Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Giada DeLaurentiis

I really, really hated this when I saw it on Sunday:

I didn’t really hate the front, but I really didn’t like the back. Like, at all:

Looking at it again today, I feel less violent about it. I mean…it’s a jumpsuit. It fits her, except for the fact that it’s so long on her that she has to wear like seven-inch heels, and it’s STILL too long. She looks like she’s wearing lifts. Is it REALLY that hard to have someone shorten your pants? Asked the girl who has an insane and hilarious pair of plaid pants she has been planning to get shortened for two years, BUT I HAVE TO DO MY OWN ERRANDS.  I can’t even say that I wish it were a skirt, because in many ways I think the top is worse from the front — it looks like she’s wearing one of her tablecloths as a poncho. I don’t even know what I believe anymore.

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  1. Fiona

    I dunno. I kinda like it.

    • Katharine

      Me too, although my only quibble would be that it’s a bit too casual for Golden Globes standard.

  2. Hillary

    Do not want.
    Also, between the tall hair and the voluminous top, she looks like a bobble-head doll.

    • Nancy

      Agree. So many “stars” have starved themselves to the point that their heads are completely out of proportion to their bodies and they look like freaky bobbleheads, it’s scary.

      • Jane Donuts

        It depresses me profoundly that we’re supposed to take her seriously as a food connaisseur. That woman clearly doesn’t eat. No. Way.

      • Amberoni

        She IS a bobble-head. And believe me, if she had turned on the full wattage of her “smile,” there would be comments of terror for those afraid of cannibals.

    • Halo

      Hence, her nickname of “Little Big Head.” She looks like a classier Bratz doll in these pictures, but I think she’s usually lovely.

  3. Colleen

    I agree the pants should’ve been shorter, but overall I’m not mad at it.

  4. LoriK

    I’m with Hillary—do not want. It’s too casual for the occasion, too long and something about it is making her head look huge. Also, I just can’t get behind a jumpsuit for any reason. They’re an abomination and the attempt to make them happen needs to stop.

  5. Bevvie Hedstrom

    It is infuriating. I’m actually pissed off now.

  6. Sophia Loren

    I like this too! But it needs softer, sexier hair and simpler jewelry. Like, actual big old jewels.

    And of course it needs to be shortened. And she needs a facial expression that says something other than, “Is it OK I wore pants?”

    Jessica, I think you should get those plaid pants of yours hemmed. They may be clouding your judgment here.

  7. Liz

    I’m not mad at it. I think it’s too casual and too long, but it’s not terrible. Her body, on the other hand, really needs to eat a sandwich in order to catch up with her head.

  8. Cora

    Why hide the shoes?? It’s an awards show; surely you’ve got killer shoes on. Why? Why deny us?

  9. TaraMisu

    Meh. I’m not mad at it either, but I so agree this is much too casual. Not appropriate. (seems to be our GG word of the week :D) And I think the hair style makes her forehead look enormous, very distracting.

  10. gryt

    It’s like a semi-formal cirkus version of a Nordic ski jump outfit.

  11. Lina

    The back of the top is pretty, but the pants are ridiculous. Jumpsuit fail!

  12. Bubba

    Ugly, too bright, too long and she does look like a bobblehead. And I love Giada. It must be torture to cook all of that amazing food and not eat it.

    • Aj

      If you have ever cooked her food, at least what’s posted at Food Network, it’s not all that amazing. I find it scary that her head is almost as wide as her hips and I am hoping it’s a bad camera angle.

  13. bettymac

    I’m honestly curious: How does one go to the bathroom in such a contraption?

  14. kendall

    can we talk about the fact that her hair is ALWAYS styled in some jacked up manner? She’ll have the cutest anthropologie outfit on while she’s cooking away in her beautiful kitcken, and her hair will look like someone sprayed a bottle of aqua net all over before teasing it into strange curls all over her head.

  15. Stefanie

    Maybe if it wasn’t pants? Could we turn the pants into a skirt? Maybe? No? Well okay then.

  16. Kate

    I love it! I agree that the legs need to be hemmed, like… 7 inches or so, but she definitely rocks it. And from the thumbnail I thought it was Olivia Wilde, and the fact that Giada can be mistaken for Olivia (who is, IMO, pretty much *the* most gorgeous actress that has risen to fame in the past few years) is definitely a compliment to Giada.

  17. Diana

    I like the back, though it is too long. She looks fine. I think she was cooking for a crowd that night so maybe that explains the lack of formal attire?

    I actually think she is built slim naturally – have you seen her mother? They are like twins. Good genes. And she has an ample chest, nice skin and full hair and otherwise looks quite healthy. She certainly eats a lot on her cooking show, though it is a bit of a mystery how she maintains such a slim figure.

  18. steen

    It’s stylish in a Boca Raton glamorous retiree way–not an after party way. I also think the color it reflects onto her face in the first shot really ages her.

  19. Mockingbird

    I don’t know if I’m mad exactly, but I am sneering at it. Who would want to wear a jumpsuit in this color and style? It brings back bad memories: My mom loved to get hand-me-downs from other people, and one time she got a hot pink double-knit polyester jumpsuit. She never did understand why, even at 13, I flatly refused to wear it.

  20. Sonya

    On the plus side, she looks super fit and trim!

  21. Juanitatres

    Meh…it’s not that bad I guess. But I hate the hair and cannot forgive the pants. Hem your stinking pants!

