High Fug Musifug

Oh, VANESSA. I love you. You WILL be the first-ever repeat Fug Madness winner.  I beseech you to attempt the Back To Back. Come on! Do it! You have five months to go. BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS (lace pants).

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  1. KMG

    Zima! That brings me back. All she needs is a flannel.

    • Ruth

      Zima + Midori = Zimidoris. That was a gloriously awful drink my friends and I used to have. Why? Why?

  2. Kristen from MA

    …aaaaaaand she’s back. She had a short period of normalcy. That white dress with the black lace she wore was so pretty, but it just couldn’t last. She’s back to wackadoo. :(

  3. Ian

    Glob help me: I actually think she looks good in that first outfit.

    • house mouse

      Yeah, me too. It hurts me to say it, but it’s 90′s AND hippy dippy Coachella in a way that is right on message for her. Or it’s the Halle Berry effect, where she’s just so hot that even the ugliest stuff still kind of works on her.

  4. AmyK

    Is the last picture showcasing a severe case of duckface, or am I imagining things?

    • paige

      Yes, she actually sports duckface in most pictures. It’s getting out of control. No more duckface, lady stars!

      • Jasmine

        I was just about to comment and call her Vanessa “Duckface” Hudgens.

        I also sported that marvelous crush velvet bodysuit. When I was like… 6. Stop it, Vanessa.

        • Mair Mair

          I honestly thought for a minute that she’d had some type of plastic surgery that hollows out your cheekbones.

  5. Pinga

    I’d say that a black, crushed-velvet bodysuit is more Crystal Pepsi and Salt-n-Pepa than Zima and Third Eye Blind. But either way it is horrendous!

    • Amberoni13

      Thank you! Although I’m willing to go with Zima, bodysuits were way out by the time I went into 9th grade, and 3rd Eye Blind didn’t get big until 1997 (just after they signed with a major label and had 2 platinum records). You’re a couple years off.

  6. Amy

    Someone get that girl a stylist, STAT! And if she already has one, fire that person!

  7. Carrie

    I actually think she looks kind of awesome in that last outfit, in a “just stepped off the set of OG 90210″ sort of way.

  8. Sandra

    The ruling on the field is: Offense(-ive), number 1, illegal formation of fabric. Fifteen yard penalty and an automatic fourth down.

    Drop back and punt, young lady. There’s no saving this.

  9. Anita

    The first outfit made me realize I haven’t stocked up on Halloween candy yet.

  10. TonyG

    These are definitely improvements for her. And in the last outfit she actually looks like an adult.

  11. Jessica R

    Not that I’m saying these are good, but she still looks 100 times better than she did during Fug Madness.

  12. Andrew S.

    speaking of the extensions, whatever happened to that movie she was filming that she cut off all her hair for in the first place? Did it just never get released?

  13. McLisa

    In the first photo I honestly thought she was wearing a cape and we were seeing her forearms held gracefully at her waist with fingers laced. But. That’s her torso. And some macrame. Okay.

    • Mary

      Oh thank God I’m not the only one… I thought the same thing…. the reality is worse.

  14. Helen

    I would so love to hear the thoughts in her head when she looks at things like these in the mirror before leaving the house.

    I know, I know, I’m assuming these DO get a once-over… ;-)

  15. Anna B.

    What is with this girl and macrame!! She just loves loosely intertwined fibers.

    I actually really like the last outfit, but I wish she wasn’t pulling a Tanya Harding under her blazer. Every time I see crushed velved bodysuits I think of figure skating and gymnastics, which is wonderful, but distracting.

  16. Vandalfan

    McLisa saw the same thing that I did, Vanessa’s arms resting on her waist, with black gloves on her interlaced fingers. I though only gals in Junior High wore knit tops with sleeves pulled and stretched so long that they cover the entire hand.

  17. hillary l.

    Ugh! Send that crushed velvet back to the hellmouth from which it came! I know the nineties are coming back, and Anthropologie is selling overalls, and designers are sending chambray down the runway, but the line must be drawn and it must be drawn before we see any more crushed velvet.

    We must pray.

  18. Megan

    WHYYYYYYY must she look so smug? It does nothing for either mess she has attired herself in.

  19. Ruth

    Put a hat on her in the first picture and she has her sexxxy witch costume for Halloween.

  20. Mara

    Her Blue Steel in the last pic is hilarious.

  21. Lily1214

    Bizarre . . .

  22. Sajorina

    I agree, she MIGHT be the 1st two-time FUG Madness winner!