I really, really hated this when I saw it on Sunday:

I didn’t really hate the front, but I really didn’t like the back. Like, at all:

Looking at it again today, I feel less violent about it. I mean…it’s a jumpsuit. It fits her, except for the fact that it’s so long on her that she has to wear like seven-inch heels, and it’s STILL too long. She looks like she’s wearing lifts. Is it REALLY that hard to have someone shorten your pants? Asked the girl who has an insane and hilarious pair of plaid pants she has been planning to get shortened for two years, BUT I HAVE TO DO MY OWN ERRANDS.  I can’t even say that I wish it were a skirt, because in many ways I think the top is worse from the front — it looks like she’s wearing one of her tablecloths as a poncho. I don’t even know what I believe anymore.