  22. Sandra

    Jumpsuits are categorically made of fail. One may wear coveralls over one’s real clothes to stay clean and/or warm. One may wear one’s flight suit if and when one is a military pilot headed to the flight line. One may wear one’s all-in-one suits when one is an infant. Athletic attire is completely beyond my ken, though I imagine there are times when pants attached to shirts are either required or customary. But out and about in the everyday world, pants and shirts are separate things. There is no way to make a jumpsuit acceptable. I tried, many times, back in the late ’80′s-early ’90′s. It. cannot. be. done.

    • Tracy L

      Love your post, and could not agree more.
      And jumpsuits are a nightmare when you need a bathroom break. Not a great idea for clubbing!

    • Hima

      THIS. So much this. People, we need to stay strong against the jumpsuit! I think we failed when it came to leggings — I mean, I know I failed when I started WEARING them. But now….we’re judging jumpsuits like they are regular outfits. How can we allow this? Jumpsuits are almost universally unflattering. Even the scariest of skinny women look big in them. It creates a HUGE middle area, the type of ugliness created by wearing incredibly high-waisted baggy jeans. It’s awful. PLEASE can all jumpsuits be an automatic fug? If we do that, we might win this fight.

  23. CJ

    If it were hemmed properly, I like it from the front.

    There was a big article vis-a-vis Paula Deen’s new diagnosis about how cooks can full time chefs/cooks stay healthy. So many are obese from simply tasting their own rich food and having no time for exercise. Giada, conversely, has always looked healthy, but wow, she looks like she’s shed some pounds since I last saw her. How does she do it? She looks more like a ballerina than a chef!

  24. Ranee Singleton

    I can’t deal with the bobble head look either.

    Nor this outfit.

  25. amanda

    I think maybe my grandmother owns this? Similar hairstyle and earrings (as clip-ons), too. She may have worn it to my aunt and uncle’s 30th wedding anniversary, where she declared, “Ok. You’ve made your point. You don’t have to stay married just to prove me wrong.” So, I kind of like it.

  26. Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    Is it the outfit or does she really have a giant head? I thought South Park was being mean but I suppose they were drawing the truth.

  27. Lynniekae

    It’s awful. It reminds me of making doll clothes for a Barbie, but not realizing you used too much fabric until you try it on her.

  28. Anna

    Why is she there in the first place? Ugh.

  29. yeahandalso

    I kinda like it, agree it needs to be hemmed a few inches, but I do like it

  30. BooRad859

    She has always had that bobblehead look I think. Her name on the Television Without Pity boards is Little BigHead.

  31. Groceries

    If it were hemmed to just her ankles with a cute heel (I can only envision plexiglas towers under there for some reason) and better hair for a fund-raiser, we would all be singing a different tune.

    Didn’t Paula Deen tell Kathy Griffin that Giada and that obnoxious semi-home-frau lady spit out their food after takes. This was not a Paula backlash related to the diabetes press, because she said it many moons ago.

  32. Funderpants

    Factory defect Barbie head on a Skipper sized body, boobs oddly bolted to the bottom of her rib cage, and a jumpsuit- A JUMPSUIT- that is both too big AND too small. Isn’t her husband an Anthropologie designer? If I see something like this red mess in the next catalog my shopping dollars are going elsewhere.

  33. Anne B

    It’s a jumpsuit. In awards season. AN AWARDS SEASON JUMPSUIT.

    Let’s pile the insult onto the injury, shall we? … It’s a jumpsuit in coral. It’s eating her feet. Its top is a wee cape (who is she, now? The Flying Avon Lady?). That’s a crew neck, blowing out into a capelet, ending in foot-eating pants. I suppose I should feel grateful that it’s not in a print.

    But then she turns around, and (the f**k-this! coup the grace) it’s got a swim-tank back. (!!!)

    That’s it. If Awards Season 2012 is gonna be one giant coral eater of feet, dude, I’m out.

    • Anne B

      That supposed to be “coup DE grace”.

      Don’t write angry, my friends. :)

  34. vandalfan

    Satan’s pajamas.

  35. Zah

    she has the most giant head on television. maybe that’s where all the food goes.

  36. Kate

    Love. Needs a necklace though.

  37. Chrissy

    I kind of like it, but not for this occassion. She is so pretty, she could have worn something really stunning.

  38. TonyG

    I don’t like, even though it was a bold color choice. I couldn’t even tell it was a jumpsuit. I thought it was a poncho pantsuit. Pantchsuit?

  39. Claire L

    It gives her strange proportions. It’s kind of like someone put Barbie’s head and outfit on Skippers body.

  40. wordphreak

    Wow, Giada’s covered her cleavage!

    • jenny

      YES. THIS. That is all that occurred to me, and it is a big win. Also that earlier comment about her neverending crazy oversprayed hair styles. That too. (To everyone else, we are talking about her outfit, not her head size, about which she can do nothing. Sheesh.)

  41. KelseyA

    She looks like a young Ethel Kennedy. In the 70′s. If she were a swinger.

  42. Sajorina

    Awful… FUG!!!

  43. Louisa

    I’m so distracted by how big her head looks and how impossibly scrawny she is that I can’t form an opinion about what she’s wearing.

  44. Zodwa

    Someone with more meat on their bones would have done justice to this outfit.

  45. Megan

    Wowing feel the skinny hate on these comments!!! Relax gorditas

  46. aa

    saturday night fever

  47. MK Martin

    but, like, what is she DOING there?? Trolling, I guess.

  48. JanetP

    Does anyone else think she looks like Calista Gingrich in that first pic? Same frozen deer-in-the-headlights expression. Let’s hope Newt doesn’t follow GFY.

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