Golden Globes Well Played Carpet: Diane Lane



“Hey. You. Yeah, that’s right. Remember me? I’m nominated tonight for something nobody watched? And I’m playing Superman’s mother in the new movie? Well, I just thought I’d pop by to remind you that I’m crazy f’ing beautiful and you should LOOK OUT.

“That’s right. I’m hot. I’ve been hot since about 1982. I am a non-stop hot. I’m a direct flight from Hot Angeles International Airport to London Hotthrow. I don’t age. I don’t have a portrait in my attic nor the blood of innocents in my coffee. I’m JUST REALLY REALLY GOOD-LOOKING. I make Derek Zoolander feel homely and small. So it’s okay that you didn’t know I was nominated, or that you probably didn’t watch Cinema Verite. Because a) I will see you at the Multiplex, when my insanely hot Martha Kent adopts that Clark kid and everyone is all, “What up, SuperMILF,” and b) because at the end of the day, I get to wake up looking like this every f’ing morning and it is AWESOME.”

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Comments (54):

  1. Fuh Ugh

    She’s bringin’ it.

  2. Sarah

    I have SUCH a girl crush on her. And she looks awesome.

  3. Linda

    She should teach a class on how to age awesomely.

  4. TaraMisu

    She really does look fabulous….. well done.

  5. becca

    i actually saw cinema verite and it was really good. more importantly, i loved how she was styled in that movie. early 70s liberal rich woman chic i think i’ll call it.

    • Jane

      It WAS really good, and she was great, too. It helps that she’s HOT AS SHIT at absolutely all times of the day.

    • katie

      I saw it too and she was fabulous in it (as was Thomas Dekker btw). And her styling was great in the movie.

      She always looks awesome, and she seems so cool.

    • Anne B

      A saw it too. She absolutely nailed that role: suburban mom who’s so freaking angry.

      I remember those ladies. Diane did justice to every one of them. <3

  6. cathy

    beautiful woman and lovely dress. LOVE IT

    and holly cow, she’s 47

    • AndersonicTK421

      @ Dazie: Thank you.

      @ Apparently everyone else: Wait – only 47?
      Jeepers, the way the wags here go on about her I thought she must be in her 50′s to be getting all “beautiful at any age” clap-trap…
      see also: Pfieffer, Michelle – now THAT is a Master Class in beauty maintenance

  7. maryse

    i was really happy to see her looking so great. she is always stunning. and the only one who carried off the nude dress thing.

  8. Willow

    It’s a stunning dress but I do wonder, which was made first, this dress or Kate Middleton’s pink Jenny Packham dress:

    both are gorgeous.

    • SaraK

      I saw Kate’s Jenny Packham in this right away, too, but only in a good way. They’re both fabulous dresses, and both women look amazing in them. Wish it was just the dress and not the genes. I would totally save up for a dress like that!

  9. Wendy

    I actually did see that movie and she was really good in it. However, I’m not convinced that she doesn’t have a portrait in an attic somewhere or that her coffee does not contain the blood of innocents. It is ridiculous how great she looks! I’m jealous and not afraid to admit it.

  10. AM

    Love this dress. One of the best dressed for sure. And Nicole, et. al., a lesson about all botox, weird fillers, and all that. You could look like this. And get good roles too. Loved

  11. Mittens

    Ive had a girl crush on her since “The Outsiders”. Great dress, great bod, handsome husband…love me some Lane.

  12. Ann

    It’s just that women age better than men. AMIRITE?

  13. Melly

    Completely beautiful and her husband’s not bad either. I find him one of the most attractive men in H’wood. But hasn’t he been a complete d**k with her in the past? Anyway, in principle, because my upper arms are something you would recommend for the fat-freezing vacuum head, I don’t like sleeves that stop where hers do here. On her they look fine, and longer sleeves would have competed with that graceful design at the waist. The whole fit is impeccable but still sort of relaxed. I wasn’t thrilled with her in Cinema Verite. I’ve never thought she’s a very good actress, even in her best stuff like Unfaithful. But so beautiful and sexy!!

  14. wtfnyc

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I have actually found her MORE attractive as she ages. Maybe because when she was young and pretty, everybody else was young and pretty, too. But now she’s less young and STILL EFFING GORGEOUS, while others have not (often by their — or their surgeon’s — own hand) not faring nearly so well.

    • mary lou bethune

      Let’s all just say she is the most affecting actress, the most beautiful, and that we just love her….

  15. Gigi

    Whoever’s blood she’s drinking, I want some.

