I once spent an entire fashion show staring at a women in the front row (I was way way WAAAAAY back), trying to figure out through the darkness if she were Evangeline Lily. The woman in question was wearing hideous pants. Like, truly unholy terrible heinous pants. Pants so ugly that I am pretty sure I texted Heather, “KATE FROM LOST IS WEARING THE UGLIEST PANTS IN THE UNIVERSE.” I may have even written for The Cut that we saw Kate from LOST and her pants were UGLEEEE. And then I found out that Evangeline Lilly was in Toronto at the same time and therefore, had an alibi for the crime of ugly pant wearing. And I felt guilty for having tarred her with that brush.

I feel okay about it now.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1.  jay


    • HelenBackAgain

      I know, it is SO wrong on her. Does not suit at all.

      The sky is blue, my cat likes to chase lizards, and Evangeline Lilly has long hair.

      • jean

        I love hair! She doesn’t look like all the other celebs with that hair. She doesn’t look like her Lost character either. And it doesn’t look stiff and uncomfortable and perfect. It’s fun and flirty and thirty.

        • Sue

          I agree I think her hair is cute. It’s so refreshing to me when any celebrity ditches the seemingly required long hair. She looks like a real person. I hate the outfit, but her smile and demeanor is so great in this shot I’ll forgive it.

          Also, re: hair. I have red hair. And it’s curly. And I’m well aware of the fact that I subject myself to clown / Annie comparisons by refusing to wear it long, but I just prefer short or chin length hair.

    •  Emma

      It’s actually an improvement. At the Hobbit premiere last year she had a weird pixie cut with big brassy orange and yellow streaks in it.

  2. Katty McNiley Ripley

    If her hair was ginger she could be the grown-up orphan Annie in : “Annie 2: Look Who’s a Suffragette!”.

  3. Kate

    At least she’s wearing a bracelet?

  4. HelenBackAgain

    Now, to the jumpsuit: PLEASE TELL ME THAT’S A STELLA.

    Because if someone else is making things that look like this now, I think it’s time to conclude that we all need to just pretty much sit out this year in fashion.

  5. Scully

    She has a great bod, a gorgeous face and the best hair. Plus, she can act. Why does she have such a horrible taste in clothing?

    Wait…this is the universe balancing it out, yes? Never mind. I just answered my own question.

  6. Sandra

    It’s the formal version of that…..um….thing that Sean Connery wore in Goldfinger. This is not a compliment.

    Click here to see for yourself

    • Nanc in Ashland

      Such is my love for Sean Connery I never noticed that thing was a romper! And because I love him, I’ll blame wardrobe!

      Miss Lilly’s face and hair are wonderful and the shoes are cute. I’ll ignore the rest.

    • Alma

      Wow I never knew man rompers were a thing that existed

  7. eandh

    It’s the big smile that kills me – she thinks she looks FABULOUS! well, it is a good colour on her.

  8. Evalyn

    Nice smile. Good hair. Great color. Ghastly jumsuit. WTF! shoes.

  9. lali

    My eyes do not understand this…garment. And what is with those shoes?

  10. AM

    The hair is really cute. The color of the outfit? is good. I like the shoes. The rest will be unsaid.

  11. Janie

    She’s beautiful, and this outfit and hair would be like, totally far out and groovy in 1975. Does Evangeline Lilly secretly have a time machine?

    Check this Simplicity pattern: http://www.afashionablestitch.com/2011/inspiring_me/on-my-sewing-table-1970s-jumpsuit/

  12. Lux

    Her face looks good! Oh, that’s a nice bracelet. And do you see that background? Nice craftsmanship on that stone or whatever it is… yeah, plenty of things to like about this…!

  13. filmcricket

    She’s cosplaying as Kate Jackson. Right? She has to be.

  14. HKS

    Clown outfit to go with the clown hair. At least she’s being consistent.

  15. Kas

    Love the shoes, nothing good above the ankles.

  16. Robin

    Is it 1979 where she is??

    •  Vandalfan

      Exactly. My pal’s roommate, nicknamed Betty Boop, wore this exact item and hairdo while rehearsing in drama class. In 1979. All the time. Elastic waist, clamdigger cuffs and all.

  17. Claire1

    I would wear the HELL outta those shoes!
    The rest of the look….
    if she wants to be left alone…that’s the way to do it.

  18. Sajorina

    I love you, Evangeline Lily! Your smile is great, your shoes are cute, but WTF are you wearing?! I miss your long luscious hair, Kate!

  19. Ericajeanine

    I hate that everyone is ragging on her hair or saying how much better her long hair was. Hair does not define beauty. An attractive woman is attractive, hair does not make it so and short hair does erase attractiveness. I just really really really hate the whole women should have long hair thing.

    • Sajorina

      Not all women have to have long hair, but Evangeline’s is so absolutely gorgeous that it looks better long! That’s all!

    • Breda

      Look, this is basically my exact hair style (though I tend to do a pretty deep side part). I love it on me! But I HATE it on her. It doesn’t suit her face or her persona. There’s nothing wrong with the haircut, but it’s not flattering to her specifically, and that’s the ultimate difference between a good hair style and a bad one.

    • HelenBackAgain

      It isn’t about “women,” it’s about Evangeline Lilly. Shorter hair is unflattering on her. Many women (including, I hope, me) look great in it – she isn’t one of them. This is a style mistake.

  20. AM

    And not just long hair, but straight hair. Some people have curly hair. It’s fine if you want to straighten/flat iron it, but it’s not required to look good. This hair cut is deceiving because it looks so effortless it make me want to cut my hair and just let the curls go, but I know there was a some work with this style to make the hair all uniform and shiny. I think it looks good here.