I Fug Fugabees

LIEV SCHREIBER: You look fantastic mumble mumble mumble.

NAOMI WATTS: What was the rest of that?


NAOMI: It sounded like “from Denise’s cup.” What does that mean? Is that some kind of Lisa Bonet reference?

LIEV: Nothing! It means nothing.

NAOMI: Or maybe it was, “from a flea’s pup.” But that doesn’t make sense. That’s backwards, at best.

LIEV: Nothing! I said NOTHING.

NAOMI:  Was it, “while the trees sup?” Or “from a wee’s gup?” Like, a small child’s guppy? “As the G’s yup?” Like, are you talking about how folks who used to pretend to be all gangsta back in the day have turned into yuppies and are now driving Priuses?

LIEV: “TO YUP” is not a VERB. We don’t even know anyone who used to be pretend to be “gangsta.” Since when do you even use the word “gangsta”?

NAOMI: Since Vicki Gunvalson used it to refer to herself on an episode of Watch What Happens Live. NOW who’s yupped, right? ME.

LIEV: I said, FROM THE KNEES UP. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC FROM THE KNEES UP. Your ankles escaped from the crazy farm and are holding your feet for ransom.

NAOMI: Oh, is that it? Hmm. I think you could have worked Lisa Bonet into that somehow, actually, Liev.

LIEV: I give up.

NAOMI: You look fantastic all over.

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Comments (13):

  1. llism

    Yes, yes he does.


  2. Other Emily

    I so love these two. She does look great from the knees up, although I would like it still more if the pants were not the same as the shirt. Because she’s awesome and he’s amazing, I’m going to pretend I never saw the bottom of her ensemble.

    As an aside, it happens that I love football. And football is made even better for me when Liev uses his sexy growl to narrate Hard Knocks on HBO.

  3. pantsonfire

    Actually, this would be kind of awesome if we just swapped out the pant part of the pantsuit and replaced with an awesome pair of jeans in a faded wash, and wore that look during daytime or out to dinner (though maybe with a smidge less makeup). I would so totally wear that. And I think I probably really like her shoes.

  4. Sandra

    Obviously they are at the same event at the same time, but he is (beautifully) dressed in formal wear and she’s got on peach-colored satin pajamas. The blazer looks a bit casual also, but at least it looks great.

    • LoriK

      Exactly. Presumably they both knew they were going to the same place, so how did they end up looking like this? At least one of them was totally wrong about the occasion. Did they not notice that in before they left the house? How is that possible?

  5. giggleswick

    Oh my god. Not just pajama pants. It’s a knit cuff with a zipper. Does she really need to unzip them to get them on and off? The elasticized knit cuff isn’t enough? *repeating “Liev, Liev,” as a calming mantra*

  6. JillB

    She never quite gets the make up right. It’s either too little or too much and almost always too shiny.

  7. vandalfan

    A bit much in the makeup, yes, but I think a really stunning, cubic-zirconium encrusted, five inch stiletto platform shoe could have saved it all.

  8. Neil

    Her outfit would look fine on Blanche Devereaux sitting around on the lanai, but on a Hollywood star half/two thirds? her age at what looks like a formal Hollywood dinner? No.

  9. fritanga

    Oh my God, Naomi has “thought-you-said-itis” from Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Hee.

    That said, those pants are heinous. Shiny apricot and heinous.

  10. Chrissy

    She’s another one who has a tendency to wear clothes that make her look older than she is. I agree with the person above who said a pair of jeans would have worked better.

  11. bex

    THE MORE LIEV THE BETTER. thanks for making me all capsy, ladies. i love me some liev.

  12. Lily1214

    Did you notice he’s wearing the same suit he wore in the other photo?