Golden Globes Well Played, Bitsie Tulloch


I feel like this is one of those dress that, if you wore it, you’d spend the whole night ruffling your own layers. Not a euphemism.

Or maybe that’s just me. That being said, I think this is lovely on her — the color is great, and the texture is really interesting. Bonus points for that giant cocktail ring, as it’s never a bad time for a giant ring, in my opinionation. If I were writing this at, say, midnight, I’d probably pen something like, NOTHING GRIMM ABOUT THIS EXCEPT THE PRICE TAG HAR HAR HAR HAR but I’m a cup of coffee into today and so I shall just say: Nicely done, Bitsie!

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (26):

  1. Sajorina

    #1) Who is she?

    #2) Gorgeous dress… FAB!

  2. Jessica

    She’s on Grimm

    • Sajorina

      Oh, is she? I do not recognize her! Love the show, though… Thanks, GFY Jess!

      • Miranda

        She’s Juliet, Nick’s girlfriend. She looks a bit different here, I think because of more eye makeup.

    • Heather

      She’s also in “The Artist,” briefly.

  3. Sandra

    Ooooooo! Shiny! Somebody should show this to Rooney Mara to demonstrate that pale people look good in bold colors.

  4. Violet

    Didn’t someone wear something similiar in burgundy/purple last year?! Am going crazy trying to recollect who it was.

  5. Carol

    This is a wow dress … this is the kind of dress that makes careers … wowingly well played

  6. Bubba

    That is a gorgeous dress.

    Violet – was it Zoe Saldana? I think she wore something similar in a burgundy.

  7. Jessica

    I ALSO was my brain trying to remember this, but I never got there.

  8. TonyG

    This might be my favorite.

  9. Bubba

    OK, this is the Zoe dress I was thinking of, and it’s kinda sort the same but not really:

    • Violet

      I could have sworn I have seen this one before in a different colour.. But maybe I manufactured a memory dazzled by how lovely the dress is! I give up :D

  10. Anna

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this?

  11. vandalfan

    This is nice, although it adds an inch or so in the bust that looks kind of funny, but the ruffly texture! Yes! “When I think about it I touch myself.”

    You’re welcome for that earworm.

  12. Mahastee

    I have no idea who or what a Bitsie Tulloch is, but that dress is GORGEOUS!

    Love love love the shade of royal purple, it shames the hell out of all the beige dresses.

  13. ClaireL

    I used to agree that there’s never a bad time for a giant ring and I kept wearing cocktail baubles to work. I do heaps of typing (I’m a journalist) and I had sore hands. I feared I had RSI but realised the strain of typing with the massive bling was doing my digits in.
    Let this be a cautionary tale. I am wearing two rings now, only moderately large.

  14. Miranda

    Those earrings are the perfect proportion for the rest of what she has going on. I’m glad she didn’t go for giant drippy chandeliers, as so many seem to do with strapless gowns. These are sort of classily retro.

  15. Girlin

    Beautiful…I think it looks like a WOW dress…I can imagine Bitsie as a Bond girl…causing one of those pauses as she enters the room…sigh..! Love the name Bitsie’s super cute!

  16. Jules

    I would have liked Helen Mirren’s dress to be this color.
    But then maybe it would have washed her out?

  17. Rubee

    Her facial expression is so false… And I know pretty much everybody has doted on the dress, and certainly the color is regal, but the visual effect of so many overlapped, stiff, shiny fabric pieces is a sort of Transformers thing… as if in any minute all those pieces are gonna start spreading out and re-arranging, thus revealing this lady’s real bug nature – for some reason I think the concealed creature here is a bug and not a robot. ‘Me, not likey’.