Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Kerry Washington

I love that Kerry Washington has been doing the Django Unchained tour like she’s Django Unhinged. Her Globes appearance was no exception.

This might have been fine if the skirt had been fully lined, leaving just the peekaboo top, but instead it’s peekaboo everything – COMPLETELY the kind of thing you wear when you’re not nominated for anything, and so you’re terrified nobody will even remember you’re there. Well, congrats, Kerry. We not only remember, but we’ve also practically got your ladyscaping committed to memory. Although you know somewhere Erin Wasson just snorted, “How Amish.”

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  1. Liz

    Wow. Totally disagree. I love this and thought it was different and, yikes, understated. I mean she’s showing some leg. Big deal. Plus, Scandal is the bomb. That is all.

  2. Halo

    I thought Kerry Washington looked great and I count her as one of the evening’s best dressed. I’m usually not into the half-sheer skirt thing, but this deployment was perfect.

    • Aj

      I agree — I usually hate the sheer skirts we’ve seen everywhere for months to the point of not being able to imagine how it could ever be done well. But this is well done … and her hair and make-up are perfect with the color and proportion of the dress.

  3. Stefanie

    I hate this. I hate it even more now that I realized the back is a solid panel.

  4. Jessica

    I think if the skirt had been lined the whole way, it would have been fantastic.

  5. Clarence Beeks

    The work she had had done to her face worries me more than her dress. Such a pity.

    • hb

      I have no idea what you’re talking about – she looks the same, and as beautiful as ever.

      In terms of the general discussion, I think this would be 100x better fully lined, but in a sea of boring dresses, even unlined this is still one of the prettiest

      • Clarence Beeks

        Google a pic of her from 4 years ago. You will clearly see a change in her nose and cheeks.

  6. anna s.

    I hated this too. The knee-length skirt and ankle length sheer made it look like they attached a window dressing to her waistband. Even JLo’s illusion-fabric experiment didn’t bother me as badly as this one, because at least JLo’s dress had the courage of its convictions and went for the nude look all the way. The uber-obvious hemline here makes this one seem half-hearted, and distracts from the rather pretty beading on the lady drapes top layer.

  7. Sajorina

    It think it’s pretty, but if the skirt was fully lined it would’ve been a FAB! And, since the dress and shoes are like colorless, colorful lips would’ve brighten up her face and made a huge difference! Her accessories are nice, but there were some missed opportunities here, sadly!

    • Sajorina

      The “How Amish” comment by Erin Wasson was comedic genius, Heather! Ha!!!!!!!!

  8. TaraMisu

    *sigh* I’m so over the sheer thing. And I guess this is ok, meh, whatever….. but I see the back is solid?? No.

  9. Tiffany

    I don’t usually like sheer, and maybe it is because I like Kerry so much, but I thought she looked beautiful. I didn’t have any worries that her bits were going to pop out, so it had that going for it.

  10. Helen

    Ohhhhh, dear.

    Well, it’s true that it’s memorable.

  11. witjunkie

    It’s not that I care about seeing legs. I would rather see all of them, or none of them; I do not want to see someone’s entire lace-decorated bod except for one big cream-colored trapezoid in the middle.

  12. Betsy

    I actually love this. I do wish it was fully lined, but I don’t think it looked AS sheer when she was on the red carpet. I can’t really justify WHY I like it, but I really really do.

  13. spygrl1

    SHE is gorgeous and I love her (and Scandal!) but THIS is not … finished. It’s like Cinderella’s little mice were overcome by exhaustion and sent her to the ball with a big thigh window.

  14. Poppy

    I too love this. It was the only dress that made me gasp and ooh when I was flicking through the slides. It is striking and looks beautiful on her skin. I agree that the lining around the lady-parts detracts from it, but it had to be done. Full length *may* have been better, but it’s still pretty damn close.

  15. Blair's Head Band

    I remember seeing this one and thinking, “Fug Girls will hate the half skirt. I hate The Half Skirt in general… BUT I LOVE THIS.” All in I just really love it.

    • agliks

      I remember thinking the exact same thing! And then I remember thinking, “I kind of hope they give this a pass, because it’s actually quite striking and is much more flattering, whimsical and beautifully constructed than the typical ‘I want to wear a floor length gown but I also want you to appreciate my waxer’s technique’” sheer dress”. I’m not a fan of sheer, but I’m not going to dismiss this one based on it’s proximity to other awful sheer dresses.

  16. googler

    Did anyone else think this was Naomi Campbell at first glance?

    And brilliant job on the Erin Wasson comment.

  17. Sylvia

    I love the work but I hate the lining. All or nothing. And I still prefer her with less severe bangs.

  18. Andrew S.

    This is the almost pretty adult version of that Kristen Stewart disaster. I do agree on a full lining of the bottom skirt for sure

  19. India


  20. The Mummy

    Anck Su Namun!

  21. CreLa

    What if 2013 is white lace sheer like 2012 was black lace sheer? (I agree with the overall analysis that this would be pretty if the skirt was lined.)

  22. Big Hungry Shelby

    Can we please talk about how scary skinny Kerry’s become? Her head looks MASSIVE. She’s a popsicle.

  23. royalpriestess

    Can we PLEASE see a post with Kerry in Giles Deacon for the UK ‘Django Unchained’ premiere? Stunning outfit, beautifully worn.