  16. Megan

    I will always have a soft spot in my heart for her after Under the Tuscan Sun! So yes, I’m happy that she’s out and about and looking WAY better than people half her age.

    Cheese and rice, I’m not sure if I want to be her or Meryl Streep when I get older.

  17. Dazie

    I like the dress, but I have never got on the Diane Lane boat. Not sure why either. She’s attractive, and a decent actress, but I always want to punch her characters.

  18. marie

    “what up SUPER MILF”
    in my head, it’s Barney’s voice i’m hearing.. and Unfatihful anyone?

  19. Michelle

    i would love it if she actually talked like that.

  20. Rose

    Agreed that she’s more attractive now than when she was younger (not that she was every unattractive, duh). She’s just aged splendidly. And her body – my god, her body. And her personality. I’ve watched her in interviews and she just seems genuinely sweet. HATE HER!

  21. Miss Em

    She looks fab, but she’s missing one of her best accessories: JOSH BROLIN. Diane, next time ignore the advice about removing the last one …

  22. Ruby

    I am so jumping on the Diane wagon. Loved her since Walk on the Moon. Oh to be invited back to her and Josh’s house for a nightcap!

  23. Lisa

    Ran into her at the movies on New Year’s day. It was all I could do to not pass out. I was in awe literally for days, reminding my husband over and over that he was standing in the concession line next to the woman who was the subject of “You Give Love a Bad Name.” I’ve always loved her, but in person, seriously — wowza.

  24. yeahandalso

    wow Unfaithful was 10 years ago and she looks no different

  25. Maria V

    I loved Cinema Verite! She was amazing as always and is always beautiful.

  26. skarriemonster

    Have been a huge fan since high school when she was in The Cotton Club with Richard Gere. Great movie! If you haven’t seen it, a must! She looks stunning here….

  27. Big Noise

    For some reason, I’m just not feeling the hair. Everything else is perfect.

  28. Timberlina

    Not usually a fan of the ‘nude-dress’ but this one is beautiful and perfect for her.

  29. Anne B

    This was my favorite look of the night, on a woman I just adore. Diane is still one of my favorites, after all these years. (I saw The Cotton Club in a theater!)

    BTW, she even brings it in her interviews:

    Gorgeous, hell of an actor, and articulate. Love her!

  30. valeria

    Here’s a great example of a gown that has been tailored to skim the wearer’s figure, (which is FAB), and accent said figure, without being so tight that the lady can’t sit down. For crying out loud: why can’t more stars and stylists realize that less = more, i.e. less skin tight is more flattering to almost every woman.

  31. Lynniekae

    One of my faves. Between Diane and Michelle Pfeiffer, they’ve got the “aging gracefully” sect of Hollywood locked down. She always looks so glamorous!

  32. Karen


  33. PinkieBling

    “I’m a direct flight from Hot Angeles International Airport to London Hotthrow” = genius.

  34. Moi

    When I was in high school, Diane Lane was the “it” girl all us mortal gals wanted to be. And she still doesn’t disappoint. One of the best looks of the night.

  35. Mahastee

    Gorgeous AND natural. Brilliant.

  36. D. Armstead

    She’s spectacular. Always has been, always will be.

  37. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! This dress is something I would pick to wear myself! I love the gold, the sparkle, the beautiful details… It suits her, it’s age appropriate, elegant and it fits her perfectly! COVET!!! Plus, hair, makeup, jewelry & clutch are FAB as well!

  38. Kristy

    She looks amazing. My husband & I were watching Lonesome Dove last night, which made me wonder what Diane Lane was up to these days. Apparently I need to get with the times because I had no idea she’d just done a movie.

    That dress really is phenomenal.

  39. Cat

    She’s looks awesome. She’s beautiful and the dress is gorgeous! Definitely one of the best dressed of the night.

  40. vandalfan

    This cheese stands alone. I don’t care for the nude color, but the cut and styling are quite nice. Maybe in pale blue, or coral, or mint?

  41. CynthiaW

    Girl crush! She is definitely the perfect example of how to age well and dress super-hot, but non-trashy. As a side note, I’m pretty sure that I fell in love with my last boyfriend when he told me that Diane Lane would be the perfect person to play me in a movie about my (not anywhere as exciting as hers) life.

  42. Cranky Old Batt

    Yep. She nailed it. She looks awesome anyway you call it.

  43. Analee

    She looks beautiful… but didn’t Sandra Bullock wear this to the Oscars like 2 years ago??

  44. anonymoose

    She looks great, in general, in that dress,~!!!~…, but,…that botoxed forehead (and cheeks?) look whack.