Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: Accessories

Y’all knew we’d get here eventually. I just wish they’d take Ye Olde Shoe Cam and use it for still photography, because it is slim pickings.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Mouse

    Thandie Newton – bandaids on both big toes. Ah…the price of beauty.

    Katharine McPhee’s little toes – OUCH!!

    As a lady of stature (5’10″….I just can’t with the platform. I’d be clomping all over like an 6’3″ amazon/drag queen. Why don’t they make gorgeous shoes, in a size 10, with smaller heels?! *le sigh*

    • Lisa

      I’m with you. I feel like a giraffe whenever I try those kinds of shoes on. 5’10 and 5 ” heels don’t work we’ll in real life.

  2. LoriK

    McPhee’s feet should sue her.

    Also, when is the platform pump going to go away? That stupid little block they slap on just ruins the line of the shoe and looks uncomfortable as hell. I’m always amazed that anyone wearing them can make it 20 yards without falling on her face.

  3. MG

    Liking Kate Beckinsale’s torq. Only good thing about that outfit.

  4. Danni

    Well, if there had not been proof otherwise, I may have amused myself thinking that Marion Cotillard posed thusly all day.

    As a lady of not-quite-so-much stature (5’3”), I can’t with big platforms either, because they look “stilty”, and if not covered with a long dress/skirt, almost make you look even shorter… Sympathies to Mouse though, re: smaller heels.

  5. Stefanie

    I love that last picture of La Lopez. I once had a contact lens emergency at an outdoor concert that was remedied by the girl standing next to me and her mirrored Iphone case. Way to make use of what you have at your fingertips Jen!

    Jessica’s shoes are terrible to along with that terrible dress. WHY does she do this to herself?

  6. ccm800

    Heels so high they make for vertical feet and angle toes at 90 degrees are oppression.

  7. Jen

    Other than Marion Cotillard’s funky orange/gold shoes, and some of the earrings & clutches at the end, this slideshow contained a whole bunch of bleeeeeech! Why, people… why?

    I wear high heels as frequently as the next girl, but Jessica Chastain’s super high clunky platforms just make me nervous. Even in retrospect, when I know she never did actually fall on her face – they just look so tottery! You have to wear those up stairs and onto a stage, girl! Yikes.

    I kind of love that Zoe Sandana is wearing bandaids. Stars – they’re just like us!! :)

  8. A.J.

    You zoom in on some of those shoes, and it’s obvious they hurt so much.

  9. margaret

    Drooling fox doorknocker? I just sprayed tuna salad all over my key board. I’ll send you the cleaning bill, ladies, well done.

    • Elizabeth

      Please don’t say things that never happened. People do not choke on food or water while reading something surprising. Quit being an attention grabber.

      • Amy

        You must be fun at parties, Elizabeth. Margaret, I happened to like the idea of a discreetly vomiting bear even better. :)

        • Mary

          I’m fun at parties – but I do see merit in Elizabeth’s comment.
          Just sprayed my computer, rolling on the floor laughing my a** off, etc, etc are no longer funny and need to be retired.
          That being said… the ‘attention grabber ‘part was a little harsh.

      • Sandra

        But I truly have snorted Diet Coke out my nose from laughing at something on this site. And there was that one time at dinner where a guy said something really funny after I had taken a big bite of spaghetti. It took ages to get the tomato sauce out of the tablecloth and several rather hard smacks between the shoulder-blades to get the bits out of my trachea.

        Also, “saying things that never happened” is a pretty standard narrative technique.

    • Sarah

      That one drew chortles and snorts from me, too! I love the fug girls!

  10. S

    Alyssa Milano’s shoes are just way, way to clunky and she should send them to me immediately.

  11. Bella

    Most of those shoes look like torture devices.

  12. Victoria

    Katharine McPhee’s shoes are a passelful off YUCK.

  13. gryt

    Julian Fellowes’ wife is awesome!! :D

    Also, I *heart* Nicole Kidman’s retro bracelet.

  14. Sarie

    “Mirror, mirror, on the clutch. WHY DID STUPID BEN GET SO SUCCESSFUL SO MUCH. Bah.”
    This is the greatest thing ever.

  15. Mary

    I’m sitting here in fleece-lined moccasins – with white socks, thankyouverymuch – feeling very grateful that I will never have to endure the shoe cam.

  16. Erin

    Poor Thandie Newton’s feet. The Band-Aids AND the blister/wounds on the side. I have wide feet (read: FAT), and I have such a hard time finding shoes that fit. Based on these slides, so do women with slender feet. Why is it so hard for shoemakers to design something that actually covers the entire bottom of a woman’s foot?

  17. MelissaW

    New commandment: Thou shalt not wear shoes that require visible Band-Aids on the red carpet.

    LIke seriously, Thandie – the BandAids on your toes make MY feet hurt.

    I do kind of want Nina Dobrev’s shoes, and Jena Malone’s.

  18. AmandaD

    Julie Bowen, if your shoes are causing major toe cleavage…it’s time to go up a size or two. Or discard completely.

  19. Ruth

    I think toes hanging over shoe edges are so gross. I saw many of those in this slide show.

    There was a clip of Amy and Tina being interviewed on the read carpet about their clutches. I think it was Savannah and Matt? Anyway, A&T were asked what they had in their clutches and I loved the response. They had NOTHING in the clutches – they were only carrying them because they were pretty. I love those two so much. I wish I could find that clip.

  20. Adriana

    The last picture of La Lopez looking into the mirror with her eyes closed/downcast works as an excellent evening makeup tutorial. Thank you Fug Girls!

  21. marie

    the pic of freida pinto’s shoes doesn’t show how those babies are about 2 size larger..send them over please?! (fat chance!)

  22. Nee in Germany

    I know you liked Zooey Deschanel’s purse, but all I could see when I looked at it was petrified cranberry mold. Yuck!

  23. witjunkie

    I thought Jena Malone’s dress was unusually demure, so seeing the pic of her bondage shoes made me smile. THERE she is.

    Also, I kinda appreciate that Amy Poehler’s shoe had that invisible netting stuff under the sides (seriously, I had to superzoom to tell if it was shoe or pantyhose) and the cool thing, it looks like a strappy sandal, but all her toes stay tucked in, instead of splaying (and grossing us) out.

    And WHUT was Alyssa Milano wearing? Did I miss that post? Because from the little edges and snippets I’m seeing in these photos, it looks…interesting.

  24. Tanya

    Jennifer Westfeldt’s bag is rather amazing.

  25. Squirrel!

    “I’m Brian Fellows!”

    Heather, you are not the only one whose mind goes to Safari planet when hearing Julian Fellowes’ name.

  26. TonyG

    Is J. Lo using her clutch as a mirror? I think she is. Girl please, you know you look good. ;)

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  28. karacocoa

    I’m so glad the days of the clunky heel is just about over. They are not graceful or pretty.