalder is wearing a tad too much concealer around his chin? I mean…do what you gotta do, friend….lord knows we all need to cover up now and again, but it’s the first thing I noticed. Perhaps a make-up artist came at him with an unsteady hand and a difficulty in matching shades?

  44. Anissa

    I read somewhere that Kate G got that awful hat in a swag suite that weekend. Personally she shouldn’t be in there to begin with, but she needs to learn that free doesn’t mean you have to take it…yuck!

  45. Kate

    SERIOUSLY! How hard is it to dress for a DAYTIME fancy race? Not hard. Kate Walsh is the only female who got it spot on (a couple of others were close). You do NOT dress like it’s a cocktail party but with a crazy hat on top. The goal is understated and effortless with a classy statement hat (but only IF you can pull the hat off, if not, keep it simple).

    It just irritates me that everyone forgets it’s DAYTIME. It would be like wearing a little mini shiny black cocktail dress to an outdoor mid-day spring wedding. INAPPROPRIATE. UGH. I feel like the Derby is sort of a reverse-Halloween opportunity, but instead of dressing as ho-tastic as you like without repercussion, you can dress as ladylike and classy as you like without any backlash about being boring and such. I would think people would relish the reverse-Halloween factor and finally being able to wear something long enough to actually cover their lady bits.

    Kate Walsh – win. Everyone else – try again next year (or don’t… Maybe stay home and save me the headaches).

  46. jenni

    I can’t believe there’s not more love in the comments for Paula Patton! She looked PERFECT. My fave, by far.

  47. kiki

    @Alexis “So I read it like “Dude… Joey Fatone is alive… REACT!”

    Me too. Made the experience all the richer. Also, seeing him reminded me that he has always lived up to his last name.

  48. LYNN

    Am I all alone in loving the YUM directly over Nick Lachey’s head?
    Whatevs….I’ve still got loves for him even if he did wear overalls during his 98 Degrees days. we all make mistakes.

  49. LYNN

    Also, I love how the Kentucky Derby is supposed to be sort of “Classy and Proper” and yet every single person in this gallery looks rather foolish and seriously out of place.

  50. ChaChaheels

    John Wall was gloriously dressed among the men (am I the only one who thinks a man wearing a hat indoors, even for a photo on the red carpet, is just gauche? I thought men were supposed to know to remove their hats once under a roof).

    The British do the hat thing with elegant day wear so much better. I think the hats look like they fit better, they’re made of better quality straw and other materials. Here we seem to have a misguided fondness for the floppy, pastel wide-brim with the very tall crown, very K-mart 1970′s. Bedazzled, on top of everything, and glue-gunned with polyester flowers.

  51. Jessica Rabbit

    I have to agree with chachaheels. What is it with those wide brimmed hats that look like they have been put together by an ADHD child in the midst of a glue-gun frenzy????? Don’t people have television? Don’t they switch it on to see what the rest of the fashion world is wearing? Don’t they flip through Vogue, Harpers to see the trends? Yes, there was a the distinct smell of money in the air at the derby but by and large and bar the few brave souls that did it right with their hats, the old adage still holds true: money…cannot and will never…buy style.

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